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Nov 28, 2018 · chronic constipation in Digestive Health

I’m with you. All my life on the constipated side. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with redundant and twisted colon. No surgery as of yet, but it helped explain my constipation. Benefiber works for me. Ease into it. Took me a few months to regulate and get used to it. I currently take 2 tsps in morning coffee or tea, 2 tsps in water during day, then 2 tsps with herbal tea before bed. Also there are blogs in social media for constipation sufferers. Facebook for one. Good luck.

Nov 7, 2018 · Redundant / Tortuous Colon in Digestive Health

Good ideas. I do push fluids, and I do notice when I don’t, I suffer. Alarms are a good idea for people like us. Thank you.

Nov 7, 2018 · Redundant / Tortuous Colon in Digestive Health

No it is not. Redundant and tortured colon means you have extra colon (redundant) and twisted (tortured). I do have some diverticulosis, but I haven’t had diverticulitis.

Nov 7, 2018 · Redundant / Tortuous Colon in Digestive Health

Hello. Anyone else out there that has a redundant/ tortured colon? I was diagnosed with this a few years ago. I’m usually ok, but if I get constipated, I get sick for a week or two. Last year my gastroenterologist referred me to a surgeon for urgent surgery to remove some of my colon. The surgeon I ended up seeing (not on the recommended list by my gastro doc due to others not available for a long time) said he believed I could live with the redundant colon if I followed a low FODMAP diet. I tried the diet religiously, scientifically (I’m a scientist), and I found it’s not the food I eat that causes these bouts of constipation. The only item I’ve found that might cause the bouts is coffee every day. An occasional coffee seems fine. What has helped me stay regular in a big way is Benefiber (or any pure wheat dextrose generic) three times per day. Lots of fluid.

My gastro doc was upset with the surgeon and said I’d regret not having the surgery. He fears I will end up in an emergency situation. I have searched the Mayo site and don’t find anything about redundant/ tortured colon. Are any Mayo docs doing research or treat this condition? Anyone else suffer from this too?
Thank you! -Jayne