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Oct 16, 2018 · Connection between colon and breast cancer in Breast Cancer

Thank you for your words. They are appreciated and will make a difference.

Oct 15, 2018 · Connection between colon and breast cancer in Breast Cancer

So, I am about to read the article posted above. I am feeling stupid about secretly worrying about a second cancer. I JUST finished my last Herceptin for stage 3 Her2 positive breast cancer. I am 57, haven't yet had a colonoscopy ever, have low RBC not coming back up, and have had a very small amount of blood when pooping for about two months. Stomach and back hurt but I tell myself that it can't be anything because I had a Pet scan 1.5 years ago and it didn't show anything.(beside a large tumor in my breast) I see so many doctors, they would know, if something else was wrong, but I haven't told anyone about my colon question. I waiver so much between worry and telling myself not to be a hypochondriac. I'll do the colonoscopy soon because my insurance will probably pay for it and it will probably be such a relief for me- and I can tell myself to QUIT letting such thoughts sneak into my brain. Just hate to miss another day of work for the colonoscopy.
I never thought I'd write any post – too personal- but today, finally, it feels surprisingly good to put my fears out there.