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Oct 9, 2018 · Stiff Heart - diastolic heart failure in Heart & Blood Health

@kanaazpereira I didn't "see" the echo nor do I want too, I think just the fact that SOMETHING wasn't within normal numbers is whats bothering me. I have absolutely ramped up training since about July 30, so only 9-10 weeks, but I pushed hard in preparation for the race. I guess I was hoping to leave the doctors with a thumbs up, not a "hey I saw this, but its mild and don't worry about it, but I had to tell you…lets see again in a year." Exercising the "muscle" would certainly explain it, I just need to stick with that, stay off google, put faith in doctor and live my life.

Oct 9, 2018 · Stiff Heart - diastolic heart failure in Heart & Blood Health

So this year for me has been VERY challenging, lost 2 grandparents a week apart, my 64yo dad to Early Onset Alzheimers, Drama with Family about what was best for my dad, but I made the hard decisions that was best for him, a sister that did not help (parents divorced by the way), etc etc etc. Anxiety like I've NEVER experienced before that manifested in many bad ways and has continued to persist, however has gotten much better with time and Grief Counseling.

A little about me, I'm a 35 yo old healthy male, 2 young kids, system engineer for a living and Pretty Active Volunteer Fireman. I exercise 5 days a week, run 5Ks, can do 100+ flights of stairs on the Stair Machine, Like an Escalator and yesterday I actually rode my first Century Bike Ride (103 hilly miles).

Ok, so why am I here. I have a history of costochondritis, but that manifests in bad ways. I've had chest discomfort this past year but very much attributed it to the anxiety I was feeling, actually working out made it and the anxiety go away for a period of time.

Well I've been TRAINING really hard for this Century ride, I mean 5-8 hours of pretty intense cycling a week, heart rate over ~ 155-170, with no issues, lots of pushups, etc. Had some discomfort put palpating sternum I would feel it, so figured it was Costo.

I decided to get a checkup with cardiologist, since my family Hx kind of sucks. I got a CT Calcium Score, results is 0 (great!). I do a nuclear stress test, end up on treadmill for 13 minutes before HR hits 185, everything perfect, or at least nothing was said about the results. I get an echo, and she tells me my heart function is perfect, BUT showing mild stiffness which she normally starts seeing at 50ish + not 35, but its very mild and she's not worried about it. Do century ride, resume normal activities, lets do another echo in a year. She did say last echo did now show it.

Now, MY very very trusted Doctor said I have to tell you, but I'm not worried, and if you were my kid I would NOT worry, and told me not to worry…but guess what, I'm worrying about it. its my nature this year I guess, worry about everything.

I just did my century ride and killed it, 103 miles, 4200 feet of elevation, and I averaged almost 16.3 MPH….I was tired, but that's it. No chest pain, no syncope episodes ever, etc.

Should I be worried? Am I stressing over nothing? Can endurance training manifest in weird ways on an ECHO, doctor said it could but we would check in a year. What about doing echo after stress test? HR was still elevated and I was pretty hyped up!

I'm sure the stuff that is posted here I sound a bit like an idiot, but can't shake the feeling.

She gave me the thumbs up to do a 100 mile endurance bike ride, she would NOT have if something was up. I don't have clarification on "Mild Stiffness" other than those words. I did Google (shame on me), terrible idea! She did say discomfort was musculoskeletal. Actually writing this out to a forum, first time I've done it, AFTER seen the doctor and all the "make sure all is ok tests" make me feel like I'm being paranoid over 1 thing that an echo shows when everything else is perfect.