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Oct 8, 2018 · Middle of the night "episodes" in Diabetes/Endocrine System

I'm new here and looking for some guidance. I'm having some very strange and unsettling episodes in the middle of the night, during sleep, that feel like a cross between a hypoglycemic episode and tremors/vibrations, but my body isn't visibly shaking, i'm shaking on the inside? They wake me up by what I assume is adrenaline, but my heart isn't racing, just a light jolt that arouses me. These began last April after a rather taxing ski mountaineering excursion where I suffered sun poisoning with facial swelling. The onset of these episodes where either coincidental, or a result…I'm not sure. Because of my hypoglycemic history, I immediately check my sugars when this wakes me as it feels quite similar to a low, but I'm usually in the 70's and fine. I keep a very, very strict diet to avoid lows and have learned to manage my RH quite well, with remaining active. However, in April I made the decision to cut down on simple carbs/simple sugars to further impact my hypoglycemia even more positively. What I've noticed is, these episodes seem to coincide with any ingestion of simple carbs/sugars since April. I'm not getting any reactive hypos during the day, but during the night, around 12-2am, I'll have these episodes, but normal sugar readings. I wake up, walk a minute, it passes, I go back to sleep. These repeat until I finally just get up for the morning. So, somehow the ingestion of any small, minute (and I mean MINUTE) amounts of simple carbs will lead to an episodic night. My doc ran all his tests and everything came back normal. I eat an extremely healthy diet, so much so that I don't think I can make it any better (no caffeine, no sugars, no gluten, no soy, no alcohol, but still a rich culinary life despite 🙂 I don't feel it's a sleep issue.
I'm Seronegative Celiac, diagnosed reactive hypoglycemic 30 yrs ago, POTS, & migraines, have treated EBV off and on for years, constant urinary burning (all tests come back normal), migraines, and an increasing intolerance to simple carbs/sugars. Recent test results show thyroid is normal, adrenals are normal, but low normal in the morning, A1C is in 4's. I don't take any prescriptions, but do take some supplements. Any ideas, thoughts? I cannot pin this down!