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Oct 4, 2018 · Using cbd to wean off Ativan in Depression & Anxiety

Thanks Lisa. Anxiety, for I’m told is possible central sensitivity syndrome. I’ve been in and out of the ER , and have been through multiple tests and lab work ups for crazy symptoms post a hip tear surgery back in March. Before this, I was active and healthy with no problems. I am pretty miserable and not sure that I want to be on another medication ( lexapro ) that is possibly contributing to making me feel like this and then eventually going through this again when I’m ready to come off of it. I’m willing to try CBD oil but scared to add fuel to the fire. I only have 2 Ativan left and was hoping to not have to take them. No refills and I’m from OOT here at the Mayo for all the test. Suppose to leave tomorrow but I’m not sure how I will function so I’m wandering if CBD will help.

Oct 4, 2018 · Using cbd to wean off Ativan in Depression & Anxiety

I’ve been on Ativan for past 5 months. Initially I was taking 1mg-1.5mg daily down to 0.25mg -0.5mg for the past 3 weeks. My last dose was 2days ago when the doctor switched me to lexapro. Lexapro has been horrible for me, not able to sleep, feel wired, anxious. I won’t take it again. I want to get off the Ativan but should I have quit cold turkey or tapered? Have I been on the Ativan long enough to need tapering, and can I use cbd to deal with the withdrawal symptoms by itself or along with weaning? Help.