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Sep 30, 2018 · Bowel obstructions caused by adhesions following abdominal surgery in Digestive Health

how did they was adhesion di they surgery to find out?

Sep 30, 2018 · SBO due to Adhesion in Digestive Health

I went to the doctor because get blockages every four months . Did a ct scan can't see any thing. So we did scan where they observe a liquid go though bowel overtime 3 hours to see if any problems. The results show my bowel makes a sharp right turn at one point and he fells the is causing problem . He feels it is most likely adhesions but wants to check to be sure by doing lyposcopic surgery to find out. My question is unless he does this surgery and just passes it of as adhesion he won't be sure its not something else causing my bowel to make the sharp right turn and my obstruction. I am 66 years old and had a bust appendix at age twelve problems with obstruction didn't start till a year after my lower hernia operation. so is the surgery a good idea even though it may cause more adhestions. thanks