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Fri, Oct 11 10:15am · Another issue regarding colonoscopies in Digestive Health

Vaseline works for me but only if each time(sometimes within minutes and alot!), I clean the area well and apply vaseline THICKLY.

Wed, Sep 18 1:58pm · Redundant / Tortuous Colon in Digestive Health

I am a 64 year old female. I have been diagnosed with redundant/tortuous colon and a colon full of diverticulosis. I have had three hospital visits from the diverticulosis turning to infection (diverticulitis) within a year and a half. One time it was quite bad with high temperature and the other remaining I went earlier to the ER after experiencing the same type of early pain. Most of my adult life (24 on) I always ate a diet filled with fiber….fruits, nuts, vegetables which I thought was the healthy thing. As my family is prone to colon problems I always followed this diet along with being an active tennis and workout person all my life. Because of this I believe it is partially genetic. I had a colonoscopy 3 years ago which showed a few pockets but 3 years later after my diverticulitis attacks started, my new colonoscopy showed my entire colon had diverticulosis. The last 5 years of my life have been very stressful also which maybe accounts for some of this happening?? I have found drinking at least 6-8 glasses a day of water (3 or 4 bottles), hour of fast cardio walking 3-5 days a week, and heaping teaspoon of Metamucil morning and night mixed with more water has kept me under control with no problems. Constipation is my worst enemy and will NOT let it happen! Each time I got diverticulitis it had started with constipation. The other culprit associated with my attacks is I had gone to the movie which I rarely go, and each time had lots of popcorn. I drink 2-3 cups of coffee each morning which always gets me moving and the coffee never bothers me but helps me. I have not had a bought of diverticulitis for one year now. I have worked nuts a little into my diet but I make sure just a few, chew them soooo fine and eat something else with them. Sadly, popcorn will forever never enter my diet again. If I feel a little discomfort in two particularly common areas of my lower abdomen I make sure to go soft diet and drink lots of water. It usually lets up and back to normal in hours. I live a normal active life and it is not as bad as I thought going without popcorn! My nutritionist claims popcorn is fiber but the coincidence of each time having popcorn days before my attacks scares me enough to go without! I feel good and healthy. Hope this helps. Good Luck.

Fri, Mar 1 3:27pm · Redundant / Tortuous Colon in Digestive Health

I have had two diverticulitis attacks within one year and after recovery I recently had my 2nd colonoscopy. Both attacks happened while I was constipated. I rarely get constipated except these two times though which is confusing to me. Because of this I am so afraid of constipation. I have been diagnosed with a torturous colon and diverticulosis in all areas of my colon. Up until these attacks I never had a problem with constipation that I can recall. Each night after dinner and a couple of hours before bed I now take a heaping teaspoon Metamucil mixed in at least 8 ounces of water. I do this twice within the 2 hours before retiring for the night usually between 8-10pm. I get up in the morning and drink an 8 ounce glass of water while brewing my first cup of coffee. I usually have 2 cups of coffee in the morning and sometimes(3 times a week) one cup in the early afternoon. I go like clockwork while drinking that first cup of coffee each morning before work. I work a 7:30-4:30 day and also take a gummy fiber before lunch and a gummy fiber after. It has kept me regular for the last 6 months with no days of constipation. I also am trying to drink more water as I am not too often thirsty. When ever dining out I make sure to order a glass of water even if I have another beverage. I have always thought I have eaten a fairly good fiber diet but am trying to amp it up. I do cheat a little here and there with a dessert and a small steak once in a while and red wine in moderation. I have NOT noticed that coffee constipates me but rather helps me stay regular but perhaps it is because I have in the morning after the Metamucil has had a chance to work. I try not to take ibuprofen as it does tend to constipate me as I took it continual for a week when I had broken my wrist a week before my first attack. Are you on alot of other meds? I have heard that many medications do this.

Nov 7, 2018 · Redundant / Tortuous Colon in Digestive Health

Is this the same condition as Diverticulitis?