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Dec 18, 2018 · Too much paperwork. Its overwhelming. in Caregivers

To :@rmftucker
From: @Venneberg
Hi new to this posting thing. Reading your post about all the mess up with the VA. I am my fathers full time care giver. He is 90 and has Dementia along with being diabetic and kidney disease, also with Glycoma. And heart disease to boot. He also has a diabetic ulcer on his foot that is taking a long time to heal. My dad does qualify for the VA pension.. just have to fill out all the paperwork and pay Atty about 700.00 to make sure it’s done right. But your situation is exactly what I’m afraid of. Even if months down the road I would get the money back. His insurance and his Medicaid are good right now but if it gets messed up. That would put me in a financial hardship. And how slow the VA is, is it really worth the hassle.trying to keep track of all his medications and not run out is another issue. I’m typing this in the hospital right now had to call 911 because his heart was hurting and the nitro was not working. Take care.

Sep 27, 2018 · Caring for someone with dementia / Alzheimer's in Caregivers: Dementia

Hello new here. I’m caring for my father stage 3 Dementia. My father is 90 I retired early 59 my husband is 69 we have no children but we live in a tri- level house. This is a big concern, I worry at night he might fall down the 7 steps. He has sun downing so he is up about 2 to3 times at night. He is also diabetic. I have been taking care of my dad for only 3 month going on 4 and aleady seems a life time. He also has conjested heart failure so he is on a limited liquid,low sodium and low sugar diet. Also has a diabetic ulcer on his big toe. He is now doing hyperbaric oxygen just had his 3rd treatment but it takes a 3+ hour chunk out of your day. Plus a little longer getting him dressed.
I make his meals from scratch/ very simple but I have lowered his sugar count and I no longer have to give him his shots. Which is great. I do have other siblings but they all work full time.
Yes I would love to talk to anyone else out there too.