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Sun, May 17 9:51am · When the Primary Caregiver Stops in Caregivers

Thank you very much for this info, Ginger. Neither my husband nor I had any idea. Terrific idea.

Sat, May 16 11:48am · When the Primary Caregiver Stops in Caregivers

Excuse my question but what is the vial of life?

Dec 11, 2019 · Dry mouth: Any ideas on how to help? in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

I have had this situation of super dry mouth since I began taking Nortriptyline over a year ago. I find that TicTacs (the apple flavour) helps create some saliva and whatever slightly sour gum (Watermelon TicTac gum) and sour candies make a huge difference. I just pop one or two of these as required. When I to,d my doc this is what I have found helps, she started recommending it to her other patients with the same issue. I really don’t like the Biotene route because of the taste.

Dec 9, 2019 · Meet fellow Caregivers - Introduce yourself in Caregivers

I’m actually feeling a tad overwhelmed. Mom’s dementia was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. She seemed to take a turn for the worse in October and since the beginning of November has really crashed it seems. Home Care was giving her 30 minutes 2x/week for a morning shower. I took her to Emerg one day last week and they did what’s called a GEM (Geriatric Emergency Management) Assessment and the doc and nurse said both she and I need more support. I called the home care people to assess her again and they have now agreed to 30 min each a.m. and each p.m. 7 days a week for showering, dressing, hearing aids, putting her compression stockings on. They also told me that she is now considered what they call here in Canada as a ‘crisis placement’ which means she is eligible for a top of the list position in a long term care facility. I haven’t told her that my husband and I have been running around looking at different places to figure out a short list to take her to see as yet. She and I are heading to Mexico mid-January where she will stay for 3 weeks with another family member bringing her back home. My husband and I return to Canada on April 4. We found her current Senior’s Residence the same way. We picked 9, short-listed down to 3 and that’s where she has been for the last couple of years. The only thing is we are feeling a bit misled with the current place as we asked at the time whether she could stay through ‘end of life’ management. They had told us yes, but it turns it they don’t have a locked floor; you just pay them privately for personal care on top of her already pricey monthly fee, so it’s an a la cart menu; e.g. if they have to remind her it’s mealtime, that costs $8.75 plus tax which includes bringing her down and returning her to her suite after each meal, etc etc; medication giving costs $240/month but more if she doesn’t come to the nurse’s station to receive, rather than them come to her. We are going to suck up whatever extra costs are involved till we come back in April.. I don’t want to see her put into a new place and me not be there to support her as I currently spend 3 or 4 days a week with her and she is depending on me more and more. It is just hard watching this once independent vital 90 year-old, once vital and independent woman not be able to find words, not remember names, looking so frail, having incontinence issues, lose so much cognition.

Jul 13, 2019 · Caregiving: I’m frustrated and exhausted. in Caregivers

Hi Scott. This would be very helpful to me tho' I am not the originator of this query. Mom has now been diagnosed as Alzheimers and your thoughts re this planning ahead on what she would prefer would be very good for us. Can you advise? We just had our first conversation tonight about for example, f you have Alzheimers and pneumonia, or stroke, or heart attack or are in a vegetative state, do you want lifesaving measures of any type,ie meds, IV feeding, etc

Jul 13, 2019 · Feeling overwhelmed? Try these communication tips. in Living with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)

Fantastic idea! I am sure I use way too many words for my mom to keep straight.