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3 hours ago · 1 year anniversary of TKR in Joint Replacements

PS: walked all over Seattle today (it does have hills and steps!) for a total of perhaps 6 hours. Knee held up. Never tested it before like this on mostly concrete/asphalt surfaces for this amount of time. Not great for my Sciatica, or hip, though.

4 hours ago · 1 year anniversary of TKR in Joint Replacements

JK, Debbra: you don’t know what you are missing regarding the joys and tribulations of yard work…. or perhaps you do? Anyway, I don’t enjoy the “work” part really, but the results, and side benefits of fresh produce.

5 days ago · 1 year anniversary of TKR in Joint Replacements

@debbraw : Mostly stuff associated with the kneeling issue. As I mentioned, gardening – like pulling weeds (yuck), carefully planting seeds in a furrow, cutting 100’s of plants back to the ground in the fall, those things are much more strenuous doing bent over now. I can’t really play on the floor with my youngest grandson anymore, not the way he wants to build a fort with pillows and crawl in. I can’t do many yoga positions anymore, especially child’s pose which I used to do to relax my back between plank exercises. I still can’t (don’t dare?) get out of the drivers seat of the car the way I used to – out with left leg, twist right (TKR) leg sideways and slide out. Now I swivel in the seat and put both feet on the ground and stand up. This is no biggie, but it’s a daily reminder I’m not fond of. I feel unsteady or timid climbing ladders, so I’m putting off some chores. Also, I’m trying to find a new way to semi-annually clean my blinds. Used to take them down, put an old towel in the bathtub to avoid scratches, soak them, then – on my knees, of course – wipe down each and every slat individually. No fun!
As far as fun goes, it remains to be seen if I will be ok playing tennis. That would really be disappointing if it turns out to be too difficult or stressful for the knee.
Like you, I walk 5 to 6 mornings a week, but I’m lucky that (age 70) I’m ok with uneven ground. But of course I have one original knee left, which probably helps.

6 days ago · 1 year anniversary of TKR in Joint Replacements

Well – no, yes, and maybe. No: pretty much back to battle speed when walking, around 120 steps/minute, no problem swimming backstroke, breaststroke with caution because of frog kick. Yes, since it makes yard work so much harder, being unable to kneel. And don’t know yet – intend to go back and try playing tennis soon, once the relentless heatwave with temperatures in the mid to upper 90!s (this is September, for goodness sake!) releases its grip.

Tue, Sep 10 6:55pm · 1 year anniversary of TKR in Joint Replacements

2 more days, and I’ll have had my artificial knee for one year. This milestone seems to be pretty much what it will be going forward, with possible minor improvements possible. Summary: full extension, great flexibility. No swelling. Some warmth on outside of knee, constantly. Works very well, except no kneeling on hard ground, preferably no kneeling, period. Constant cracking/crunching feeling of tendons behind the knee when bending under weight (as in walking, floor exercises involving bent knees). Painless, but irritating and uncomfortable. Some pain when bending knee/lower leg sideways-inwards while lifted, as is pulling off a shoe or sock while standing, balanced on the other leg. Unfortunately, still pretty frequent minor twinges, and foreign/artificial feeling, in spite of working fine That about average?

Sat, Sep 7 7:55pm · Recognizing my own bias or prejudice ..... in Just Want to Talk

If you’re into cheeses, TJ is one of the very , very, very few stores (at least near me in SC) that ever carry Camembert cheese. If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry. If you do, and can get it locally, good for you.

Sat, Sep 7 7:44pm · Recognizing my own bias or prejudice ..... in Just Want to Talk

To be honest – I still can’t quite let go of some bias/prejudices. And some may be confirmed. Aside from fat people etc…. an acquaintance who sometimes works with homeless people in church settings absolutely knows that even if given free food and shelter and access to jobs and medical care, in his experience 80% of those people reached will quit their jobs, junk their lodgings, and go back to living on the street. So should I not consider them street people? Or, not “label” them? Or not be upset, either because they won’t let themselves be helped, or because they live on the streets? About to spend some time in Portland, OR, and that is really challenging to walk downtown. Homeless everywhere, like locusts. Mostly harmless, but still smelly, semi-lucid, side-walk dwelling. Not pleasant.
So, I think I still will always harbor some resentment, or just can’t get why people don’t get available help, or why they don’t help each other more.
How about I will give some 2nd thought before judging? But not a 3rd one, if your buggy is full of pork rinds and chips, and you need a scooter to get them into your basket.

Sat, Sep 7 6:49pm · Recognizing my own bias or prejudice ..... in Just Want to Talk

Well, wait until you have had some hand-crafted truffles by Confiserie Spruengly in Zuerich, Switzerland. They cost like $ 2 to $ 4 per piece, meaning tiny bite size. they are works of art, and you can tell that there were at least 4 different work stages that made them perfect. Once every other year my travel schedule takes me close enough.