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3 days ago · 2 year anniversary of TKR in Joint Replacements

@hopeful33250 : Teresa (and others, who responded) – of course there are things I can’t do, or not do as well, or don’t dare do, or was told not to do anymore. Mostly, like pretty much everyone knows, you can’t kneel to any useful level. (Yes, you can kneel, gently, with a pillow or padding underneath, but try this outdoors, on hard soil to pull weeds – no, ma’am.) Second, to this day, if I inadvertently forget, it hurts when I pull a tight pair of socks or jeans off my TKR leg. Always has, still does. The pulling seems to not do well with the joint. For yard work, my shovel-digging leg is now my left one. I can actually see my right calf – which is my predominate leg – getting or at least staying puny. No earthly reason….And, mostly, it is timidity. I still walk like gangbusters semi-level neighborhood roads, to the tune of 120+ steps/minute, roughly 16 minutes per mile, but once I get onto hiking trails, my knee is feeling fragile regarding unexpected terrain – which is a given, on a hiking trail. And I walk like a baby in wet/icy road conditions. So pretty much I accept the limitations, but don’t like them, but I’m resigned to the new. lesser knee prowess.

Sun, Sep 13 4:17am · 2 year anniversary of TKR in Joint Replacements

Today is the 2-year mark since my TKR. In general, I’m happy with the knee. Excellent flexion, works fine. Never any stiffness. However, many/most days a touch of awareness? mild discomfort? localized ouches?… not really pain, but never the same as the other knee, where I’m not even noticing that I have that joint. And of course, in my unfortunate, but not unheard of case, the clicking/crunching every time I bend my knee beyond 90 degrees. But overall, it beats the arthritis pain and the limitations because of that, which I had before the surgery. Would I do it again? Perhaps, but not until after exhausting other treatment options (PRP, stem cells) first.

Fri, Aug 14 6:25pm · Week #3 post TKR in Joint Replacements

??? I’m skipping though recent posts, this came up pretty much unconnected. What am I missing here? Without having to read endless previous posts? Sounds like some sort of private drug ad, doesn’t it? Again, no idea, no context, but reads weird.

Fri, Aug 14 4:20am · Burser and Achillies Heel after TKR in Joint Replacements

@janicemmccarthy : had some different issues several months after TKR, and it turned out that one of my legs was slightly (really, very slightly) longer than the other one. Whether a result of the TKR, or if it was always that way, I don’t know. But it caused problems with walking, and custom orthotics helped fix that. I may be way off base, but I could not hurt to have your leg length checked by your PT professional. May contribute to your pain by throwing your weight load on the ankle/heel out of whack.

Mon, Jul 20 3:55am · Mako Robotic Arm TKR Six Months in Joint Replacements

@saeternes : I dimly remember the numb area on my knee following the TKR. I was super lucky that by the end of PT, around 11 or 12 weeks after the surgery, all I had left was a numb spot the size of a pencil eraser. Totally gone about a month after that. I’ll check in from time to time to see if you make real progress with the kneeling. I can kneel, but is is not a “useful” kneeling. Meaning: I can’t kneel, lean forward -as in cleaning floor behind commode – and put real weight on the kneecap. Feels like I’m kneeling on a steel bar, which, in a way, it is!

Thu, Jun 11 8:02pm · Mako Robotic Arm TKR Six Months in Joint Replacements

@saeternes : Question. You seem to have done an excellent progress, based on precision surgery, total commitment to rehabilitation, with access to – for example, special treadmills to correct gait problems. So … 6 months out, given your workouts on the recumbent bike, and being in generally great shape, how would you rate your TKR on a daily base right now? I’m coming up on 2 years this September. Decent – actually very good flex, (remember – I suggested the pointing toes to get the flex to get better, faster), and I can do most things almost as well as I could before the surgery. Even forbidden activities, like walking steeply downhill, which I needed to do on a short term basis this past February during a ski resort vacation (walking, not skiing). However, in spite of basically a above normal outcome, I still have latent … not sure if I rises to the point of pain, but definitely ache/soreness each and every day. The “pain” does move around, but is pretty constant. So I’m guessing, muscular, compensating for other issues. Any input? Anything close to what may or may not be happening to you at this point? It aggravates me that I never know if this day it will be my TKR knee that hurts, the other one, either hip, or my (Sciatica-prone) back. 5 to 6 days/week 2 mile very brisk walk, roughly 2 hours of pretty strenuous ward work currently for exercise, since pool access has been closed.

Sat, Jun 6 7:37pm · Mako Robotic Arm TKR Six Months in Joint Replacements

Sorry for the late reply. Those look pretty much what I have, and tried to use months ago, shelved, and haven’t tried again yet. Either my knee is too sensitive, or I simply ask too much of it at a given time, it simply does not kneel. Without aches, and severe limitations. So any surgeon who wants to touch and replace my remaining natural left knee, he’d better post bond before even talking about surgery.

Sun, May 31 4:20am · 5 months post TKR: Stopped doing exercises and dealing with pain in Joint Replacements

Thanks for catching my mistake. Seems like eventually in a roundabout way my post was read by the person it was intended for, anyway.