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16 hours ago · Nine months after tkr in Joint Replacements

Congratulations on your excellent track record in tennis (I, too, was a team captain for several years). Went to SC state championships several times, lost in finals mostly. Let me tell you, it is a LOT harder to herd a group of females (even though I am one myself), than to deal with guys. Just take my word for it. I wish I would like to bike….. I really hate the stationary one(s), and here in SC the actual outdoor riding is definitely not something you do in the summer. Clarification re. stem cell: must be the “other” knee, since once the artificial one is in, it would not help.
I plan to start tennis hitting practices come September, and go from there. I really miss smacking a ball to get rid of pent-up energy? frustration? anger? just sheer joy of it? All of those.

1 day ago · Shoulder replacement in Joint Replacements

Noticed that you specifically addressed non-opioids pain medications. I’ve had 2 separate shoulder repair surgeries, 1 knee arthroscopic surgery, and one knee replacement on the same knee. Plus several dental implants with complications like fractured old tooth that had to be picked out piece-meal, another time infection of the jawbone. So I’ve been taking prescription opioids as needed in 5 instances (2 of the dental implants I did not bother to fill prescription). Mostly the opioids were extremely helpful in controlling pain, as long as taken on schedule and not “as needed” when pain came on. They are also super annoying bc of the constipation side effect. And I think the fear of automatic, unavoidable, prevalent, addiction is sooo overblown. Not sure if you have access to opioids, or if you cannot take them, and I am not familiar with Tramadol. However, Ibuprofen, Advil, or Tylenol do/did absolutely nothing for my post-surgical pain, or even everyday generic pain (Aleve for that).

5 days ago · Nine months after tkr in Joint Replacements

@jeffkirc : May I ask your age, tennis level rating, court surfaces, and what – singles, or doubles – you play? I have yet to take the plunge to get back on the soft courts. Have played social, but still very competitive tennis, and early on team tennis with several trips to state championships, for decades. (4.0, but probably more realistically 3.5 in recent years), singles only until I was about 63 and could not find any willing partners in matching ability and age range. Had to settle for doubles then. The younger generation hit too hard, and was too focused on ending points. To me, tennis at it’s best is a strategic chess match if players are evenly matched. Anyway – my main concern is the need to “twist” – sideways motion – of the knee. Starting, stopping, I can imagine would be fine. I still have major problems when I bend my knee inwards, sideways, and upwards, as in taking off a sock while standing. Does this make any sense to you? Oh, I’m now finally 70, and otherwise in pretty decent shape. Coming up on 10 months after surgery.

6 days ago · Nine months after tkr in Joint Replacements

Also had TKR 9 months ago. Not sure about what your returning to work changed as far as the stress on your TKR knee is. I’m with Debbra – even though I am not required to do it any more, I still do the bare minimum of leg extensions and squats and bridges most days, and also do a brisk 2 mile walk most days. Yes, I have days of sore knee, sore hip, sore back – but at this stage it is far better than in months past. Perhaps the stress and over-use has caused a temporary set-back for you?

Fri, Jul 12 6:38pm · What keeps you motivated?!😊 in Just Want to Talk

@johnbishop : just happened on this forum, and your post. A few years ago my spiritual guided – I’m not – sister-in-law asked me what I would miss the most in life. To me, it’s simply nature. Outdoors. I garden. I walk. I swim, sometimes. I am very aware of daily changes in my backyard. I know when the hummingbirds will be around me while I’m doing yard chores, I also know when the rabbits stole some of my lettuce. I tolerate heat waves, hate dry spells, and am a perfect walking example of senile purpura at all times (It’s a female thing, look it up). Love your photos! Wish I could contribute my own…. sun flowers are flourishing here now, and whatever those tiny, fluffy little yellow-bellied birds (finches?) are, they are feasting on the seeds, and at times you can’t tell where the sun flower ends, and the bird starts. Neat!

Thu, Jul 11 5:42pm · Leg length difference after TKR! in Joint Replacements

@contentandwell : Here’s where I miss to respond privately, sometimes. I do my own pant hemming, so no reference from before TKR. This seems so insignificant compared to someone considering amputation of limb, so I sort of feel bad to just put minor, but to me very limiting and aggravating leg issues on here. I at least get the consensus that mostly, the surgeon who did the TKR is less than thrilled to deal with problems of any kind afterwards? Does this hold true? My OS is always available to see me and talk about any issues – not sure there are “issues”, surgery went fine, recovery reasonable, after that hip bursitis, etc.
Same OS went through shoulder surgery around 2009, close to when I did. He was extremely more in tune the next time I had my second shoulder surgery, and I also beat his range of motion by 10% at the time, him being 10 years younger than I am. Just saying, He actually opened the consulting room door and shouted down the hallway to his PA to show me off. A lot of good it did me. The super outcomes of 2 shoulder surgeries probably made me too confident of the TKR surgery and gave me high expectations. Did not do my homework. Never heard of stem cells…… my bad.

Tue, Jul 9 4:49am · Leg length difference after TKR! in Joint Replacements

@contentandwell : JK, I am not even certain that my legs were the same length before the TKR. They never gave me any problems before. Perhaps the almost 2 years of compensating for one sort of pain or another (knee, back, hip) has simply caused my muscles and tendons get out of whack, rather than that the surgery lengthened the leg. The result is the same, though – trouble walking normally. PT (5 days doing the exercises at home) does seem to help as far as relieving the tightness and pain in the left leg; unfortunately those exercises are tough on the TkR knee and the hip on that side, where I just got over the bursitis bout. There’s always something, I guess. Oh, to go back to the good young days of being 68, before this whole mess started!

Fri, Jul 5 4:28am · Leg length difference after TKR! in Joint Replacements

Strangely enough it causes my left leg to tighten up. I don’t (can’t) take a full stride, the outside of the lower leg, the ankle, and the outside of the foot is painful, and at times the whole leg goes numb, the knee twinges… The exercises I was given aim to lengthen and loosen the muscles in the shorter leg, and tighten up the muscles in the TKR (right) leg. I am just really aggravated ….. initially it took me 4 + months to get my TKR leg fully extended, then I got hit with trochanteric bursitis on that side, and when I was finally pain free on the right, now the left acts up.
I am lucky that the length difference is so small, and probably fixable with PT, but it surprised me how much of an effect even a small discrepancy can have.