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3 hours ago · Mako Robotic Arm TKR Week Six in Joint Replacements

@saeternes: great progress! I get that you want to push to the limit, so an average day is still excellent. That’s where “my” exercise helped a lot. I got the knee and all the workings inside used to fairly extreme bend (the higher you start when pointing and putting down toes, the closer to butt the heel will end up), so that eventually flex in general became easier and better. But realistically, a FINAL 135 degrees is outstanding, and what most people would be envious about. I myself, nor my PT, ever did any pulling or pushing on the TKR knee, so whatever bend they measured was all on my own power, without assist. No matter, end result is what counts, and yours adds up well.

3 days ago · Mako Robotic Arm TKR Week Six in Joint Replacements

@saeternes: I’ve been following posts re. ROM for over a year, and even though I really can’t pin-point who said what, people still had improvements up to 2 years. Granted, small ones, but still. I remembered something I did to increase/speed up my ROM proficiency: instead of using a yoga mat on the floor with slippery socks to do the heel slides – yes, I did them on the floor the very day I came home, had bed right next to mat to help pull up after – at the level of your extension I went the other way. I did a few heel slides to loosen the knee up, then scooted over to carpet with sticky socks and hovered the bent TKR leg at the most flex just barely above the floor, put the foot down toes first, and very gently lowered the heel as well, and held that position for a bit. Repeat. Repeat. It really does increase your ROM without being forced, or supremely painful. Just go slow, and maybe take a day’s break in between. Not sure if anyone has tried that, but for me it really worked. Let me know if you try it, and how it goes. As far as gait goes, no advice. Still fine-tuning mine, for reasons different than yours.

5 days ago · Mako Robotic Arm TKR Week Six in Joint Replacements

You should, for sure! I joined a senior health spa and center roughly 5 weeks after TKR surgery to find a less painful way to exercise in water. Had to take an intake evaluation as well as physician’s approval of health fitness. 2 days ago I chatted with the woman in charge and reminded her that I was really ticked off by her checking off the # of getting off a chair, arms crossed, within 30 seconds, as “average” at that stage. She remembered well, and told me that “average” was way beyond what she expected me to be able to do. Was based on “average” people. Of course, I also clocked in as a BMI of 21.3, also “average”. Not in this town’s Wal-mart, certainly. You sound like a determined, competitive, overachiever person like me?

5 days ago · Trust your gut instinct Pillow advice for sleep after shoulder surgery in Bones, Joints & Muscles

@ssbionicknee : scanned some replies.. had 2 shoulder repair surgeries ( right shoulder bone spurs, torn rotator cuff, bicep tendon frayed beyond repair and cut, other shoulder only bone spur, rotator cuff tear). From day one I was able to sleep in a bed with lots of strategic, little, built up pillow areas around the shoulder. For me it was much better to sleep in a bed on a level surface and to support the shoulder, as opposed to “sleep” in a recliner. BTW, we bought one just for me, just for the post surgery. Never ever used it, not even for just sitting there. Grandkids love the swivel motion, though.

Sat, Jan 11 6:07am · Mako Robotic Arm TKR Week Six in Joint Replacements

@saeternes : glad to hear that your extension has improved, and your progress overall is quite impressive. Sleep: I was the opposite, never got adequate sleep hours. Enjoy while you can. Yes, the knee will wake you up when moving in bed for some time to come, but it gets better. Bowel movement: within 2 days after stopping Oxycodone I was close to normal, and once I got back to regular exercising (swimming, mostly) everything was fine.
I wish our PT group had had a pressure sensitive treadmill; that might have caught my off-kilter gait due to the TKR leg being slightly longer than the other one in time to prevent the hip problems that developed several months after TKR. Custom orthotics took care of that, but I can tell that I still put too much pressure on the outside of the TKR foot when walking. However, as long as it does not cause any pain or problems, I can live with that.
Regarding any kind of twisting motion – I posted separately that even after 16 months those kinds of movements are still moderately painful.
Keep up the good work!
Little side note: at the 6 week mark I had the dubious pleasure of hosting my son, wife, and super active 5 yr. old for 4 days. Slightly stressful!

Fri, Jan 10 6:11am · Lingering issues 16 months after TKR in Joint Replacements

In spite of very good results from my TKR in September of 2018 – great flex, fully functional – I am still having some problems. The knee moves perfectly re. forward/backward motion, and up/down. However, anything involving some torque, or pulling on it, is not comfortable. For example, if my foot gets snagged on something, like vines in the garden, or a bunch of bedding on the floor while making the bed, it is Ouch! Will be heading to an area with lots of snow soon for vacation, and I can imagine that I won’t be able to walk in snow any higher than perhaps ankle height…..Same with simply standing and bending leg inwards to pull off a sock. Not good, unless I first brace the TKR leg with help of hand against the other leg. And even though I am finally able now to get out of my car (sedan, not SUV) the normal way – left leg out, foot on ground, followed by twisting right leg to join, it is not natural or comfortable yet. Most of the time I still prefer the turn on seat, both legs out together method. Granted, neither of these things are serious or very limiting, but after more than a year I was hoping that the torque ability would have returned to pre-surgery status. Any long-term TKR members have these problems as well, or how did you fix them?

Sat, Jan 4 6:13pm · Mako Robotic Arm TKR Week Three in Joint Replacements

Make that diary notes….