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2 days ago · Average level of pain after TKR? in Joint Replacements

Wanted to add here: between onset of knee pain, and initial unhelpful knee scope, and TKR, those varying degrees of twinges, discomfort, pain, and intense pain have been going on since August of 2017 – that’s why I’m so tired of and perhaps super sensitive to them.

2 days ago · Average level of pain after TKR? in Joint Replacements

To all who weighed in so far: Therapist says to be patient, and don’t overdo it like I tend to do. However, there’s no rhyme or reason for when and how intense the pain will be. Last week Monday I worked in my raspberry patch for 1 3/4 hours (pretty strenuous), after my usual daily 20 minute morning exercises and a 30 minute session in the pool. Tuesday 2 mile walk, then I helped a neighbor dig up some shrubs, Wednesday pool again, and I did some more yard work and dug a short trench to put a drainage pipe in – and I felt very good. Thursday not much of anything, and the knee was ornery. As I said, I can’t predict what’s going to happen. Taking the occasional Aleve, but have not done so in about 3 weeks. Currently I’m dosing myself with MSM powder on the advice of my bother, who went through knee issues recently. Seems to help lull the pain, and supposedly has no side effects. I would not mind some aches or slight pain once in a while, if I had absolutely perfect days in between. It’s the constant, very often very mild, and only part of the day, but ever present twinges and from time to time real bone-deep aches that get to me.

2 days ago · Average level of pain after TKR? in Joint Replacements

I had right knee TKR 6 months ago. Perfect ROM and extension (after hard work), functioning very well. However, I am fluctuating between what I would call “awareness” of the artificial joint – just a little sore – to aching, to moderate pain. Depends a little on activity level, weather, who knows, but it is always present, and I resent it. Some (many?) people are pain free at this stage. Should I be concerned, or will the magical 1-year mark fix this?

5 days ago · Skiing/sports after TKR? in Joint Replacements

Gruess Gott back… mind did not track. Was thinking of single 9K+ runs, as opposed to multiple indivdual ones. Never did Patcherkofel, When I did still ski – never that well or eager – tops were Krippenstein, Valluga, “White Ring” in Lech/Zuers. And I was pretty below-average, not relaxed ever on skis, but mostly could hold my own, those are the bragging routes and runs I did. Mostly, scared out of my mind. …………… Also: french Alps: Courchevel – there’s a best run ever starting at a little above 3000 Meters… those were the days, even if I was struggling.
I’m actually exactly 1/2 in 6 months post-op) the middle of being rebuilt, and ups and downs, but more ups. Still daily PT for knee, daily Sciatica exercises ( 5 years now), otherwise either 2 mile walk, water exercises + 1/3 mile swim, and now, really tough yard work. Servus, as they say in Tirol.

6 days ago · Sleep! How are you doing? in Joint Replacements

@amytro: You are lucky that you are getting the sleep that your body obviously needs. Relish it, don’t fight it. I was the opposite: for the 1st 8 weeks I got maybe 5 hours of sleep per night, somtimes less, and I only got up to 6 hours after 4 months. Part pain, part worry, part being a light and fidgety sleeper to begin with. Enjoy the rest!

Tue, Mar 12 5:41am · Skiing/sports after TKR? in Joint Replacements

@brucelane : you sound like super-poster-man for surgery/rehab success. Curious: almost 9K in 9 runs in the Austrian Alps.. any chance that was at the Krippenstein (off the Dachstein)? That run is about 10K from top to bottom. My home country, so I’m interested. And envious congratulations, of course!

Sun, Mar 10 6:44pm · The Rehabilitation Process for a TKR in Joint Replacements

@contentandwell : just saw your post about bilateral hip bursitis. From previous posts, you certainly had more than your share of problems. I really hope that cortisone shots will help you, especially since you seem to be the poster child (woman) of really successful TKR’s,
with an impressive exercise routine (at any age)!.

Sun, Mar 10 5:05pm · The Rehabilitation Process for a TKR in Joint Replacements

@ssbionicknee : nice to know you also had more trouble to get the knee to be straight, as opposed to bending. It took me almost 4 months (!!) to finally get there. With lots, and lots, and lots of excercising. Never thought it would be so difficult. Seems most people have problems with the opposite range of motion. Given a choice – not really – I am ok with delayed extension, and really good ROM. Last measured (while sore, stiff, and borderline cramping from yard work, and at PT for hip pain) at 132 degrees.