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Thu, Jun 11 8:02pm · Mako Robotic Arm TKR Six Months in Joint Replacements

@saeternes : Question. You seem to have done an excellent progress, based on precision surgery, total commitment to rehabilitation, with access to – for example, special treadmills to correct gait problems. So … 6 months out, given your workouts on the recumbent bike, and being in generally great shape, how would you rate your TKR on a daily base right now? I’m coming up on 2 years this September. Decent – actually very good flex, (remember – I suggested the pointing toes to get the flex to get better, faster), and I can do most things almost as well as I could before the surgery. Even forbidden activities, like walking steeply downhill, which I needed to do on a short term basis this past February during a ski resort vacation (walking, not skiing). However, in spite of basically a above normal outcome, I still have latent … not sure if I rises to the point of pain, but definitely ache/soreness each and every day. The “pain” does move around, but is pretty constant. So I’m guessing, muscular, compensating for other issues. Any input? Anything close to what may or may not be happening to you at this point? It aggravates me that I never know if this day it will be my TKR knee that hurts, the other one, either hip, or my (Sciatica-prone) back. 5 to 6 days/week 2 mile very brisk walk, roughly 2 hours of pretty strenuous ward work currently for exercise, since pool access has been closed.

Sat, Jun 6 7:37pm · Mako Robotic Arm TKR Six Months in Joint Replacements

Sorry for the late reply. Those look pretty much what I have, and tried to use months ago, shelved, and haven’t tried again yet. Either my knee is too sensitive, or I simply ask too much of it at a given time, it simply does not kneel. Without aches, and severe limitations. So any surgeon who wants to touch and replace my remaining natural left knee, he’d better post bond before even talking about surgery.

Sun, May 31 4:20am · 5 months post TKR: Stopped doing exercises and dealing with pain in Joint Replacements

Thanks for catching my mistake. Seems like eventually in a roundabout way my post was read by the person it was intended for, anyway.

Sat, May 30 4:46am · 5 months post TKR: Stopped doing exercises and dealing with pain in Joint Replacements

@msstoppainnagginme : I think your knee pain is probably more from over-use, being on your feet so much. The knee exercises are mostly to regain muscle strength, and to attain as much flexibility as possible. The major progress usually happens within the first few months, even though slight improvements will continue for at least a year. As @saeternes posted, she is at the 6 month point and has slacked off with the specific knee exercises. I eased off around 7 months post surgery. If you ever have a day off, do you still have the same pain and swelling? That might give you a clue if it’s work, not enough knee exercises, or perhaps something different (scar tissue?) is developing.

Fri, May 29 4:23am · Mako Robotic Arm TKR Six Months in Joint Replacements

@johnbishop : good job on the lunge! I tried it, without holding onto anything, and I can easily make my back knee reach the floor – either one. I don’t think it has anything to do with being able to flex the knee. I really don’t know my official flex # either, but when I start out flat on my back, bending both knees as much as I can, then get into a sitting position to go compare positions, the TKR leg heel ends up 2” farther away from my butt than the other one, so also a pretty decent bend. Lucky you found knee pads that work for you. I haven’t, not for lack of trying. Indoors a small pillow, or folded up bath towel, will work. Outdoors – forget it.
@saeternes : congratulations on your remarkable results. I also scaled down the exercises after 6 or 7 months, since with walking and/or swimming, and the usual household and garden chores I figured the knee gets enough of a workout. Regarding the catch in the knee when bending, I hope it goes away. I have had a very audible crack – no pain – whenever I do this exercise. One of a series of movements I was told to keep my sciatic nerve from acting up. Not a pleasant sound, but supposedly harmless. I rely on my other knee as well to quickly get up or down, but about 3 weeks ago I have started to have intense, acute pain on the outside of the “good” knee whenever a certain spot touches the floor when rolling onto that side, or when I kneel and shift my weight to the outside of the knee. Perhaps a growing bone spur – have not yet found the courage to head to a doctor’s office. That would surely be a bummer, if I get limitations on both sides now!

Sat, May 9 6:08am · - Crunching - in Joint Replacements

@amberpep : Instead of a helpful answer, I want to ask you a question: how would you rate the pain that you had after your initial TKR? I had right TKR roughly 1 1/2 years ago, and while the knee works perfectly fine, great flex and extension, there is always a low-grade ache there. Gets worse with heavy use or exercise, but even in the best of circumstances it is never totally “normal”. I can live with that, but it gets annoying at times. So your new, revised knee has no pain at all? Sounds nice. Regarding the “crunching”, what I have is more like a clicking noise, but that is not limited to getting up from a seated position It clicks every step I take, and even when I’m doing crunches, somehow the knee moves enough to also click (or crunch, whatever the term should be). Best that I can isolate the location/cause, it seems like the tendon on the inside of the knee does not move smoothly over the kneecap. Not painful, but again, annoying.

Thu, Apr 9 7:36am · 8 weeks Post TKR: Can I bear weight? Tips on improving mobility please in Joint Replacements

@bushy: I suggest you check the daily/weekly progress log posted by @saeternes after her TKR. Start checking perhaps 4 months ago, or perhaps she will see this and guide you to her posts. I think one of her first posts were “TKR day 2”, or something like that. Her progress and recovery is very detailed, and is pretty typical for someone in good shape, and compliant with the rehab. At 8 weeks there should be no problem to have the leg weight bearing. I ditched my walker after 4 days, a cane after 1 to 2 weeks. Regarding improving mobility, unfortunately the very best recommendation I have is unworkable now due to the virus: get into a pool. Movement in water is so much easier and less painful, and speeds recovery.
Incidentally, we love the Olympic peninsula – one of our favorite places to go. Have been multiple times (about what you’d expect from people living in SC….!?). And contrary to the more crowded attractions, what stuck in my mind the most was Neah Bay, the Makah Indian museum, and the hike down to view Cape Flattery (and on a depressing note, the many signs advertising help for alcoholism treatment in that area).
Keep up your spirits, and hang in there. Even after 19 months I still see small, incremental improvements with the artificial knee.

Sun, Mar 29 7:01pm · Swelling and stiffness, 3 years after total knee replacement in Joint Replacements

@contentandwell : Worth trying. When I said the therapist measured my legs, he actually measured where my heels lined up after a series of push-pull-tug exercises. So it may have been the leg length – most likely, or some pre-existing issue with hips or knees that got magnified after the TKR. I admit that I may well have had legs of different lengths before, but never aware of the fact, and never causing any problems until after TKR.