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2 days ago · Physical Therapy (PT): How long? Where did you do it? in Joint Replacements

@contentandwell : not sure where to find your posts regarding hip bursitis. I am wondering how you are doing? We both had the hip pain show about around the same time. I opted for PT, and it seemed to help things, at least some, and for a while. I kept up with 3 to 4 times weekly swimming 1/2 mile+, and was doing ok. Have put my indoor pool membership on hold (“open” times there do not work for me in the summer), and also have somewhat neglected my hip exercises. After 5 years of daily back exercises, about 7 months of knee rehab exercises after arthroscopic surgery in October of 2017, and now 8+ months of reduced, but still daily knee strengthening and flexibility exercises after right TKR last September, I am sick and tired of them. Will go back to OS and perhaps cave and try a cortisone shot. Hip pain is causing other issues…. left ankle hurts, developing callous on bottom outside of left foot, so things are off kilter. Are you all better now?

5 days ago · scar tissue after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

@tennisgolf : Just really read through your post, and there are some things that for me just don’t work. You seem to have very little pain, playing racquet sports at 4 months, but have not much flexibility. Relatively speaking, of course. Who am I to say.
Anyway, in my opinion, after 6 months, if you still do the exercises, there is still an upside, but not as much as earlier in the recovery. 100 seems to be pretty low, (mine is about 132) , but if you can do all you want to do, just try to up it as much as possible, and leave it at that. (Pray that you don’t have to pull weeds or clean a tiled bathroom floor on your knees – that’s a whole different can of worms altogether).

6 days ago · scar tissue after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

@tennisgolf : Impressive that you were able to play racquet sports after 4 months. I played tennis for decades, but after 8 months I still don’t feel confident enough to get back on the court. I’m concerned about the sideways-twisting motion, and the abrupt stops, putting too much stress on the knee.
@contentandwell : Lucky you in that you have absolutely no pain! I still have constant sensation ranging from a little soreness to twinges to moderate (2-3 level) pain pretty much most of the time. Does not stop me from doing most things, it is just irritating. And it really ramps up when I forget and try to quickly pull off a sock or tight shoe while standing (where normal people bend their leg with the heel sideways and raised………. ouch!!!) I think I might trade exceptional flex for no pain….. or perhaps not…..

Mon, May 13 4:43am · Second knee replacement 12 weeks after first-- will pain meds work? in Joint Replacements

@JustinMcClanahan : Interesting information regarding potential addiction. I’m surprised that the possibility to become dependent already starts after a few days. I was on Oxycodone or Percocet respectively for 2 shoulder surgeries, and 2 knee surgeries, in the last 10 years. Each time I took the full permitted amount for the 1st 5 days and nights, and then tapered off rapidly, with no more opioids after 8 to 9 days. While I do believe one should be aware of addiction risks, the benefits to me far outweighed them. Perhaps if the meds would have totally eliminated the pain, I might have been tempted to take more, for a longer time, but since the opioids only lowered the pain, the side effects were not worth continuing.

Sun, May 12 8:50pm · Physical Therapy (PT): How long? Where did you do it? in Joint Replacements

@katclub : Re. numbness, swelling…. do you still have either? Most likely, at least some. I think the last little dead, numb spot around my scar disappeared around the 4 to 6 week mark. It took a while for the nerves to regenerate. As far as swelling goes, it took much longer. Perhaps 3 to 4 months to get back to almost normal, now at 8 months I still have a slight bump on the outside of my knee every day, and it is still warmer than the other one, and any extra activity does add some swelling. Gone are the days where I could flash some sleek legs………….

Sun, May 12 8:29pm · Physical Therapy (PT): How long? Where did you do it? in Joint Replacements

@johnbishop: 🙂… not that I’m cheap either, but I was curious. Did sort of the same: compared bend/angle of knees between good one and new one. Then, once in a while, lined up non-tkr knee exactly with angle of tkr knee, took protractor (we’re both old enough to know what that is, and to have one), measured angle of good knee, and calculated from there. Simple question of math and angles. Not perfect, but close enough. Basically, I did it to bolster my ego, and keep me motivated. PT people did focus more on function than ROM in the beginning. Me, being type A personality, needed the pat on the back for doing good.

Sat, May 11 2:34am · Physical Therapy (PT): How long? Where did you do it? in Joint Replacements

@katclub : It sounds to me as if your PT people are way too agressive. Can’t argue with 126 ROM at this early stage, but I got there in about twice the time frame (132 at 4 months). My sessions lasted roughly 45 minutes, starting with a 5 to 6 minute bike warm-up, then GENTLE exercises, maximum weight on leg 2 to 3 lbs. Never needed pain pills before or after, never had exceptional pain during or after PT. Mostly, I went shopping to some specialty stores nearby after my sessions. Each PT group has their own methods, but yours sound unpleasant.
Of course I did 3 sets of exercises at home, every day, for about 8 weeks, then tapered off to 2 sets. That seemed to be more beneficial than screaming-pain workouts with the therapists.
My apologies – meant to hit (and did) the edit button, must have accidentally touched the “like” button as well. Ignore!

Fri, May 10 6:06am · Physical Therapy (PT): How long? Where did you do it? in Joint Replacements

JK: I am really glad that you, too, hate the gym. I used to go to different type gyms for on and off perhaps 7 years, and I had a big smile on my face every time I got out of there. As one of my PT’s said: he never came out of the gym, regretting to have gone. But liking to go is something else altogether!