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Dec 9, 2019 · Treatments for Lichen sclerosis besides steroids in Autoimmune Diseases

Another tip that I found to be quite helpful: Instead of soap of any kind (which I found to contribute to dryness), I use Aqueous Cream when I shower. You need to read the list of ingredients before you use it to make sure you are not allergic to any of them. I have a very long list of allergies myself, but I have done well with this soap alternative. It is inexpensive and a jar lasts a long time. It is fragrance free and lanolin free and I keep an extra jar on hand. I also use it for general relief of dry skin. Perhaps it would help you too!

Dec 9, 2019 · Treatments for Lichen sclerosis besides steroids in Autoimmune Diseases

I am so sorry to hear of your problem. I have it too. Was diagnosed 2 years ago. I did the same thing you did. It was in July and the grandkids were here for outdoor adventures when it hit me. I thought it was a bad UTI so I stopped in that the local drugstore clinic for a test and a quick fix. Wrong. No UTI. Long story short, I saw my gyn. She diagnosed it by saying, "I'm sorry to tell you that you have another autoimmune disease called Lichen Sclerosis." Prescribed the Clobetasol and that has held me. I use a dab when I feel a little warning. I'm glad to hear that Aquaphor can help too. It is very important to take care of yourself in this regard and finding the right doctor who is knowledgeable about LS and other autoimmune diseases. Since this this an AI disease, there is a pretty strong chance you may have other AI diseases to develop. Best wishes.

Apr 22, 2019 · Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease in Autoimmune Diseases

How nice of you, John! Thanks so much!

Apr 21, 2019 · Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease in Autoimmune Diseases

Hello, I have UCTD recently diagnosed to add to my list of AI diseases.. I have Rxs for Plaquenil and lowest dose anti-depressant for pain. I sleep 11 hours each night and would sleep longer if my little dog didn't wake me for potty. I am as active as I can be and eat well but I still fight fatigue. I have hit a plateau and sometimes I wonder if it will ever get better.

Apr 13, 2019 · Need help with Mystery Illness--Possible Sjogren's Syndrome?? in Autoimmune Diseases

That is so interesting, Lioness! Thanks so much. I am a lover of mustard and vinegar. It also helps with my digestion. A lot of people I know take a daily teaspoon of local honey and another of vinegar for good health!

Apr 13, 2019 · Need help with Mystery Illness--Possible Sjogren's Syndrome?? in Autoimmune Diseases

Derby Fever, I agree with Lioness that the Epsom salts can be helpful. If you can, you may try putting it in bath water for a relaxing soak. It is actually therapeutic. I have heard of pickle juice and vinegar reducing inflammation. Is that right, Lioness? How is pickle juice like mustard? Would you elaborate on this for us? Thank you.

Apr 13, 2019 · Doctors mistake watch out. in Autoimmune Diseases

I personally believe the problem you describe with doctors misdiagnosing people with Autoimmune conditions is common in many medical communities. There are so many of them and sometimes I personally believe that it is easier to diagnose the most common diseases…it's faster and takes less work to research it, test for it or discuss with other doctors. One of my own specialist doctors told me that, in regard to one particularly troublesome symptom that I reported to him, he "didn't have anything for that." Wait? What? I asked him because I knew he would be able to address it. Yet he brushed it off and that was that. He certainly did not refer me to anyone else either. That was really a punch in the gut without any further discussion. Yet I am stuck with him, at least for now. Lisa, I am glad you still have the ability and courage to pursue help. We AI patients need support in many different ways and I am grateful for it wherever it becomes available to me. Thank you for sharing with us. It is a tough road but you can do this. One of my doctors told me "Stress is not your friend." That was simple enough for me to remember and a goal that I reach for daily. Perhaps it would help you too.

Apr 12, 2019 · Primary Biliary Cholangitis and Autoimmune Hepatitis in Transplants

I meant to ask you, Rosemary, perhaps you can point me in the right direction. I am hearing more and more about the use of CBD oil for the liver inflammation (etc.) and the good results it gives. I am aware of everything I put in my mouth and filter it through "is this going to hurt me or help me?" I would like to know what the truth is. What research, if any, has been done on the effects on the liver? Thank you.