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Oct 11, 2018 · Severe eye pain and visual disturbances no one can diagnose in Eye Conditions

I told them I was getting worse it seemed weekly at first the neuro opthalmologist said come back if it gets any worse and I told him that and he scheduled me for three months. My neurologist had found something that was rare and he told me to tell the neuro opthalmologist about it and his reply was I’ve never heard of it. Which doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Treated me pretty much like I had a hangnail or something. The neurologists in the hospital were nice and compassionate just did not know what to do. I’m Praying the lady that mentioned about my neck could be on to something I’ve had neck problems many times before this all started and called a chiropractor and physical therapist and they said it is possible for your neck to cause problems like this. I just never would have dreamed but I’m not very smart medically and everything seemed like it was neurological or coming from my head. Which I guess is possible since all your nerves travel through your spine in your central nervous system

Oct 10, 2018 · Severe eye pain and visual disturbances no one can diagnose in Eye Conditions

Lost on what to do. Was working on going to John Hopkins but I’m Praying it won’t come down to that.

Oct 9, 2018 · Severe eye pain and visual disturbances no one can diagnose in Eye Conditions

No one has ever mentioned anything about my neck or anything. They have mentioned migraines but said it would not cause the visual problems constantly. Before all this started, my neck would lock up at times, so bad it was all I could do to even get out of bed. Could neck problems cause severe eye pain and visual disturbances like this? When I say severe it literally is at times like someone is burning my eyes with a lighter. And the pain and visual disturbances continue to grow worse. I never even thought to mention this to the many doctors I’ve saw I didn’t know your neck could affect your vision and eyes or I would have

Sep 25, 2018 · Severe eye pain and visual disturbances no one can diagnose in Eye Conditions

I have been to so many specialists had mri ct which all came back good thank the Lord. Week before last I was admitted into the university of Louisville and they still could not find out what is causing me these terrible problems. They believed me 100 % just did not have any answers. They done another mri which showed volume loss and I Pray with every ounce in me that doesn’t mean anything bad. my worst problems are severe debilitating eye pain and visual disturbances that are never ending. The worst vision problems are seeing objects repeatedly everything I look at, it doesn’t have to be anything bright anymore, severe light sensitivity, flashes of light, always see light with my eyes closed, seeing moving white dots of light all the time, shadows and spots that aren’t there silhouettes of almost everything I look at bad floaters which I don’t hardly notice compared to the other bad things and so so much more. I have been to multiple eye specialists who all say my eyes structurally check out fine. This has progessively gotten so much worse it’s almost unbearable. Also my eyes have became red almost all the time. The pain has made it impossible to live life normally I’ve dealt with this for over a year with it increasingly getting worse. I am honestly worried about my life this has progressively gotten so much worse it has stopped life as I knew it and can’t find help. Have also been having one sided headaches for years now and seeing my heartbeat in my vision along with plugged ears all the time. I’m only 32 all I ever want is please God in Jesus name to have everything restored back to normal I desperately need a miracle. Anyone that can help in anyway please do. I know we aren’t suppose to post personal info but I don’t mind I am beyond desperate.