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Fri, Jan 4 12:00pm · What kind of mobility can I expect with an antibiotic spacer in my hip in Joint Replacements

I don't know if doctors would share that number or not. I have a staph infection as well and am taking Keflex. They said Vanco would not be necessary in this case but I may be on Keflex forever. My options are really limited. This is Knee #4 on my left knee and with each replacement the surgeon trims the bones so the prothesis will fit. At the moment my left leg is almost 3" shorter than the other. They tell me one option, if the infection gets worse, (and so far is doesn't seem to be getting better) would be to remove the joint, and replace my good hip with an artificial one, then run a straight rod to my ankle so my leg would never bend. The other choice is amputation. I was improving and was getting close to walking without the walker until I got a DVT near the prosthesis. Since then I have lost more and more feeling in my leg. But JK, you are right to be concerned, and the hospitals seem to go far to minimize the risk but people still get infections. Having to live with a Spacer is a life changing event IMO. I had one for 8 weeks with no load bearing and at 67 my muscles atrophy quickly and are slow to return. I feel as you do about the risk – if I knew then, what I know now, I would never, ever consider getting a joint replacement.

Dec 14, 2018 · What kind of mobility can I expect with an antibiotic spacer in my hip in Joint Replacements

Not sure about a hip implant, but I had a knee Antibiotic spacer and was told I would also have limited mobility – which I was told after the surgery means I should avoid placing any weight on my left leg, I learned pretty quickly I would be doing little more than laying in bed for 8 weeks and my muscles atrophied incredibly quickly ! But your youth is in your favor – I'm 68 – IMO, make sure the surgeon makes your limitations are very clear and also learn what Phys. Training you can get during the time of your limited mobility. I think you will need a regular PT program to maintain your muscles which will help speed your recovery.
Good Luck & Merry Christmas.

Nov 12, 2018 · What kind of mobility can I expect with an antibiotic spacer in my hip in Joint Replacements

They will take another sample of the fluid around his hip and test it. It usually takes 1-3 weeks to see if the fluid has any infection in it. Tell the Doc he put weight on the spacer – I had one in my knee and was told No weight on it. I was basically bed ridden for 8 weeks. Not fun at all! I will keep you and your husband in my prayers. Best wishes.

Oct 2, 2018 · 1.6 inch leg length difference after TKR! in Joint Replacements

I understand your problem only too well. I have had 4 TKRs on my left leg and a 5th surgery to install a antibiotic stint. My left leg is now almost 3" shorter than the right and I could not walk or do PT until I had a shoe modified. It made a big difference to have that shoe, but the height gives me balance problems. I was finally able to start putting weight on my leg and do important PT. I still have to use a walker and the doc says my joint will fail at some point but he's not sure when. His suggestion to fix things is to replace my hip (which is fine at the moment) and put a rod between the hip and another new knee which would restore my leg length and hopefully (not sure if they know) stop my knee joints failing. That would require multiple major surgeries and cause a lot of stress to my wife, kids and me. I still don't know what I'll do but hope I can learn some other options here. I suggest you ask your ortho to help you estimate how much lift a shoe might need and have one made. Trying to walk with a short leg is like walking while putting one foot in a hole. Best wishes.

Sep 30, 2018 · What’s the criteria for getting a knee replaced? in Joint Replacements

If I could go back 6 years and refuse my 1st left TKR I would. I ended up fracturing the 1st 3 prosthesis'. I was told the 1st 2 were due to me being allergic to bone cement. Never have been able to find out why #3 failed. But it also fractured. I had a fractured tibia when all this started and a delay in a proper diagnosis caused me to hobble around on the fracture which destroyed the cartilage. I am told each of the 3 new joints were 'top of the line' and they shouldn't have broken. Now, after 3 new knee joints and 4 operations (incl 1 antibiotic spacer) ended up with the bone ends being "trimmed" and now my left leg is about 3" shorter than my right. I was told by my surgeons (4 over the 3 new knees) and each said this was a operation performed thousands of times/year. I believe I used the top of the local surgeons around here and do not doubt their experience and qualifications. But something isn't right! I hope no one else has to go through what I have. As far as knowing when it's time, the docs all said the patient knows when it's time and the meds and procedures no longer give relief. Good luck!

Sep 25, 2018 · What kind of mobility can I expect with an antibiotic spacer in my hip in Joint Replacements

Thank you for your prayers! I hope others will remember me in their prayers as well.

Sep 24, 2018 · 1.6 inch leg length difference after TKR! in Joint Replacements

I am sorry to hear of your sister's TKR problems! The doctors never discuss the possibility that bones are "trimmer" to fit the prosthesis and normally they only trim a 1/4" or so. I have had 4 TKR's on my left knee and now that leg it almost 3" shorter than the right! I can only walk with a walker. I am posting here in the hopes someone will have a creative solution so I can walk again. My shoe being built up almost 3" is one problem, but the bigger problem is without the femur length I had, I have lost some of the muscle's lifting advantage making it impossible to straighten my leg the last 2" or so. On top of all this I have Neuropathy which affects my balance. I fear I will spend much of my remaining life in a wheelchair. I was told the 1st 2 knee joints failed because I am allergic to the Bone Cement used. #3 was put in place using a force fit without cement – it lasted the longest – almost 3.5 years. l am now on #4 and using Percocet to manage the pain. I'm hoping someone can provide some suggestions about what I might consider doing. I started the TKRs when I was found to have a Tibial Plateau Fracture. If I knew then what I know now I would have never had my God given knee replaced! The knee I was born with even with the fracture, was infinitely better than a man-made joint! If you can avoid a TKR I hope you will, whether a 1st, 2nd or more. Things just seem to get worse.