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Fri, Jul 12 3:48pm · Leg length difference after TKR! in Joint Replacements

Thank you for those kind comments, It's True, it would be drastic and I will definitely get another opinion before I have any amputation.
The problem is the Neuropathy has damaged my bones (I'm told) which is why they were trimmed during each TKR. IMO, after 4 failed TKR's (still on #4 but it's time is limited) I think the surgeon's have given up on the idea of getting a TKR to work for me. Now that my Tibia is short, my present surgeon suggests he replace my (good) hip and run a rod between my hip and ankle. I will be unable to bend my leg at all but we avoid amputation. Lots to consider. I'm not seriously considering that option though. It would require probably 2 major surgeries which I don't want my wife to suffer through or me. ,
As Far As the way the docs act after the TKR, in my case I saw that. It was very subtle and may have been my imagination but I sensed a change.
As things are now I'll probably keep getting around on my walker trying to get my legs stronger and hopefully things will improve.
Thanks again,

Tue, Jul 9 6:48am · Leg length difference after TKR! in Joint Replacements

Thank you for those kind comments. Lately I have been considering amputation to be rid of this short, painful leg in the hopes an artificial leg may allow me to get back to using a cane. I am currently researching amputations and prosthesis' available. Found a Amputee Forum so maybe they will be able to help. BTW, if you go to a surgeon for a problem don't be surprised if their "solution" is to pull out a knife! It's what they do. Best wishes.

Thu, Jul 4 10:28pm · Leg length difference after TKR! in Joint Replacements

Thank you for the suggestions and kind thoughts. re: "Diabetic Neuropathy" Nope, I am not diabetic (Thank the Lord!) and my Neuropathy is Ideopathic (Unknown origin) and could have come from an infection in my past or some other incident. re: Your Sister's Hip, There must be a definitive test to determine if her Hip is actually bad? I hope she doesn't have it done then discover it was not necessary! But I'm sure the Doc would say, "Sorry" and refund the money! Yeah, right. Sorry, I've gotten cynical. ;-\ I just realized you posted last Fall so this caution reached you sister too late. I hope all went well?

Thu, Jul 4 10:13pm · Leg length difference after TKR! in Joint Replacements

My thoughts and prayers go out for your sister, I have Peripheral Neuropathy and had 4 TKRs on my left leg. Not my L leg is approx 3" shorter than the other. I went to a orthotic shoe co and they made a shoe approx 3" greater in height. I have also had shoes modified as a local leather co so getting it done is not difficult. But for me, it is very difficult to walk with the shorter leg on a built up shoe. My ankle tries to roll over and even when it doesn't I feel like I am balancing on high heel shoes! Also, all my life I have worn 9-1/2 EE but after the problems with my legs I was told I should wear size 11 EE! I feel like I am in clown shoes. I was unstable and tripping over things but I changed to a size 10EE and it made a huge difference. Don't always believe everything doctors tell you. You know more about your body than they do. Pay attention to what is happening and make sure what they say makes sense,
Best wishes for a Happy 4th of July!

Thu, Jul 4 9:58pm · Leg length difference after TKR! in Joint Replacements

Elle, With such a small difference (mine is about 3") PT should be able to get things working in the proper sync without inserts. Best of luck, You are in my prayers for a quick and satisfactory result. You're right about a small difference throwing you off! Good luck with your leg.

Wed, Jul 3 7:27am · Need TKR and had positive allergy testing / Bone Cement and Metals in Joint Replacements

Wow! That seems like a strange attitude. When I was tested, I was referred to a allergy doc. He put a couple of dozen "spots" on my back which were 'read' a week-10 days later. I know things change, but I wonder if blood work will provide a definitive answer to whether you are allergic to the prothesis and cement, etc used during a TKR? It's been a while and my memory is not great but they may have also drawn blood (probably did). My problem is having such limited options! The part of the cement I am allergic to seems to be a part of all approved glues. I guess wrapping it with duct tape is out? 😉
re Your insurance – at the time I had BC/BS and Medicare – I didn't even have to pay a co-pay!
Good luck and stay strong!

Wed, Jul 3 7:13am · Need TKR and had positive allergy testing / Bone Cement and Metals in Joint Replacements

Hello, Thanks to you & others for the very kind comments! BTW, I was surprised to hear I am allergic to the cement since I am allergic to nothing else. Very frustrating. re: My ortho surgeons – TKR #1 & #2 was same surgeon, when #2 failed he referred me to a Surgeon in the same practice who specialized in Press-Fit joints, when that one failed, he referred me to a surgeon at a different practice who specializes in "Problem Knee Joints". No one has told me why the prev joints failed. I was told the 1st 2 had fractured because of my allergy. I'm not sure why the joint would fracture if the cement broke down. #4 will likely fail soon, it's been 3 years which is the longest any have lasted. Still not ready to lose my leg and will talk to another ortho surgeon for his opinion. The fun never ends. I wish you well when getting help for your knee – don't be afraid to get another opinion, but in the end there are no guarantees. BTW, I keep getting told there is only one cement available (or containing the same ingredient that I am allergic to). Take care –

Tue, Jul 2 6:42am · Need TKR and had positive allergy testing / Bone Cement and Metals in Joint Replacements

After 2 failed TKR's (1 after 53 weeks the 2nd after 60 weeks) I was tested and told I was allergic to bone cement and that was the cause of the failure. Had a 3rd which was a press fit that lasted 3 years. I am on my 2nd (my 4th TKR) press fit which has 3 yrs on it . I would look at polymer injections, etc but it depends on the problem you have with your knee. If I had it to do over again, I would have said "No" to TKR's and waited/hoped for my knee to heel. Good luck with your knee!