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1 day ago · Pacemaker implant and medications in Heart Rhythm Conditions

wow!!! this sounds erie to me,,, my pacemaker is 2 days old, now in afib for 2days!!

Fri, Jan 11 12:40pm · SoClean Machine in Lung Health

thank you for the input, this sounds just like my plan…..never been sick from it either. thank you

Fri, Jan 11 9:15am · SoClean Machine in Lung Health

Thanks again, I have been thinking about this machine since I started the cpap in oct. 2018.

Fri, Jan 11 8:29am · SoClean Machine in Lung Health

John, thank you for the quick reply, so the so clean is an ozone generator.. thanks again. I have learned much just reading the posts here.

Fri, Jan 11 7:56am · SoClean Machine in Lung Health

can someone explain exactly what the so clean machine does? and how it does it? correct me if iam wrong but it seems to me that it is a OZONE generator??? and it uses the ozone to kill bacteria??? is it the ozone smell that everyone talks about ?

Fri, Jan 11 7:52am · SoClean Machine in Lung Health

I constantly see ongoing discussions with regards to cleaning your machine,,,, much talk about gadgets, solutions, etc….my question becomes has anyone here become sick from their machine? has anyone any proof that they become sick from their machine…..thanks for any input on this, just trying to sort all this out.

Wed, Jan 2 2:55pm · Anti-arrhythmic AFIB drugs and feeling unwell - Multaq in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I have had the same problem with multaq!! i hate it and cannot deal with it. I have been on 4 different Anti-arrhythmic drugs now….trying to find one that i and tolerate…next week to see about pace maker…get well soon.

Sep 24, 2018 · Reveal LINQ Insertable Cardiac Monitor in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Hi, I have had my medtronics loop recorder since april 2018, here are some of the questions that I would ask ,
1. what if I change doctors? will it be easy to transfer the monitoring of this device?
2. how are the alerts handled by your doctor ? when sent by the monitoring company. ( I know there have been some that were sent to my doctor, that have not been mentioned or discussed.)
3. I also inquired with the monitoring company if I could also get a copy of what is being sent to my doctor? flat out no!
4. you should also discuss with your doctor what is the limits setup on the device? and should it be set lower or higher?
5. what happens if the battery fails within the 3 yr period? who is responsible for that? and who will pay for it.
my real concern is what happens to the alerts and or data that is sent to my doctors office? who takes care of that? or does it just sit there like the documents on the fax machines…..
I am very happy to have this device to watch what is happening with my heart now. at least there are records of the data….