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Nov 10, 2018 · Meds for cardiomyopathy – Ischemic/Non-Ischemic in Heart & Blood Health

Hi folks I am a 50yr old woman diagnosed last year with dilated cardiomyopathy. At my most recent cardio appt last week the Dr was very pleased with my progress but I am not healed up yet. Two things: my family is fully freaked out by my diagnosis and not able to be supportive. So I am looking for support and support groups because i know loneliness/lack of support is bad for you. Also, even tho the doc says im getting better I still feel crappy mostly from side effects of my meds (carvedilol, entresto and spirolactinone). My blood pressure is normally low and with the meds is even lower. Yesterday, I tried to do a mile walk, which in the past was totally easy for me, but this time I got a pain in my jaw which spread to me head which I have never had before so now Im scared. Tests earlier this year show I have no disease in my arteries so the cardiomyopathy is probably an inherited condition. I am otherwise healthy. I would love some support and any thoughts which may be helpful.