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Sep 30, 2018 · Trying to recover from a c. diff infection (Clostridium difficile) in Digestive Health

Look up Dr. on Healthgrades or call or go by

Sep 23, 2018 · Trying to recover from a c. diff infection (Clostridium difficile) in Digestive Health

I do not know what c diff( is. Colonoscopy could show if fungal balls are attached to your colon wall (colony)..I have had to google read google read and almost treat myself. good flora can be reestablished in days by eating normally and taking probiotics. i take multidophilus 12 from Whole Foods. Sounds bad–best of luck. is you temp sub normal?

Sep 21, 2018 · Candidiasis of esophagus in Digestive Health

Can candida cause symptoms of Barrett's esophagus? What were your symptoms? Fluconozole can arrest growth but not kill candida; the result can be mutation to medication resistant strains. Microscopic examination is the best test and it is strange that it showed no candida. An antibody candida panel shows if you have had it and an antigen candida panel shows you have it now. Candida infections are extremely serious and should be aggressively pursued. Why do doctors refuse to give information it and treat it? Rick

Sep 21, 2018 · Candida in Digestive Health

I had treatment in 2004 after waiting 5 years; doctors did not believe in it. Finally I got treatment with lamisil after candida antigen panel showed positive. It depends on where the candida is. It was in my gut and big toenails, eyes and left middle ear. I used the pulse method: 250 mg twice a day for a week, skip 3 weeks and repeat two more times. No liver damage occurred.
An intestinal permeability test showed that it was eating through the colon; I had to do it and pay for it myself. Great Smokies Lab, now owned by a larger company, did the test.'
I could see it in my eyes using a grain focus in photographic printing. It burst my eardrum.
It reoccurred and I have had 1/3 the lamisil treatments but it hides in the small intestine. I expect to battle it the rest of my life.
Most doctors that treat it use antifungals but the organism can mutate if not killed; lamisil is fungicidal that means it kills it. The die off symptoms are severs..
Get on modified atkins diet until it subsides. Antifungals and hygiene are effective for male groin infections most of the time. I do not know how endomitriosis and vaginal infections are treated. Email me if you need more info. Rick
P.s. I have a question myself: why do doctors refuse information and treatment? It is very hard not to be believed.