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2 days ago · Non Hodgkin's lymphoma in Blood Cancers & Disorders

Thank you for explaining what O was with CHOP. Getting my initial treatment with R-CHOP, I had minor changes in my taste buds. They got the most impacted when I had radiation to my neck and lower jaw area. The main chemotherapy thay impacted my taste the most were platinum based,like carboplatim (sp ?). Hoping you get a speedy recovery and your taste buds return. It was probably the most concerning part of all my treatment as I am a real foodie. Fortunately, most of my taste returned, it just took time

2 days ago · Using pulsating electro-magnetic fields as an adjunct in treating CLL in Blood Cancers & Disorders

@bullwinkle Seems like this is a perfect example of finding the right prescription that suits our particular case. Wishing you best of luck with your future treatments. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

2 days ago · Please help: Undiagnosed chronic pain of the limbs in Chronic Pain

@healthytoday I agree with finding what works for you I encourage you to try everything one at a time, and consistently for at least 10 to 30 days to see if there is any improvement. When you stop it, be sure to check in see how you’re feeling. I find it best to keep the simple notepad with scales of pain, fatigue, etc. Quick to fill out and stay on top of so you can truly track how a particular treatment helps you. Over time you will add different therapies, medications, meditations, exercises, and drop others, etc. that will become your personal “prescription” of how to deal with what you feel best with. We are all individuals, and respond differently to the various treatments available to us. No one person’s experience is going to be exactly like the others. Experiment! Hoping always for healing, but the alternative is learning to manage. Life can be livable again. Personally I have found a combination of good health practices, good doctors, and alternative therapies work best for me. I hope you will find your path soon.

2 days ago · Tests for blood cancer ...the bills!! in Blood Cancers & Disorders

@cindylb I totally understand your frustration and I have seen similar cases. But it’s the system we have to work with right now. We could all use her voices and those of our friends and family to fight for better, but I think supporting each other in figuring out how to navigate what we’re dealing with is the best way to cope in meantime. It’s ridiculous that we have to, but it’s what we have at the moment.

3 days ago · Tests for blood cancer ...the bills!! in Blood Cancers & Disorders

@dazlin I think dealing with billing is one of the hardest parts of cancer. We are so worn out and matching EOBs to hospital bills can be so frustrating. I have found billing people at most helpful in explaining. If you have strait Medicare and no supplement, you owe 80% after a deductible typically. But if you have supplemental or a Medicare advantage plan, it would cover most of that. I'd call billing and ask them to walk you through it. Sometimes you get a bill when your insurance company does, but it is not for payment, just information. Your final bill for payment should show what Medicare paid and what you then owe and it should match the EOB (estimation of benefits) sent by Medicare or your supplemental company. The best advice is to ask a trusted friend or family member to handle this for you so you can not have the added stress. They can sign in to your insurance and/or Medicare and look at everything. Best of luck during this trying time.

5 days ago · Non Hodgkin's lymphoma in Blood Cancers & Disorders

What does the O in o-chop stand for? I had R-CHOP

Sun, Dec 2 8:21am · fibromyalgia pain in Chronic Pain

@lioness The cold is the worst for me, but I also am impacted by heat, and change from cold to warm… Just not as bad as when I go from warm to cold. I live in Seattle so the humidity is always an issue.

Sat, Dec 1 5:34pm · fibromyalgia pain in Chronic Pain

@parus. I most definitely notice increases in pain when weather changes. Cold and wind are hardest