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Mon, Jun 10 6:24pm · Persistent immature grans/left shift on CBCs in Blood Cancers & Disorders

Are you taking steroids or have inflammatory processes? Either could effect the creation of extra immature granulocytes. I assume you’re not pregnant as that would be other cause. If you are concerned about cancer, there are other blood tests they could run, as well as order a PET scan. Do you have other symptoms like pain or fatigue? It may be just because you have hypergammulobulemia…so your body is just producing more granulocytes which means there would be more immature ones…that is what left shift means. The addition of off platelet counts could indicate something is off in your bone marrow though, a bone marrow aspiration may tell you more. Good luck!

Tue, May 28 6:30pm · Auto stem cell transplant: What can we expect for timing? in Blood Cancers & Disorders

Lymphoma and Leukemia society have some great resources, too.

Mon, May 27 10:50am · Auto stem cell transplant: What can we expect for timing? in Blood Cancers & Disorders

Hi @zellheff and I’m sorry for what you’re going through. I had an autologous SCT for non Hodgkin lymphoma and can give you some details.

Once he gets into remission, he will begin 10 days of therapy to bring his stem cells out. After day three, until he reaches the needed count, he will go for a blood test.
Harvest day usually happens 7-11 days, but varies by individual.

Once cells are harvested, he will be admitted to hospital for induction therapy. This is intensive chemo to kill off all white cells, this takes about 7 days including rest days. Then his infusion will occur and he begins the climb back up. Once his immune system has recovered enough, he can go home…usually 3-4 weeks after infusion.

At home, he will still need to recover. I would anticipate at least three months and then slow return to activity. Of course each cancer center has its own procedures and this timing assumes there are no infections or complications.

I reiterate the need to be extremely, extremely careful about infection. He will be rebuilding an immune system. Think paper towels instead of dish towels; sani-wash on dishwasher; no restaurant or deli foods; no one with sniffles or skin infections in the home; hyper cleaning with bleach, and so on. Avoiding infection is key to success. Best of luck to your son.

Sun, May 26 9:06am · Stem Cell Transplant: How does it affect your eyes? in Blood Cancers & Disorders

Is your SCT allo or auto? I’ve had both and both can bring your ability to fight infection to zero (no neutrophils) — so putting things in and out of your would not be advisable, if even allowed. And with allo translation, you can get some GVHD that can impact eyes. I would get new glasses.

Sat, Apr 27 11:58pm · High-dose chemo and digestive issues in Cancer

If his transplant was allo, look into GVHD. I is not uncommon and often affects the gut, but is treatable. A university based hospital would be a good place to start.

Thu, Apr 18 5:38am · Hip Pain in Autoimmune Diseases

I too have bad hip pain that seems to be related to femur bone pain and can sometimes impact my knees. I have had lymphoma with a lot of different kinds of chemotherapy and radiation and two stem cell transplants. The bone pain started after my first transplant and went much deeper with my second. I also suffer from a compromised immune system and I find it curious that perhaps my hip, femur and knee pain are related to an immuno-deficiency which has been documented. I wonder if anybody else has this kind of pain and also an immune system issue … autoimmune or induced/reactive immuno-deficiency??

Thu, Apr 11 2:28pm · Has anyone used CBD oil for chronic pain? And do you have results? in Chronic Pain

I use a product called UltraCell made by a company called Zyliss and I have found a lot of benefit from it. It's pure CBD.

Mon, Mar 25 4:39am · Autoimmune attacking my lungs in Autoimmune Diseases

Hi John, since your infections are mostly in your lungs, I wonder if any of your doctors have mentioned using inhaled steroids and inhaled antibiotics (like tobrimyacin). These have less impact on tour body systems and focus on the main infection/weakness. I also wonder about immunotherapy helping you, like IV immunoglobulin. Have your IG levels been tested?

Just more food for thought for you… Wishing you the best, what area of the country do you live in