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Fri, Mar 22 3:07pm · Ear Tinnitus and Pain with Neuropathy in Neuropathy

@lauraj155 Hi Laura, I'm sorry to hear about your problems! I, too, have neurological problems, but different from yours. Were you recommended to see a specific neurologist on San Diego? Could you please share his name and phone number? I live in S.D. and would so appreciate his or her contact info. I wish you well, Rose

Tue, Feb 12 7:11pm · Affects on smell? in Neuropathy

Could you please share the name of the company that is doing trials on SFN? Thanks so much, Rose

Tue, Feb 12 6:52pm · Does Small Fiber Neuropathy also cause muscle spasms? in Neuropathy

Wonderful information! Thanks!

Tue, Feb 12 6:26pm · Mayo Clinic staff/affiliated staff in Visiting Mayo Clinic

Once again, I thank you!

Tue, Feb 12 6:04pm · Does Small Fiber Neuropathy also cause muscle spasms? in Neuropathy

Hi, Can you tell me if you have pain, numbness or both. Also, what treatments and meds you've you undergone or taken? Thanks, Rose

Tue, Feb 12 5:43pm · Living with Neuropathy - Welcome to the group in Neuropathy

Another really terrific piece of info!!!!! I've been diagnosed positively with small fiber polyneuropathy and ANA. I've been taking hydroxychoroquine and azathioprine to 5 month and the numbness has continued up my body and the existing numbness has gotten worse.
Insurance won't cover IVIG and I can't afford it. The rheumatologist and the neurologist don't know what else to do. DO YOU OR ANYBODY HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS? I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO PAIN. I HAVE ONLY NUMBNESS. Thanks bunches to you John and everybody else!

Thu, Feb 7 1:21pm · Does Vitamin B-12 help with neuropathy of the feet? in Neuropathy

Thanks a big bunch,John, for sharing the nuts.com website. It provided do very much useful information. You're the best.

Thu, Jan 31 3:56pm · Small Fiber Neuropathy? in Neuropathy

I've been biopsied with a firm diagnosis of idiopathic small fiber neuropathy but have no pain whatsoever. I just have numbness which is getting worse and spreading. Has anyone at all been diagnosed with ANA and Lupus without any pain? I'll be starting IVIG very soon and any tips would greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Rose