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Nov 21, 2018 · UTI and Yeast Infections in Kidney & Bladder

Recently added to my ever-growing list of health issues is a propensity for extreme vaginal dryness and recurring yeast infections. A new Vulvar/Vaginal Disorders specialist instructed me to stop wearing underwear to bed, although "loose fitting pajama bottoms or boxers are acceptable." I don't quite feel comfortable going full commando at night, at least not currently/yet, so I'm wondering if anyone has any "next to naked" but not totally bare shorts/boxers suggestions that are healthier for "down there" but still comfortable for someone rather private/modest. Thanks in advance!

Nov 17, 2018 · Extreme dry skin circular "patches"? in Skin Health

I don't even know how to describe this. For maybe the past month or so, I've noticed suddenly having extremely flaky dry skin on my feet (particularly the right side of my body, if that's even possible). It's honestly been on the low end of my priority list due to a plethora of other more debilitating health issues. Then several days ago, I noticed a "patch" of rough, red and irrirtated looking skin on each hand just slightly above the carpus. Doesn't hurt, doesn't itch, just obviously doesn't seem healthy. Fed up, with both my feet and now this odd hand thing, I went and got a pedicure and a paraffin dip for my hands. Everything looked great for about 2-3 hours! Now suddenly those "patches" on my hands are dry and rough again. I'm baffled, I'm fed up with weird mysterious health issues that no one can diagnose/link together, and exasperated with all the special "health tips" being prescribed by the various specialists that — if I could somehow manage to maintain them all — would get my body to the normal person level. Making an appointment with a new dermatologist is on my to-do list, for many reasons, but anyone have any thoughts on what this could be, and/or suggestions for potential treatment?

I was diagnosed with Keratosis pilaris atrophy as a baby, and still have the Keratosis pilaris-looking bumps on my upper arms. A million other health issues at the moment. A1C is normal though. Receiving treatment for B12 and D deficiencies. Super dry mouth and eyes, currently lips as well, but ANA panel and SS-A and SS-B antibodies negative. The day before I noticed these "patches", the left side of my lip randomly swelled up for about an hour and a half — no idea what that was about either. Anything else, feel free to ask.

Nov 17, 2018 · Need a diagnosis - don't know where to go in Visiting Mayo Clinic

@kaz75 – I'm curious about your experiences at The Cleveland Clinic — I just called them and registered after being denied an appointment at Mayo last month, and learning one of my referring specialists hadn't had any luck figuring out why or getting an appointment reconsidered.

Nov 3, 2018 · Getting Off of Omeprazole in Digestive Health

@plex091 – I don't believe any criticism or disrespect were intended; I think dadl48 was simply trying to understand what had prompted the change, and make sure that a doctor was involved in the decision/overseeing the transition. I'm sure there was no intent to hurt or upset anyone.

I'm interested to hear about your experience. Are you taking or have you taken Omeprazole? What brought you to this discussion?

Nov 2, 2018 · Hidradenitis suppurativa in Skin Health

@contentandwell , what's the name of that Facebook group? I'll have to share that with my mom.

Glad you found something that seems to be helping, if not fully fixing it. And seeing the technology improvements in the past few years, I have no doubt in a few more it will be even better!

Nov 1, 2018 · Hidradenitis suppurativa in Skin Health

@contentandwell – Do you have hearing aids/are you seeing an audiologist? There have been a LOT of improvements in those technologies in the past few years — my mom has been on them for at least ten, and they're VASTLY improved since then. She just got a set of hearing aids that actually connects to her phone via bluetooth so it comes right to her ears to help her hear better. There's a TV booster as well that connects to her hearing aids so she can turn up the volume for herself but it goes directly to her hearing aids so the TV's not blasting. I think this is the brand she got: https://www.oticon.global/hearing-aid-users/hearing-aids/accessories/connectline. But I'd make an appointment with your audiologist if you're having problems, especially if you haven't been in a while. There's truly been huge improvements in the technology that should help. Good luck!

Oct 30, 2018 · Hidradenitis suppurativa in Skin Health

I have been having some chronic unexplained health problems since June, and in preparation for my specialist's referral to Mayo, I put together a document with ALL my symptoms, including those likely unrelated. One of those was:

Frequent ingrown hairs in genital/rectal region, without hair removal: Started around 2009; abscess culture showed OSRA; recurrent although smaller problems since. Almost always have at least one ingrown hair in bikini area regardless of any recent hair removal of any kind; painful, inflamed red bumps that “pop” white pus and/or blood.

Happen to have three at the moment, and while looking up what the difference is when it pops blood vs. pus, I read about hidradenitis suppurativa for the first time. It honestly never occurred to me that this could be unusual or an actual health problem until I had started writing that list of symptoms and realized it still happened even when I didn't do any hair removal down there (my very first one, which was infected, the primary care had just told me it was an infected ingrown hair, and so that's what I've assumed they are always, and being in such a …. private… location, I've never mentioned it again/to any other doctor). After reading your stories, it sounds like I may not actually have it, or I have maybe an earlier stage, but it's at least inspired me to look into it further and realize it's NOT normal.

One thing I am curious about — does anyone who's been diagnosed with HS have an elevated CRP and/or ESR (inflammatory markers)?

A resource I found helpful/informative I want to share: https://www.hs-foundation.org/.

Some things I noticed mentioned in these posts are reinforced on that website: "Current studies indicate that HS is more common in females than males, at a rate of approximately 3:1." Many of the other illnesses experienced by the folks in these posts are commonly associated with HS, including PCOS, thyroid disease and diabetes; to confirm what somewhat else postulated, "hormonal imbalance has been suggested as a potential source of development for this disease as well." They mention Clindamycin cream as being effective like someone else noted. Just a lot of good informartion, including a physician search that I fouond a doctor on to call tomorrow and try to schedule an appointment.

Hope everyone's doing well!

Oct 30, 2018 · Swollen Tongue no one knows why in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

Found the original article I read! It's a little lengthy/scientific, but if anyone's interested: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/07/24/magazine/what-the-mystery-of-the-tick-borne-meat-allergy-could-reveal.html

@jerryd – here were some highlights I thought might be relevant for you:
"Once sensitized, some victims find that they can no longer tolerate beef, pork, lamb — even milk or butter, foodstuffs with only very small amounts of alpha-gal. Several factors can also affect the severity of the allergic reaction, or if there is an allergic reaction at all. Grilled meat is less allergenic than other methods of preparation that preserve more of its fat. Fatty meat leads to more alpha-gal crossing a person’s gut barrier into his or her circulatory system, triggering a stronger immune reaction than leaner cuts. A study of German patients also found that alcohol imbibed with meat can push people toward an allergic reaction, as can exercise; both actions make the gut more permeable, exposing the immune system to more alpha-gal."

"The good news is that, provided you’re not bitten by a tick again, sometimes the meat allergy fades on its own. A year after his visit to the emergency room, under Scott Commin’s supervision, Niegelsky began introducing small amounts of lean meat into his diet. The idea is to test the possibility that his allergic alpha-gal antibodies have subsided to the point that his immune system no longer attacks the sugar. It took Niegelsky about a week to muster the courage to take his first bite of pork tenderloin. He waited anxiously for six hours. When nothing happened, he moved on to steak."

Sure is a fascinating possibility (At least to a nerd like me!)!