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Sep 10, 2018 · Pediatric unknown-autoimmune in Autoimmune Diseases

Yes sir I sure will. I noticed in some of the blogs they referred to allergy testing and he has been. Tested negative on all. There is so much info to give and receive .. he currently is on zyrtec 10, and ranitidine 150 in the morning, loratadine 10 at noon if needed, and doxepin and singular at bedtime. Also Flovent for his asthma and now the additional vitamin d. We did try to change him to Allegra in case it was causing drowsiness but the Allegra gave him ticks. Which until I started researching it didn’t even know antihistamines can cause them, thank goodness he hasn’t had problems with his current meds or atarax which he was on before the doxepin

Sep 10, 2018 · Pediatric unknown-autoimmune in Autoimmune Diseases

Thank you. We are in Oklahoma and I look to Mayo website a lot when I have questions, so when I saw this I thought maybe someone would have ideas or advice.. but chronic uticaria isn’t even a talk group on here. Fingers crossed !!

Sep 10, 2018 · Pediatric unknown-autoimmune in Autoimmune Diseases

I have a sweet 11 year old son. We have been battling chronic uticaria (hives) for the last 5 years. The older he gets the more symptoms and problems we have. As an infant he was unhealthy and saw multiple doctors from
Infectious disease and Gastro to pulmonology, where I eventually as a parent decided to stop because the testing seemed to be endless with no answers and at that point they seemed asthma related in nature and where being maintained by meds.. then about 5 years ago we started having problems with hives, as they continued to happen and get worse we were sent to an allergy specialist, they seem to think it was a common problem and even though I work in a busy pharmacy and met one adult
In my life that had chronic hives, I figured the dr would know.. I was told
It would probably go away when he got a flu or cold and yet 5 years later here we are.. with the last few years adding symptoms like fatigue, dizzy spells, arm numbness and mouth sores and even the occasional bout of cellulitis with bug bites and of course additional stomach problems .. Our allergist didn’t seem to think any additional testing was needed and just recently came across an article even saying hives more than 6 weeks is actually considered and auto immune disease.. never once have I been told this. I recently talked his pediatrician to running some blood work and his sed rate was high as well as his c reactive protein but Ana negative .. we found out that his vitamin d is low and he’s been put on 50,000 units once a week.. I just got a new referral back to gi but I’m wondering if anyone has a suggestion of who else to see to get this whole thing figured out .. he’s 11 and should be able to play without taking a break or go somewhere without antihistamines. He has so many issues for such a young kiddo and I just want answers and I’m concerned about his future without them.. any suggestions on
Figuring this out?? Rheumatology, genetic screening, change his allergy dr and get someone to run immunology type screening..