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Sep 9, 2018 · I have started sweating after eating. Anyone else? in Women's Health

Dear Gail @gailb — I am struck by the similarity of some of our symptoms. This is NOT just a woman's problem. I am a 74 yr old male and sweat profusely on the head, neck and arms after most every meal. I drench my towel-covered pillow. Comes with slight nausea, extreme weakness/fatigue (onset within 5-10 min.), and stomach ache/bloating. Often resolves within an hour, but is DEBILITATING. I have to lay down. I can't seem to associate the problem with any triggering foods (except dairy, which I can never tolerate). Upper GI barium work-up shows only slight gastroesophageal reflux. Problem has continued for several years. My GI doctor has no answers. Am sensitive to high temperature conditions (live in Phoenix area); mild exercise also brings on severe sweating. I feel sick all the time and am getting discouraged. I would gladly go to MAYO if I could get an appointment. I have Medicare + good secondary insurance but there are no openings. Has anyone offered you effective treatment suggestions?

Similar background:
I had gastric bypass surgery 15 + years ago
I have type 2 diabetes, approx 6.5 A1c; experience occasional blood sugar spikes followed by lows — after big meals
I have had back problems (had epidural injections for ruptured disk)
Had gallbladder removed; have pacemaker

Meds: Metformin, Januvia, Gabapentin for neuropathy; (don't take insulin)
Don't use tobacco, alcohol, or eat spicy food, but drink non-caffeinated diet soda.