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Mon, Nov 19 4:58pm · squamous cell in throat in Head & Neck Cancer

I was advised that my squamous cell carcinoma is HPV and have undergone three radiation treatments. I spit up a noticeable amount of bright red blood a couple of nights ago. Am concerned with the cause of this

Fri, Nov 16 2:33pm · renal cell cancer , kidney removed right side 2013, came back in 2015 in Cancer

I was diagnosed with kidney cancer, metasticized to bone (left acetabulum) in June, 2013. My left kidney was immediately removed and left acetabulum was treated with radiation. I was shortly thereafter put on sunutinib, 1 tab per day for 28 days, then 14 days off. After a few months, I began having severe reactions to the sunutinib, so my oncologist reduced my prescription to one tab every other day for 28 days, 14 days off. In March, 2018, I began experiencing sore throat symptoms and my oncologist prescribed an antibiotic after a month, my sore throat had not gone away, so he prescribed another antibiotic round. In June I underwent a c/t scan and my kidney cancer had spread to my right lung. My oncologist stopped sunutinib and went to Opdivo infusions. After two treatments, another c/t scan showed the cancer in my lung had spread to both lungs, so he advised me to stop the Opdivo and prescribed Cabozantinib. Due to my anticipation that Opdivo would be effective, I was not certain I agreed with this, so I got a second opinion from OHSU in Portland, OR. While there, the oncologist from who I was getting the second opinion noticed my throat issue and referred me to a throat specialist who took a sample to have analized. The "sore throat" was actually squamous cell carcinoma, HPV, making it easier to cure. The decision among the three oncologists was to continue my treatment with Opdivo and radiate the squamous cell in my throat, a somewhat grueling experience. I am, just now, beginning the radiation treatments.

Fri, Oct 26 8:30pm · squamous cell in throat in Head & Neck Cancer

Thank you for your words of support and enc

Thu, Oct 25 9:22am · squamous cell in throat in Head & Neck Cancer

I have been advised by two oncologists, one a surgeon and one a radiation doctor that the only effective treatment available to cure my squamous cell is radiation, so I am going to have to deal with the side effects.

Mon, Oct 22 1:19pm · squamous cell in throat in Head & Neck Cancer

My question to you is: why did you elect to have radiation treatment when the chemo therapy was so successful?

Fri, Oct 19 10:38am · squamous cell in throat in Head & Neck Cancer

Just visited with my radiation oncologist and I am leaning toward a seven week treatment that requires one 15 minute treatment, five days per week. Considerable soreness in the throat is one of the more severe side effects, but it should abate shortly after treatment ends. This option is a cure for the cancer. The other option is less severe in side effects but would likely allow the cancer to return and be fatal if it does.

Fri, Oct 12 9:30am · squamous cell in throat in Head & Neck Cancer

Thank you very much for your encouraging words and information. It is extremely heartening to hear of such success stories and gives me here-to-for unprecedented hope for long lasting survival. The only immune system treatment my oncologist is using is Opdivo, for whose success I am very anticipatory.

Thu, Oct 11 3:01pm · squamous cell in throat in Head & Neck Cancer

No mention was made in the biopsy report of HPV, so I am not sure this is relevant. Thank you for the feed back.
Jim Hardy