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Sep 11, 2018 · Klonopin taper in Depression & Anxiety

Wow! Sounds like you are a very strong person to be able to have tapered off what you have so far. Regardless of the medicine it seems like getting off of them is so hard. In regards to the clonazepam – I am currently taking 3mg. & this is the lowest dose I have ever been on for the 25+years I have been on benzos. I have tried to get off of them 3 times in the past 10 years to go in-patient & taper down. They tapered me down WAY TOO FAST every time – 7-14 days total. The last time was in 2015 & I was on 5mg. of clonazepam & went in-patient and they took me off in less than 14-days. DON'T DO IT THIS FAST! I know you are only on 1mg., but you need benzo. withdrawal is the absolute worst & can cause mental psychosis.
Google "The Ashton Taper" & look at the taper schedule for clonazepam. This is a "substitute taper" where valium is used to taper down the dose. Or do a "gradual taper" by .125mg. every 2-3 weeks, stop 1-week, then continue.
I am about to start a taper & my psychiatrist and I TOGETHER decided that I am going to taper .125mg. every 3-weeks, then go 1-week with no changes, then continue. It is going to take me about a year & a half to get off of them completely. This is completely fine with me, because considering I have been on them for over 25+ years & have been through the 3 "fast-tapers" that resulted in horrible withdrawal I would not do it any other way!
Wishing you the best of luck!

Sep 9, 2018 · Losing hope in Depression & Anxiety

There is a great book that you can order for FREE on the Neurostar website. When you go to the website, click on "patient corner" and scroll all the way down to the bottom. The book is called "3,000 Pulses" and it is a memoir of a woman who suffered from depression for years & her story about deciding to do TMS & how it changed her life. I read it before I started & it gave me HOPE! I truly feel that you have to have HOPE that something is going to work, for it to work! Can't hurt to give it a shot! I got to the point nothing was helping me, so I said "what the heck" & I am so glad I did! Let me know if you decide to do it. Good luck!

Sep 9, 2018 · Losing hope in Depression & Anxiety

Neurostar TMS changed my life. I am 45 years old and felt the same way you are describing. I did 36 TMS treatments & my depression is gone for the most part. I do have ups & downs, but that is normal in life. I wish you the best of luck!

Sep 9, 2018 · Protracted Benzo withdrawal in Depression & Anxiety

AarnThis is WAY TO FAST in coming off benzos. Not sure how long you have been on the benzos, but I have been on either xanax or klonopin (3-5mg. per day) for over 25 years. I have tried 3 times to get off of them in the past 10-years and psychiatrist just don't seem to "get it" when it comes to HOW TO SAFELY TAPER!
I got fed up with the "mental health industry" as a whole when I went in-patient for the 3rd time in October 2015 to taper off 4mg. of Klonopin & they took me off in less than 14-days. The withdrawal was horrific. I was delusional & felt like I was going crazy.
End result: Just like the 1st 2 times I tried to taper & it was unsuccessful because it was too fast, my psychiatrist but me right back on them. I am now on 1mg. of klonopin 3 x day (am, noon, pm). I am going to my PCP & they are going to start a very slow taper by adding Valium. You could do the same thing with the Ativan.
Check out "The Ashton Report" taper schedules. Just google "The Ashton Taper" & it will come up. It is from the UK, but I swear the UK seems to be so educated & knowledgeable about benzos. I have done extensive research on this tapering schedule & it won't hurt to check it out. There are different tapering schedules for all of the different benzos.
There is a 6mg. Ativan taper schedule in the Ashton Report Taper Schedule. I strongly suggest you talk to your doctor about this. I know you said you are on 8mg. Ativan, but they can always "tweak" it to add that extra 2mg.
Wish you the best of luck! I sure hope it works for me!

Sep 9, 2018 · Klonopin taper in Depression & Anxiety

In regards to PCP's I do have to differ. I feel that they are more understanding when it comes to knowledge that you can't do any kind of rapid taper off benozos. Especially after being on them for over 25 years like I have.
I have been seeing the same psychiatrist for 25 years & every time in the past 10 years I have asked to be taken off the benzos, because they are not helping my anxiety, but making it worse he has either told me I have been on them to long to ever get off of them or that I would have to go in-patient. I have tried the "in-patient approach" 3-times in the last 10-years, The last time was in October 2015. They took me off 4mg. of Klonopin in less than 14-days & sent me home the day they gave me my last dose of 1mg. Within 2-days the withdrawal was so severe that I ended up having 16 gran mal seizures back-to-back & ended up in the hospital ICU for a week. The withdrawals were horrific. After leaving the hospital, I went back to my psychiatrist & he put me right back on them. I was able to taper myself down to 3mg. It took a year.
Supposedly the Ashton Taper is the best way to go and everything I have researched on it states that you have little to no withdrawal. It may take 1 /12 to 2 years, but the way I look at it is I have been on them for over 25 years, so what's the big deal of taking my time getting off of them so I won't have to suffer with the terrible withdrawal.
You should google "The Ashton Report" & on the 1st page you will see the section on "Tapering Schedules."

Sep 9, 2018 · Klonopin taper in Depression & Anxiety

I am about to start tapering off of Klonopin. I was been on benzos. for 30 years. The current dose I take is 1mg. 3 times a day. I take 1mg in the morning, 1mg. at lunchtime & 1mg. at 6pm. I have tried 3 times in the past at short term in-patient facilities and the withdrawal was so unbearable that I just could not do it. My doctor is going to start a "substitution taper" using Valium. The 1st taper will be from the 6pm dose & I will take .75mg. of Klonopin & add 15mg Valium to this dose. The 2nd taper will decrease am dose to .75mg of Klonopin & add 15mg. Valium to this dose. The 3rd taper will decrease lunchtime dose to .75mg. of Klonopin & add 15mg. Valium to that dose. I will be tapering off .25mg. every 3-weeks, so this is going to be a very slow taper. The taper schedule is called "The Ashton Taper," which has taper schedules for every benzo. out there. I know this is going to take me 18 months, but I know this is the ONLY way I will be able to do it. Has any one else tapered off Klonopin in this way?