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Sep 22, 2018 · Anyone Else With PTSD? in Mental Health

It's when your brain can't handle any more of the trauma and it tries to help your body and mind survive so your mind goes somewhere else it considers safer. For example, my PTSD is the result of childhood sexual abuse… incest. When things were being done to me rather than just go crazy my mind would take me away. While I was still very young it would take me to my grandmother's house and, as I grew older it many times took me to books or stories I had read. You literally feel transported, your mind "dis" "associates" from your body. It usually happens involuntarily but I found once I realized it could happen I could sometimes consciously will it to happen. It's a bit like meditation, the more you work at it the easier it becomes. I know you have lots of questions and I'm happy to share what I've learned and, the more you understand how something works the easier it becomes to control the controllable parts of it.

Sep 16, 2018 · Reveal Trauma? in Mental Health

Parus, I have no idea how old you are but I am 71 and I know that even in the last 5 Years I have improved immensely by using techniques eyes are learned in group therapy or from actual survivors like you. Please try not to isolate yourself because then you will prove that your idea of not being able to get better is true. If you don't get help in any form you probably are going to continue to believe it's impossible and I'm here to assure you that even without a current psychiatrist or therapist in Florida I have been able to improve. I am now looking for therapy again because I'd like to move my boundaries farther and get even better. Since I can't find any groups, I'm going to use this forum and see if it can help. I would like to stay in touch with you but if you choose not to, please believe things can always improve maybe not hugely in one big bunch but in smaller steps though I'm not a big one for patients and if I thought it would take me 10 years to feel better I would probably just shoot myself! I know someone help me figure out one of my triggers once and it was like a miracle sent straight from God to my head and it worked immediately, efficiently, and seems to be permanent. Bless you and the best medicine is remember nothing was your fault you were created perfectly, God don't make any junk, people who are sick choose to be that and if a person abuses children there isn't a punishment great enough for them.

Sep 16, 2018 · Reveal Trauma? in Mental Health

Wish I had seen this post earlier. There are several of us PTSD survivors on these comments I'm sure you'll hear from many. I believe all of us have in common the same thing that you're dealing with we have a hard time wanting to open up and explain what we've been through maybe it's a residual of the guilt we felt for having parents that treated us so badly and feeling it must be something wrong with ourselves however, therapy only works if you're able to tell people what your problem is and let those who can relate give you information of how they have handled things were how things have been done for them. I was a victim of sexual abuse or incest and from the age of which I had no language until I was 18 and left the home it has impacted my entire life and I managed to keep it bottled up thinking that someday I would confront my abuser and boy would I give him it's a piece of my mind! As though he didn't already own my entire mind! My poor luck, he died before that happened it was as though he had gotten away with it all. I crashed totally so far into depression everyone around me thought I had some disease that was killing me. My mother took me to Mayo for a full work-up to find out what on Earth could be wrong with me. Finally I was referred to a psychiatrist and after many many bad or false or even illegal pairings I found wonderful doctor and a not too bad therapist. However, having been on the same regime for the past 20 + years I have been having some difficulty lately with flashbacks nightmares, Etc maybe because I've been physically ill and it's been rather debilitating which leaves me too much time to think and bad habits return. Like you, the worst thing I can think of is to have to find a new psychiatrist as I have moved and my other psychiatrist has retired by now, and start this entire process over from the beginning probably including reassessing all my medications and changing them because they've been working for 20 years and there's probably something new which a doctor I would see now would want to try new things. I spent years in group therapy as well as individual therapy and found group to be much more helpful I eventually was even named the group therapy leader and worked under a licensed therapist. I find that all survivors of childhood abuse seem to have many similar attributes or actually, polarized versions of the same attributes. For instance, depending on your abusers preferences, you might choose to be overweight and unattractive or anorexic and unattractive but in general you fall into one group or the other mostly. The same thing goes for sexual abuse, you seem to turn out either brother promiscuous or absolutely uninterested in sex but with anyone. However this is about you, not me I was just giving you my background and credentials I guess. I highly recommend that do you find a psychiatrist who will work with you on medication which you probably need to begin with and may or may not need to continue. Don't be frightened by all the things you read on here about different antidepressants and withdrawal symptoms, Etc I'm on the one that is considered the worst being Effexor and I have only had withdrawal problems once and that was when I was so sick with After Effects of a surgery that I vomited everything and could not take my medication. I neglected to tell my Healthcare crew that everything was coming up so it took them awhile to diagnose symptoms. But that was easily taken care of on its own affects her has never caused me any problems other than the time I inadvertently went cold turkey. As I'm sure you know, you'll need a psychiatrist if you need any prescriptions and even though there are some great psychologists in this field there will have to refer you to a psychiatrist if you need help getting started digging your way back out of that whole you are in. If you're reluctant to start with an individual therapist and go through this all start here, I have read nothing but good, true advice after all, we are all in the same sort of a boat and we might as well share what we know rather than everyone starting at the beginning to end up in the same ending. I can say after more than 20 years that my flashbacks and Nightmares and freeze ups and general anxiety about everything has improved ten thousand percent! But it is never gone and there are triggers that will bring it back no matter how well I'm doing so it's important for me to talk to people who know and can help me find my triggers in order to avoid them. Whatever you do, you need to know that you will get through this if you work at it and believe me, it is work, much more painful than physical work. Good luck in finding good support and help. Just call me Sandi. One quick PS, I live in Southern Florida and I found it nearly impossible to to locate a good group for therapy, when I lived in tiny little Iowa I had options of which group to choose. I know there are more people here who are suffering the same as you and I but I can't figure out what they're doing for therapy!

Sep 9, 2018 · CBD oil and depression/anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

Gail, where did you get the water and did you need an RX? I'm in Florida and we just legalized but I think only under doctors RX.

Sep 9, 2018 · Tapering off Lyrica gave me panic, nausea, extreme anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

Get to a psychiatrist (no psychologist, please) as soon as you can. Ativan can make your anxiety symptoms much worse, a psychiatrist has better options to get you off Lyrica. Do you mind if I ask what you're taking that drug, for what reason, how long you've been on it and why you want off?

Sep 9, 2018 · Treatment for chronic epstein barr in Infectious Diseases

I'm sorry for the pain you and your son are suffering. I was Dx with Epstein-Barr nearly 30 years ago. It was a refinement of my previous diagnosis: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I have now been refined further to Fibromyalgia. Personally, I think they are all the same. They are Syndromes, not Diseases because there are no conclusive tests to prove or disprove them and therefore no legitimate treatment, just palliative IF you have the right Dr. I am 70 years old and have suffered from lack of energy as long as I can remember. The only thing Drs ever found that was treatable was I had pernicious anemia…an iron and vitamins B deficiency anemia treated with supplements. I was 16 then and still get vit B shot monthly and, when iron and ferratin levels are too low also weekly IV infusions. Your son should have those 3 blood levels checked as it mimics symptoms of the "Syndromes" but is treatable if monitored. As far as CFS, E-B, and Fibro treatment for the symptoms telies on your Dr and a large majority of them consider them nonexistent or psychsomatic. From Mt long experience I would recommend you abandon your search for E:-B symptoms and Dave yourselves serious frustration time and clinical depression for your son and have him checked for anemia, kidney disease and heart abnormalities. Lastly, if you end up with the only diagnosis being "all in his head" have him start a very serious exercise regimen..it seems counterproductive but actually works quite well in boosting energy. I know it JURTS, I still cry every day but the after effects are worth it. Start with 30 min daily, half weight resistance and half cardio (important to do both every day). If he cannot stand 30 minutes at once do 15 minutes twice. Work up to at least 45 min nonstop or 60 minutes of he's moving slowly. Swimming is great if he has or develops any muscle aches and/or joint pain otherwise it usually isn't rigorous enough. I assure you he is not going to want to do this but if he wants some of his energy back and doesn't want muscle wasting this is the only option Drs have for him. Get the tests first to rule out anemia, heart and kidneys before he gets too good at the exercising but I'm sure he has shortness of breath with exertion currently so he'll start slowly anyway. I promise the results will be quite helpful but not 100% of what he'd like (be sure to tell him girls find muscles quite attractive). Good luck to you both, especially Mom since you'll be the Evil Enforcer for awhile. For muscle aches after exercise, if he has, ibuprofen, NO aspirin or pain killers known as NSAIDS like Alleve, Advil and definitely no opoids, they suck away your energy and the pain won't be that bad regardless of what he may say. Every day B4 my routine I remind myself I'm in training for the Olympics and I won't get there if I miss a day..no pain, no gain. My msg to your son is If you want something you don't have you're going to have to do something you haven't done!

Sep 9, 2018 · Pain meds for Gastric bypass patients in Digestive Health

I've been doing a strong 30 to 45 min of exercise daily for over a year and I cry throughout and go back to sleep following. Do you sleep 16 or more hrs daily?

Sep 9, 2018 · Pain meds for Gastric bypass patients in Digestive Health

I originally had an ileojejunostomy (one of the 1st WLS and the one which killed the most patients) I had that taken down and a more modern procedure done at Mayo in 1998 by Dr Star or Sarr.