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Sep 6, 2018 · Weaning off zolpidem (Ambien) in Sleep Health

I have been taking ambien 10mg and melatonian for a number of years. I have struggled with insomnia since I was a child. My doctor wants me to stop ambien and suggested a low dose of Elavil (25 mg). I've been concerned about the effects of long term use. Elavil is an anti depressant but they have found that low doses help with sleep and symptoms of fibromyalgia. I decided to give it a try. I've been taking it for a week. I have been a little disappointed that the elavil doesn't "turn of my brain " like ambien does. I have felt like I was more awake and have been more restless in bed. But. I have been alert and not tired at all. So, I'm going to continue with the elavil. I've decided to remain calm and not freak out when I wake more in the.night. as long as i continue to function during the day. I wish you all the best of luck!!
By the way, it took months for me to wean myself off effexor. Started with 1/2, then1/4. Then little tiny bits until I didn't feel withdrawal symptoms. Keep trying! You can do it!!