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Oct 10, 2019 · CBD oil and depression/anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

My autistic son has been using 18 to 1 ratio of CBD toTHC for about 9 months now. I have successfully weaned him off of Klonipin, Guanficine, and his dose of atypical antipsychotic has been reduced by more than half. I am tapering him off these psychiatric medications very slowly, one medication at a time. he now takes CBD tincture about every 4-5 hours 1 ml. His psychiatrist and a nurse practitioner very experienced with CBD has provided guidance. It really has helped with anxiety and irritability so far. I Generally he seems happier, and does not exhibit the anxious behaviors he used to have. If you do get CBD tincture make sure you obtain it from a reputable marijuana dispensary or reputable company on line. They should have a lab testing their products. INMHO it is not safe to just go but any hemp product. Quality control is still lacking with many of these products.

Oct 10, 2019 · Klonopin taper in Depression & Anxiety

Hi, I tapered my adult son off Clonazepam (generic of Klonipin) very slowly by using CBD tincture approximately taken every 4-5 hours. He was taking 1 mg twice a day of clonazepam previously when we first started the taper. . It took months but he is now just taking an SSRI and has reduced the atypical antipsychotic by more than half the dose of what he previously was on and no more clonazepam and Guanficine. . The CBD is 18:1 ratio and I am using a brand that was recommended by a reputable marijuana dispensary. Tapering was also done under the guidance of a psychiatrist. The CBD should be lab tested and be a reputable brand. . He suffered no side effects and this ration of CBD to THC does not make one high ie it is not psychoactive. I slowly increased the CBD dosage while decreasing the clonazepam. Would recommend reducing only 1 psychiatric drug at a time and going very slowly . I am hopeful that I can get him off all psychiatric drugs since I believe the atypical antipsychotic started impacting his liver and also his bone density. There have been no side effects with the CBD so far.

Apr 28, 2019 · CBD oil and depression/anxiety in Depression & Anxiety


My son took Clonopin daily prior to taking CBD. . I used CBD to wean him off clonopin and went very slowly lowering the dose of Clonopin as I very slowly increased the CBD oil . He suffered no ill side effects from using both to my knowledge. He used to take 1 mg of Clonopin in am and 0.5 in PM . When I started lowering the dose of Clonopin he initially took 0.5mg of Clonopin in am and 0.5 mg in PM . I initially gave him small amount of CBD oil every 4-6 hours. I would check with the prescribing doctor for the Clonopin and see what they think about it. FYI you may need to get a second opinion because not all MD's are familiar with CBD I also had a pill cutter and was even cutting the .5 mg Clonopin in half to get 0.25mg As I recall I made a change in the dosage about every 2 weeks. It took months but he was successfully weaned off the clonopin. You could of course also try just reducing the clonopin slowly and give no CBD until you are completely off of it. I again would check with the prescribing MD realizing that some MD's are firmly opposed to using any CBD. . I gave him some CBD while withdrawing the clonopin to prevent an increase in anxiety. Everyone can be different in how they respond also. Best to check with a couple MD's who are knowledgeable. My son's psychiatrist was not knowledgeable about dosing with CBD but was knowledgeable about how to wean off a psychiatric med. With SSRI's you need to go very slow as well to avoid untoward side effects.

Apr 28, 2019 · CBD oil and depression/anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

Some of the psychiatric drugs that MD's prescribe often very long term, you really have to weigh the risk/benefits. When I saw from his bone density tests that his bones were being impacted and not to mention the possibility of tardive dyskinesia and he is doing better with CBD oil, less irritable, anxious and no aggression, it was a no brainer. I would think this would apply to others experiencing anxiety, depression etc , not just those with autism. as well. Too often MD's are quick to prescribe psychiatric medications without considering the long term effects, for example clonipin can be addicting others can cause tardive dyskinesia. I just hope that the CBD will continue to work for him. There is little research on this. Definitely need more studies.. However there is little research on FDA approved drugs for autism as well I figure a more natural plant has to be better than some of the psych drugs we know have serious side effects.

Apr 28, 2019 · CBD oil and depression/anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

The care by design is 18mg of CBD in 1 ml. 18:1. I initially started with Treatwell but they went out of business. Then I switched to Sweet Jayne, then Myriam's hope. It is a lot of trial and error. Now I have been using Care by Design since it seems to work a little better than the others. If you find a reputable marijuana dispensary with people who have treated others with autism and/or anxiety they can give you very valuable information. Also Radicle health clinic which was worth paying privately for consultation, was very helpful.
I initially started my son with a very small dose 0.25ml which had little effect, then went to 0.5 ml and now he recently started taking 0.7 ml every 4 to 5 hours. I also have his care staff take daily data on some of his target behaviors which indicate anxiety for him eg. yelling, hitting, rubbing hands together repeatedly, pleasant, more cooperative etc, You can look at the ATEC Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist on the ARI website and there are other behavioral checklists that can be adapted for an individualized treatment evaluation form. Taking quantifiable data I find is important because then you have an idea of what is happening daily, how the person is before the CBD and after. INMHO, data taking or at least journaling is important to determine the efficacy of psychiatric medications.
For my son CBD seems to start taking effect after about 45 minutes. Hope this information is helpful There are other websites on CBD and autism which I have to explore. I am not an expert yet so please do not take what I wrote above as a recommendation.. I am just sharing my experience. . I am a RN with a masters degree and may take an intensive course in CBD/medicinal marijuana to further help my son and others.

Apr 28, 2019 · CBD oil and depression/anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

Hi ASDmommy and others who suffer from severe anxiety.
My 31 yr old son on poly pharmacy, atypical antipsychotic, SSRI's Clonipin, Guanficine has been weaned off of 2 medications in the past 6 months using CBD as a substitute. . ( He no longer takes Clonopin and Guanficine and his atypical antipsychotic (similar to Resperidone) the dose has been cut in half. I want to get him off the SSRI and atypical antipsychotic but because of very physically aggressive past behaviors and the issue of having to taper off slowly to avoid side effects, I am going very slow in tapering the prescription drugs. Also his bone density is going down due to side effect of atypical antipsychotic and SSRI he has been on for years. I give him Vit D and Calcium . With past serious aggression like hitting himself or others, property destruction I use to give him Atavan, but now he has not needed it generally speaking. . For past 6 months the serious aggression and horrible anxiety has not happened. I give him CBD tincture 18:1 Care by Design every 4 hours during the day BUT everyone is different so this should not be considered for everyone. His psychiatrist only gives minimal advice- most MD's do not know much about CBD. She assists with giving advice on the weaning off the psychiatric drugs. The Radicle Health clinic nurse practitioner gives me consultation on the type of CBD and dosing. I think she does phone consults as well. She started first working primarily with cancer patients but now is seeing a lot more people with autism, anxiety etc. Teenage years can be very difficult due to puberty and fluctuating hormones. I am guessing that CBD has a very calming effect without getting him high so I wish I had given it to him in his teen years. But there was little or no information on it years ago. Hope this is helpful to you. FYI most likely none of the consultations or the CBD will be covered by insurance yet. Hopefully things will change as more research is done in the future.

Mar 2, 2019 · Klonopin taper in Depression & Anxiety

Some psychiatrists will immediately dismiss anything that mentions CBD. They are possibly worried about their license and will state the party line that there are no studies yet on it. They may be worried that prescribing it could impact their license. Other doctors/psychiatrists are more open to it and will say that although they can't prescribe it they are open to it. There are a few MD's and nurse practitioners who do have familiarity with using CBC in their practice. Suggest that you google and try to find one of those and/or ask marijuana dispensary if they know of medical marijuana doctors None of the health insurances will pay for it however. There have been a very few studies however more studies are being done now. I also wonder how many long term studies have been on the use of clonazepam and chronic anxiety and the long term effects of that psychatric drug on the body.

Feb 28, 2019 · Klonopin taper in Depression & Anxiety

He took clonazepam for chronic anxiety, irritability . He has told me he feels calmer when he takes the CBD. 20:1 ratio. I recommend finding a reliable dispensary and.or MD or nurse who is familiar with CBD in reducing anxiety and irritability. The tapering went very slow He changed brands several times because of availability issues of the CBD. tincture