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Sat, Jun 8 11:56pm · Undiagnosed and don’t know where to go next in Autoimmune Diseases

Did you get your blood tested for autoimmune encephaliti? The same test also checks for ganglionic achr antibody which is seen in about 50% of people with POTS. Mayo Rochester does the testing but I think any doctor can order it from any lab.

Sep 12, 2018 · No support at home! in Just Want to Talk

Make sure you get ALL your hormones checked, sex hormones included! If your a women, even have your testosterone checked and if your a man get your estrogen checked! They can cause all kinds of problems when they are at the wrong levels. I’m always surprised that it’s not one of the first things doctors check when there are cognitive problems, thyroid especially for that. No one should ever tell you that age is causing you to feel bad or cause migraines, and just expect you to live with it. Though, for your part, eating healthy is key to feeling well!

Sep 12, 2018 · No support at home! in Just Want to Talk

Healthy eating is key to diabetes, as it is with all health. I do not have diabetes but read a lot about it while studying healthy eating and gave it to my son when his sugar was at the limit of going over the top numbers, two times in a row. Next appt, 3 months later, it was down in healthy range. I have recommended it to relatives and friends with type 2 diabetes and they have had great results in keeping their numbers down. Lots on the internet about it too. Cinnamon is wonderful for type 2 and Ceylon cinnamon is the purest and best. Ceylon is mostly found at health food stores. It probably won’t cure it but it can keep it from getting worse. I also have a doctor friend that credits me for getting him to start cinnamon when his sugar started getting high and he kept it under control with cinnamon. Ask your doctor before starting anything new like that but be prepared with info from legitimate sites to back it up!

Sep 8, 2018 · Prolactinoma then some in Diabetes/Endocrine System

I just reread your letter about how you feel, after I replied below. You really do need to be seen by a big hospital. You have a ton of symptoms! No one should have to suffer like that. When you have so many symptoms, they are usually tied to one thing. Also, you should hav3 all your hormones checked, including sex hormones and IGF1. I would be very suspicious of a doctor telling me he can’t operate on a pituitary tumor. The big hospital do it all the time. You should go to very good sites like Mayo and Cleveland Clinic ( many others too.) look up all the different symptoms that your particular pituitary tumor causes and see if it fits your symptoms. Write those down and ask the doctor about them…when you see a good one. Don’t look on blogger sites and regular websites. They only confuse people. If you’re going to talk to a good doctor, they will only want to hear about sites that are credible. Good luck and let me know if you find someone to help you out there…it’s a jungle!

Sep 8, 2018 · Prolactinoma then some in Diabetes/Endocrine System

We wasted 9 months on local doctors that did almost nothing in that time. I’ve lost complete confidence in our medical system. My son had so many different doctors, one for every symptom. None of them were talking to each other and each was treating him like their specialty was his only problem. It made everything worse. Try to go somewhere like Mayo, where all the doctors talk and your blood work is centrally located. I’m not saying Mayo is the only place but big well known hospitals see a lot more than everyday doctors see. At the very least, get a consult with another doctor to ask about surgery. I’ve heard about many people that were told by their local doctor that they couldn’t have surgery, then a place like Mayo says they can do it. No one should have to feel bad for so long. I had to fight my sons insurance company to let him go to Mayo Jacksonville, but they finally did. So far, I think they have done ok. I’m not as impressed as I’d hoped to be but I think they will eventually help him. Everything just moves a lot slower than I had hoped for, but still not as slow as locally. The blood work they do comes up within about 4 hours so you can see it. The local doctors took about 1 week to get you blood work results. One thing I didn’t like was that when things came back out of range, I had to call the doctors office and ask what was the next step. I think in the end, they will find his problem and fix it, just slow. The doctors at Mayo do take time with you when you have an appt though. You are not rushed thru like the local doctors.

Sep 3, 2018 · Prolactinoma then some in Diabetes/Endocrine System

Is there a reason that you have not had surgery for the tumor on your pituitary? As I understand it, that can throw everything off. Do you go to Mayo Clinic or just different doctors for all the different problems?