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Tue, May 7 7:30pm · Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Lou Gehrig’s disease in Caregivers

It is never easy to place your loved one in a care facility. My husband is 62 years old and has been in memory care since 2015. I visit him daily but I’m not sure he knows who I am. He is unable to communicate.
You need to think about taking care of yourself and do what is best for both of you. I pray God will give you strength when you need it most . God’s Blessings !

Thu, Apr 11 1:00pm · Logopenic Progressive Aphasia in Caregivers

I put my trust in God too but it’s not always easy. It’s helpful to have someone share the journey.

Wed, Apr 10 6:43pm · Logopenic Progressive Aphasia in Caregivers

My husband also tried speech therapy for a short time. I can’t say it was very helpful but at least we tried. He also can no longer use utensils and eats with his fingers . That does limit some of the food choices in the care facility. When I’m there at mealtime I take a washcloth to clean him up. I also clip his nails as it’s a process. He mumbles and tries so hard to speak at times. It breaks my heart. Peace and Gods blessings !

Thu, Feb 14 9:42pm · Logopenic Progressive Aphasia in Caregivers

I hope your conference goes well. I always made a list of my concerns/questions to go over with them. We all want the best for our spouses.
Prayers and blessings !

Fri, Feb 8 7:18am · Logopenic Progressive Aphasia in Caregivers

I was wondering if things have settled down for both of you. My husband also had several falls but just scrapes and bruises. His doctor put him on Vitamin D . I’m sure it helps that he use to run marathons and is younger. He has nights were he is up also. The doctor tried Trazadone but that made things worse. Prayers and peace .

Tue, Jan 22 1:10pm · Logopenic Progressive Aphasia in Caregivers

It’s never easy to take that next step. There was a brand new facility opening up close to me and I knew the lady that was in charge of the memory care unit. I just felt in my heart that it was the right time. God’s blessings !

Tue, Jan 22 12:33pm · Logopenic Progressive Aphasia in Caregivers

My prayers for both of you.

Tue, Jan 22 8:40am · Logopenic Progressive Aphasia in Caregivers

It’s a long journey with this disease that Mayo said is rare. I recently joined a support group through Mayo which I find helpful. I feel I won’t be looking forward to retirement as I won’t have him to share it with. My faith is what is keeping me going and taking one day at a time. God has his plan.