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Sun, Jan 6 12:50pm · Monthly shaking episodes that continue to progress in Brain & Nervous System

Hello everything it's calical! I just wanted to update everyone on what has been going on. So for the past few months I have been tremor and shake free! I stopped having the unexplained tremor like episodes that would leave me debilitated but I've still dealt with other weird symptoms such as slurring, brain fog, head burning sensations and other weird head feelings. My first neurologists thought it was some kind of complex migraine and then my second opinion said it was anxiety which we all know is not the case. I have had to deal with anxiety after going through all of this but I know an anxiety attack wouldn't have put me in a wheelchair for a whole week. My MRI with contrast came back because they saw something on my brain but it was very small and they said it was a cavernoma but it had nothing to do with the symptoms I was dealing with. I am still undiagnosed which is frustrating but seeing as things have gotten better I am able to finally live my life again. Though the thought and fear of what this could be or what if it comes back always lingers, I'm finding a way to not allow it to define my life anymore. I am supposed to have a repeat head MRI this month and I'm hoping to get a full spinal MRI though I feel as if none of the doctors take me as seriously because I am able to walk and talk normally. Such a shame, but I will keep everyone posted on this and I wish the best for everyone and I hope everyone here will find answers as well

Sep 10, 2018 · Monthly shaking episodes that continue to progress in Brain & Nervous System

Oh my goodness thank you so much for this response I've been looking at videos and the similarities are insane. I don't know whether or not to cry because I'm happy to know I'm not crazy or sad to know this is actually something, but like I've been telling myself things could always be worse! I'll be making an appointment with a movement disorder neurologists this week, since this is all so new I never even knew that was a thing. Thank you so much again for this reply, even if it isn't a definite, it's something that I can suggest for them to look into. Yeah but it's like a tremor more than a shaking for sure. It's crazy how it has happened so far at the end of every month and then it takes a few days for me to recoup and then I'm back to normal (aside from the anxiety that this has brought on) I wish you the best of luck with everything and I hope things lighten up for you!

Aug 31, 2018 · Monthly shaking episodes that continue to progress in Brain & Nervous System

Hello everyone!
I have come to the website in hopes that someone can possibly explain what has been happening lately, or if anyone has shared similar symptoms.
I am 23 years old
At the end of June 2018 I suffered from a seizure like episode except I was fully awake and able to communicate. My head felt like it was on fire and I had an overwhelming feeling before it hit its peak. Following that, my head continued to feel like it was burning/being electrocuted, my jaw was shivering, I was very out of it, my legs were shaking my chest was jolting. After going to the emergency room they ruled it as a panic attack.
At the time I had hurt my lower back and just figured it had something to do with the nervous system and I pretty much just wrote it off
Come to the end of July 2018, the episode happens again, except the aftermath was a nightmare. For about 6 days afterwards I would have moments when I had extreme brain fog, and at night I would wake up with my jaw shivering and being completely out of it. Then there was a day where I woke up and was not able to walk or talk normally, I went to get a second MRI that day, and ended up going into my worst episode to that date, I started of by vomiting and my legs and jaw were shaking out of control. I went to the emergency room once again and they were able to stop the shaking with some antiseizure medicine and Ativan.
And after that I just felt extremely overwhelmed from everything and it took me about a month to be able to see my friends and other family members. After that visit to the ER I had multiple EEGs, an MRI with contrast, and a tilt table test that all came back normal, but I had never had an episode while attached to the eeg, but my neurologist doesn’t think I’m having seizures. At the end of August 2018 (about two days ago) I had yet another attack, jaw shivering head feeling on fire, except this time it came with serious irritation and an angry feeling. It was more intense than what I had experienced before and ever sense then I haven’t been feeling like myself. The day after I felt like my limbs kept flailing around and I had no control over my body like I used to. Things have gotten slightly better but I can barely focus on watching television or on anything, my head has pressure and is off and on feeling like it’s on fire, I’m very emotional (which could be from being overwhelmed with everything) but I also can’t seem to focus on anything and I can walk, but I have a very short limit on how far I can go. It’s crazy how I was just living a regular life, and now my whole world has been turned upside down. It hasn’t been very long since this all has started, and I know people have to deal with much worse, but I’m tried of putting my life on hold and not being able to comfortably live my life without feeling like I’m losing my mind.
My neurologists last opinion was headaches, but I haven’t been able to find anyone dealing with these monthly episodes of shaking and the brain fog that follows
Any kind of input would help! And thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this