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Jul 4, 2019 · Weaning off zolpidem (Ambien) in Sleep Health

@jakedduck1 I am not depressed or have anxiety issues. My sleep therapist and PCP agree that some people are miserable sleepers and that Trazodone is their drug of choice for me.

Jul 4, 2019 · Weaning off zolpidem (Ambien) in Sleep Health

@jakedduck1 – Hi. FYI – after using Ambien (5 mg) and Xanax (.25] religiously for many years, I made a decision to wean myself from these drugs. You may read my journey on this blog. I worked with a cognitive behavioral sleep therapist for 5 months. I practiced all the aids you mentioned. Bottom line, I now take 37 mg Trazodone nightly and sleep pretty well. My PCP is thrilled that I am off the other meds. Without this amount of Trazodone, I spent weeks sleep deprived. Understand, not everyone can sleep without some help, even practicing all you suggested. Trazodone seems to be the drug of choice of many psychiatrists.

Mar 16, 2019 · Weaning off zolpidem (Ambien) in Sleep Health

@humanehuman I substituted 50 mg. Trazodone for the Ambien right off the bat. However I also took .5 mg Xanax, and 2 Benadryl with the Trazodone. Took a few nights for it to start to work. I was thrilled to be off Ambien. I worked wth a sleep therapist and my PCP, and eventually eliminated all but the Trazadone. I was down to 12.5 mg Trazodone, but was sleeping poorly. I’m back to 25 Trazodone and sleep better, but still get up for a short period at night, Still working with sleep therapist. Don’t see a weight gain,

Mar 16, 2019 · Weaning off zolpidem (Ambien) in Sleep Health

Hi @humanehuman I totally understand what you’re going through. Read my journey on this thread. Maybe it will help you. I started with substituting Ambien with Trazodone. I no longer take any other drugs. At this point, my sleep therapist and PCP are ok with me taking 25 mg of the Trazodone. I am still in therapy. Good luck. Feel free to ask me any questions.

Feb 27, 2019 · Ambien: How can I sleep without it? in Sleep Health

Hi @bruce0712 – Usually I can fall asleep after taking the 25 mg Trazodone. I am presently having some medical concerns that is interfering with my sleep. On the occasional nights that I can’t fall asleep I take .25 Xanax. I definitely do not want to return to using it nightly, so I use it only when I’m desperate. Good luck. I’m thrilled to be off Ambien as I’m sure you are!

Feb 15, 2019 · Ambien: How can I sleep without it? in Sleep Health

@rachel123 Here’s an update. Since seeing a sleep therapist, I no longer take Ambien, Xanax,Benadryl, or melatonin. I substituted 50 mg Trazodone. I was weaning offthe Trazodone and down to only 12.5 mg . My sleep deteriorated. Couldn’t fall asleep, and then woke up for hours at a time, Finally my sleep therapist (and PCP), suggested I return to 25 mg Trazodone. It’s been almost a week now and I’m sleeping well! I feel like I have my life back. I am thrilled to be off Ambien, and don’t think I’ll ever go back. Good luck.

Jan 21, 2019 · Ambien: How can I sleep without it? in Sleep Health

Hi @rachel123! Your post could have been my post last September. Please read my journey. I think it’s at “wean off Ambien with melatonin “. I not only took Ambien, but took Xanax, Benadryl, and melatonin. I began by substituting Ambien with Trazadone. I started seeing a sleep therapist in November and am still in therapy. I am now done to 12.5 mg of Trazodone and take no other drugs, Take it slow. It is possible. My PCP is amazed at my progress. I am still waking up at night. Fill out the forms to the best of your ability. You’re not getting graded,Lol. I have been keeping a sleep log since November. It helps to have a pad by your night table to record times. Feel free to ask me any questions. Good luck.

Jan 20, 2019 · Insomnia. Nothing seems to help. in Sleep Health

@michelle_m I know what you are going through. If you haven’t seen my previous posts, you may want to read them. Feel free to ask me any questions about my journey. I am now down to 12.5 mg. of Trazodone. I’ve been working with a CBT-I. (Cognitive Behavior Treatment of Insomnia) therapist since November. I still have a way to go, but my PCP is amazed at my progress. There is an article on this treatment on the Mayo Clinic website. Good luck.