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Sep 10, 2019 · Hygiene issues in Caregivers: Dementia

My mom hates the shower or bath now….I’ve taken to sponge baths and bathing wipes….that helps a lot. It seems some Alzheimer patients become fearful of the sound of water and the feeling of it on their skin. I always try to have the bathroom warmer for her. It’s always a challenge.

Aug 20, 2019 · One of the worst days in Caregivers: Dementia

It’s tough. My mom often asks me where are her parents and siblings…all deceased. I usually say I don’t know if they are home now or distract. It reminds me of when I was visiting a friend in a facility…there was a woman at the nursing station sitting in a wheel chair calling for her mother to take her home. So sad…it is a diabolical disease

Aug 2, 2019 · One of the worst days in Caregivers: Dementia

I haven’t had that happen yet…but my mom will ask about her parents or siblings…are they home…where are they…why haven’t they called…when this happens I just say I don’t know and distract and change the subject. It hurts so much to see her this way.

Jun 20, 2019 · Caregiving: I’m frustrated and exhausted. in Caregivers

Reading your post I said that’s me in caring for my mom. I know how you feel…right now I’m deep breathing to get rid of sob and that tight feeling in my chest…and the pounding headache. This is the closest I can get to having a cup of tea with you….but I’m with you and holding your hand.
I get it…we are doing our best and that’s all we can do. Peace to you and the scent of spring lilacs.

Jun 15, 2019 · Triggers for caregivers in Caregivers

Thanks Scott…I know the sun is shining out somewhere but not in Chicago….this is my 10th Father’s Day w/o my Dad…I miss him.

Jun 15, 2019 · Triggers for caregivers in Caregivers

Hi Scott…once again you have touched my heart. Before mom was sick she was part of a community theater group and was in musicals..mostly chorus…with the occasional solo. She collected every musical cast recording and when plays came out on DVD she would add them to her collection. She loved opera and any music would set her heart singing. Now she can’t tolerate music..and even TV…she gets confused and can’t process it and it only would set her off on a binge of anxiety and frustrations…so I too miss the sound of music in our lives….when I am on respite I put on my earbuds and listen to music…it helps me but I’m reminded of how devastating it is for mom… another aspect of this diabolical disease.
Thanks for being there…have a sweet Father’s Day.

Jun 2, 2019 · Triggers for caregivers in Caregivers

I’ve had those moments too…comforting!

Jun 2, 2019 · Triggers for caregivers in Caregivers

Triggers…April the month of Mom’s diagnosis two years ago…now April makes me apprehensive but I try look to it as the time of renewal and survival…
September the month of a favorite aunt’s death and four years later…on the same day…the day of my father’s death, her brother,…two days before my birthday…
I try to stay busy and honor their memories by just remembering all they meant to me…..
October…when my husband suffered a massive heart attack and died in my arms….I stay as busy as possible and do the thing he liked best….carving a pumpkin…

Triggers….I try my best to stay above them but if I have a breakdown and cry…I try to remember that the sun will come out tomorrow…tomorrow tomorrow I love you tomorrow you’re only a day away…..hmmmm think there is a song in there some where!!!!