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Fri, Jan 17 6:09pm · Small Cell Lung Cancer in Lung Cancer

u.w. Madison, wi has one of the best cancer hospitals in the country. get to this place earlier the better. the doctor i had was ANDREW BASCHNAGEL 608-263-8500. FAX-608-262-9167. GLAD TO HELP.

Mon, Jan 13 5:23pm · Small Cell Lung Cancer in Lung Cancer

yes it was in my lung, all gone now thanks to u.w. hospital madison, wi

Sun, Jan 12 5:16pm · Small Cell Lung Cancer in Lung Cancer

treatment is easy you lay in a special mold for your body, the machine goes around your body to find the right angle to hit the cancer, and it zaps only the bad cells . what a rig. the only place to go for cancer, that place has the best in the world, period.

Sun, Jan 12 5:11pm · Small Cell Lung Cancer in Lung Cancer

sir- i went to u.w. wisconsin, hospital in madison, wi they have a new PET cancer machine i had 5 treatments of radiation , no chemo at all, my cancer is gone the pet machine is 1 of 3 in the world. that's where i would go period.

Sat, Jan 11 11:42am · Small Cell Lung Cancer in Lung Cancer

they told me i will continue to get xrays of the lung for a few more months just to see thast the cancer is gone and, the area is shrunk up to a very small size. the U.W. WISCONSIN HOSPITAL IS DOING THIS EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR SO MANY PEOPLE HAVE ALREADY RECEIVED NEW LIFE.

Thu, Jan 9 4:11pm · Small Cell Lung Cancer in Lung Cancer

U.W. OF MADISON IS THE PLACE TO GO.they have one of 3 new machines in the world for pet scans 1-japan 2- las vegas 3- uw wi.. they found my lung cancer and i had 5 treatments no kemo … i am now cancer free.

Thu, Jan 9 4:03pm · Small Cell Lung Cancer in Lung Cancer

the va sent me to u.w. for the treatment of small lung cancer they have 1 of3machines in the world called a pet scan. it was the size of my thumb nail. i was told after you quit smoking get a xray to check your lungs so i asked my doctor, he still wonders why i asked for the xray. boy am i glad i saw that on tv. 5 treatments later the area has shrunk up and all cancer is gone. the va is now doing the follow up on the xrays, and i go in again in 2 months. that is one of the best hospitals in the world at thgis time. that new machine is wonderful 1-in japan 1- las vages, 1- uw MADISON. was i lucky. tell everyone you can about this machine, it looks deep in your bodtytissue, and able to find anythig. take care

Wed, Jan 8 12:35pm · Small Cell Lung Cancer in Lung Cancer

u.w. Madison has some great new machines, they have 1- of 3 in the world no chemo  radiation machines and a pet program that is one of the best in usa