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Sat, Mar 28 10:26am · Does anyone with AFIB NOT take blood thinners? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

if I opt to take warfarin instead of the new anticoagulant, how to get my INR into the therapeutic range of 2.5. presently my INR is 1.1
Thk you

Sat, Mar 28 10:26am · Does anyone with AFIB NOT take blood thinners? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Taking eliquis Xarelto or pradaxa will increase INR.,..is this true?

Oct 21, 2018 · Afib - Wolf Mini Maze procedure in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Thoracic surgeon inform me that AF sufferer may consider MM , A EP shld stand by to perform the ablation as well. Thats two procedures by 2 specialist. Double cost n what abt the time factor… anyone gone through MM as a stand alone procedure?

Oct 15, 2018 · Coronary Calcium Score (Heart Scan) in Heart & Blood Health

Have you done threadmill stress test? Which stage reached? What about
Carotid ultra sound scan?
Your arterial plaque calcification could be harden n pushing outward hence your blood flow is still OK. I presume you have done cardio CT scan?. The scan pictures will show if the calcification
Is narrowing the arteries or push outwards… with high calcium score you are likely to have Calcification all over the body including your abdomen aorta … abdomen ultra sound scan will reveal if there is calcification, if yes measure the bulge to determine the extent of aortic aneurysm…an important risk factor.
Good luck

Sep 27, 2018 · Video Q&A about Atrial Fibrillation in Heart & Blood Health

I am male , age 68, discovered I had LAF in 2012, did cardioversion immediately, was in sinus rhythm for 9 mths, AF returned. I was completely asymptomatic for 5 yrs until recently .I now have daily dizziness, fatigue n weakness in upper legs…i never had palpitations or shortness of breath. I am not diabetic, no hypertension, non smoker, do not consume alcohol, exercise regularly. I do have CAD, with high calcium score (90%). Present medication… diltiazem 100SR, Digoxin .625mcg, cardriprin 100 and crestor 5mg. I am prepared to undergo Ablation but My EP is reluctant because of enlarged left atrial..5.2cm..rate my success at 50% and wants me to take medication for life. I find the daily dizziness n general fatigue troubling, affect my ability to do tasks . I intend to find another EP to perform the ablation.
1st question What are my chances of success
2nd . Is mini maze a better option for someone who has not gone through ablation
3rd…. Continue with medication n hope for discovery of new treatment procedures
Thk you