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Thu, May 21 3:09pm · COVID-19 update with vaccine expert Dr. Gregory Poland: vaccine trials and unique COVID symptoms in Podcasts

Very good program. As a 82 year old woman, I believe I will continue to home cook all our meals.

Nov 10, 2019 · Medications for Temporal Arteritis/Giant Cell Arteritis (GCA) in Autoimmune Diseases

Hello. 4 years ago, started losing eyesight in my rt. Eye for temporarily, then returns after 4 or so minutes and also jaw pain when chewing. My doc sent me to hospital for a diagnosis. However since I did not have headaches, hosp. Doc said was probably TMJ for jaw and migraine head ache for eye. Fortunately my own doc thought I should have had a biopsy, and a few months later that was done at another hospital, confirming CSA. I was put on 60 Millagrams of prednisone and a month later methotrexate was added. After 3 months lowered to 50 Mil. Then slowly lowered next 4 years until now on 1/2 Mil. I was given blood tests every 6 weeks until last summer. Now I get blood tests every 12 weeks. I still have my eyesight and have not had any temporary loss of eyesight in 4 years. And no jaw pain. Next week I go on 1/2 milligram of prednisone every other week, then doc said we will work on getting off the methotrexate. I was 77 when I got GCA, and I am now 82. So hang in there. I have visited with a few others on mayo conn., and the hard part seems to be getting th correct diagnosis. Then it seems like most of us get over this thing. But it takes awhile. Most seem to be well in 2 years or so. Diana

Nov 10, 2019 · Medications for Temporal Arteritis/Giant Cell Arteritis (GCA) in Autoimmune Diseases

I meant to say 1/2 milligram every other day.

Feb 22, 2019 · Adjusting to life with temporal arteritis in Polymyalgia Rheumatica (PMR)


This is elderdiana. 3 years ago one night I suddenly went blind in one eye. Then 5 min. later my sight returned. About a month later my jaw ached when chewing. About a week later eye thing happened again. We were on vacation,so on returning home I called my doc. By that time the eye temporary blindness was happening every week or so. He said go to emergency room and they will know what to do. They did many testsover 2 days. Said Maybe I had TMJ in jaw and migrain headach in eye. Did not believe it could be temporal arteritis because I did not have headaches. My own doc said they should have done a biopsy to rule out temp. Arteritis. He insisted I go to another hosp for biopscy. It always says this disease does not start until we are 50. They also say headaches are present. At the first hosp. My sed rate was 47 which should have signaled possible temp. Arteritis, but they said that was because I was old. I was 78 at the time. So you are too young and I am too old. Thanks to my primary care doctor, I eventualky received the treatment I needed. We are all a bit different. I am still under treatment, take my meds, blood tests every 6 weeks.
and doing okay. Good luck with a diagnosis.

Feb 4, 2019 · Difficult case, several diagnosis, no solution yet in Autoimmune Diseases

This is elderdiana. I do not seem to know how to reply on my device. If this message gets to bt56 I also am being treated for GCA since summer of 2015. I take prednisone and methotrexate, have blood tests every 6 weeks, got down to 3 mg from starting at 60 mg, then back up to 5mg, comin g down again monthly, fingeres crossed. I think I should see another Rhumy for second openion. My doctor of 3 + years wants me on a new drug that is not even approved intravenously for giant cell artrritis. But life goes on.

Nov 11, 2018 · Medications for Temporal Arteritis/Giant Cell Arteritis (GCA) in Autoimmune Diseases

I HAD TEMPORARY BLINDNESS IN ONE EYE AND JAW PAIN BUT AFTER 2 days in hosp. I WAS TOLD NOT GCA. TWO MONTHS LATER after a biopsy in another hosp. Told I have GCA. Started 60 mg. Of prednasone and also methotrexate . One and one half years later down to 3 mg. Then my ESR and c reactive protein tests started going up so Now 6 months later, I am still on 5mg prednisone. I HAVE NEVER HAD much pain, but worry about my vision. It is a struggle. Good to talk to others. Feel not so alone.