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Sat, Mar 30 12:47pm · Is anyone out there on Eliquis? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Wow catmom777; no more wine? no more coffee? I suspect if you search enough you should find just as many studies calling that BS!

Of course we are all individuals with individual metabolisms. So there are likely people who cafein or alcohol will effect in a negative way and maybe cause more AFIB. Just like some people I know who drank 2 CASES of beer EVERYDAY for 40 years and NEVER had any liver problems! Different stroke for different folks

Personally I went thru this same phase you are at now, after my valve replacement and being put on blood thinners. I researched it – why bother if I cannot have my beloved beer? Well, MY research showed that alcohol is NOT a big bad thing. I asked my cardiologist and on two different visits his various super nurses: ALL said no problem to alcohol. I said what about 3-4 beers a day? Answer: no problem. Based on my experience now since Nov. 2018 open heart surgery, they are correct.

Thu, Mar 28 10:40am · Is anyone out there on Eliquis? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Last time I went to ER with this my BP mach and hospital finger pulse rate units could not read my fast afib. They found another pulse measure device they taped to my finger so they could see the afib and beats: constant 140-143bpm. They said anything over about 100 for long time should be trip to ER. Anyway, they tried 3 different chemicals in my IV over 1 hour, no change. Then they tried this last one, Cartia, and IMMEDIATELY it dropped to solid 80 – still Afibing around but at least it slowed. Took all of 1 second after they pushed it into IV. They sent me home with a prescription of it in pill form; next week my cardiologist when he did f-up visit said stop taking that stuff it is not needed. But I kept the bottle just in case… cartia xp cap 240/24hr. expensive @ $35 for 30.

What is a "RMSA?"

Wed, Mar 27 2:18pm · Is anyone out there on Eliquis? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Plenty of other cheaper brands and flavors too, of gatorade…

Glad you can eliminate the elquis/xeralto as your dizzyness issue. Once past the mis-conception, you are on your way to feeling better! Yae!

Wed, Mar 27 8:20am · Is anyone out there on Eliquis? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Wow, but glad the REAL answer was found! I had been on eliquis 2 months until I made my Dr let me stop due to no Afib after a while after valve replacement surgery. 2 months later it came back, got put on xarelto this time. On it 2 months now… Anyway, I was going to suggest it was NEITHER of these that caused your dizzyness! LOOK ELSEWHERE! THAT happened to me on eliquis right away; but they also put me on staon to reduce my already low enough cholestral – I found THAT made me dizzy, not the eliquis!

A comment was made about maybe taking aspirin instead: ASPIRIN DOES NOTHING TO REDUCE OR PREVENT A BLOOD CLOT according to my heavy research, so don't go there without doing your own reserach and disproving all the studies I found!

God luck!

Wed, Mar 13 6:44pm · Blood Thinners–how soon do they act, how long to stay on them? in Heart & Blood Health

Can we paste link to data? If so, best found in answer to how long does a dangerous blood clot take to develop after afic episode:


– days
– 48 hours
– shortest: maybe 5 hours

I will be talking to my cardiologist about stopping xeralto and use it only if I get an episode

Tue, Mar 12 7:01pm · Blood Thinners–how soon do they act, how long to stay on them? in Heart & Blood Health

Great discussion. Thanks for taking time to give your thoughts and share what you have learned. Today I learned from that a cardiologist in Dayton, Oh tells his patients with Afib that the threat of a stroke from a blood clot is AFTER an Afib attack, not during it. Interesting and makes sense. Blood clot forms due to stagnant blood in upper chamber not moving thru [my new cow 29mm dia (biggest they make) valve]. Then, when Afib is over, ALL that blood in the top chamber is pushed thru and out to body – including any clots… So, a question: do blood thinners DESOLVE/MELT/DESTROY already made clots? NO but they do prevent them from getting larger. Or if a clot take more than 2-4 hours to develop as the blood thinner is efective by then. Why would I not want to take it 24/7, better safe than sorry? The side effects are more than I prefer to live with. Keep sharing what youu learn!

Tue, Mar 12 8:12am · Blood Thinners–how soon do they act, how long to stay on them? in Heart & Blood Health

Thanks for your reply rubyw. Sorry to hear your afib is so often! My Dr also has discussed ablation if attacks continue.

You say "I strongly urge you to take your questions and concerns to your cardiologist…..the ONLY person who can give you the answers you are obviously desperately searching for." I respectfully disagree… Of course we need to have these type discussions with our cardiologist (and I have), but we also can research it on our own. Unfortunately most Dr.s after 20-30 years of doing the same rote thing over and over get in a rut like anyone else. They have their developed opinions based on facts but a lot of this is still opinions by a single Dr then. For instance, if you ask 10 cardiologists how long Xarelto takes to get to max strength in your blood after initial dose, I bet 9 will not know – they just don't NEED to know such details. They KNOW from experience and training that taking the blood thinner reduces the chances of a clot forming from our Afib and that is enough. Nothing against them, but they too are human.

As an engineer, I like to research things myself, understand how they work. Especially when it affects me and no one else seems to have the data. I now learned Xarelto takes only 2 hours to become very effective. For instance, how long does it take for a dangerous blood clot to form during Afib? Seems to me there should be a typical known (from imperical tests) time: IF that time is > 2 hours, then my taking Xarelto 24/7 is a waste and doing more harm than good to my body since I can tell when I go into Afib once every month or so (so far).

This is why I am still searching for the answer to that open question. If the answer is a blood clot can form in first 3 minutes of Afib attack, then so be it – gotta take Zarelto 24/7 to cover that one bout next month or the month after. If it takes 3 hours, I will discuss it with my cardiologist and determine if he can agree with my assessment to stop taking it until needed. Obviously this is not an option for anyone who cannot tell right away when they go into Afib.

Fri, Mar 8 3:40pm · Blood Thinners–how soon do they act, how long to stay on them? in Heart & Blood Health

So nobody knows? How are we with occasional Afib to know how to best manage our blood clot concerns?

So I Called to Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc, maker of Xarelto: my question:

HOW FAST TO WORK? Answer: "Time is short."


I asked if she realized that "short" is a very relative term and means different things to different people! She apologized for the answer but that is it.

I was told if a doctor calls in and asks this question he/she is sent to a "Health care provider line, which has more answers!".

WHAT???? I let her know homy don't play that game…

I asked if this young lady worked for Janssen, the manufacturer of Xarelto, and she said yes. I asked if there might be any employee there who might answer this simple question, and she went in search of such a person…

She said there are charts that maybe a scientist might be able to decipher and then answer my question… But if you wait longer, I will search more and see if anyone here can decode these charts and pictures and tell us…

page 28 of 58: 2-4 hours after tablet intake = max concentration. Took nearly 30 minutes on phone but got it.

58 page doc being emailed to me… This nice young lady got the answer! I will share if that is appropriate or allowed?

NOW: what do we with Afib do with this info?

NEXT question obviously is: IF I begin an AFIB attack, how long before a clot might develop from it??