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Sun, Oct 6 1:57pm · Does anyone with AFIB NOT take blood thinners? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I wrote a long reply to your wonderful post only to have it lost.

Let me summarize it with: I hope with all my non Afib heart that you no longer have too many work meetings!! You deserve RELAXATION at 85!!!!!

Sun, Oct 6 12:57pm · Does anyone with AFIB NOT take blood thinners? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

When I went to ER for 140 bpm Afib they gave me diltiazem intravenously and in 15 seconds it dropped my heart rate to 90-ish… So I know it works. ER sent me home with prescription for it also… Next week follow up with my heart Dr. : he immidiately dropped the diltiazem prescript saying something to the effect that it was great for the Er but should not be used as a prescription – for me; he implied for anyone. Hmmm…

Sun, Oct 6 8:35am · Does anyone with AFIB NOT take blood thinners? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Hi Rubywitch67, You said "So what you said about there "always" being a clot in your heart, I don't think that's right. The Xarelto would not let a clot form no matter how long blood sat in a chamber of your heart." I am sorry my comment was confusing: I agree totally – that is what the blood thinner is for, to prevent a clot from forming. The fact is though, that if a clot is going to form in a person with Afib, it will form in the upper chamber of their heart that is spasming and not pumping all the blood out of it. THAT is where and why a clot will form. You and I are no more at risk of forming a clot in our leg or elsewhere than anyone else – our uniqueness is that the blood can stagnate and sit in the heart long enough to clot due to Afib not moving it. Once formed, of course the issue is that it then gets shoved somewhere else and can cause a stroke. The fact that the blood thinner prevents clots from forming EVERYWHERE in one's body is irrelevant because the exact location where it will form is in the heart. Sorry for my confusion.

You said "My cardiologist and the EP who did my ablation both said "Xarelto" will prevent my blood from clotting….they did not say "just in your heart." I will clarify this at my next appointment. Seeds of doubt" Seeds of doubt causing us to ask the doc more questions to better understand all we can about our medicine is a good thing! Hope this helps you get good answers from your doc at next appointment. I would like to hear back what he says! Thank you.

Sat, Oct 5 5:36pm · Does anyone with AFIB NOT take blood thinners? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

And unless I misread what watchman does, it does NOT prevent clots – it simply ALERTS your doctor if one might (or does?) happen! It is just a MONITOR thing is it not? It does NOTHING active to eliminate clots. Am I wrong?

Sat, Oct 5 5:34pm · Does anyone with AFIB NOT take blood thinners? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Ruby, but what is Afib? Isn't it irregular beat that let's blood sit in the upper chamber behind the valve and not move often, potentially cloting, causing a clot. So Afib clots are always right there in the heart; no need for 'whole body clot' protection,, no?

Sat, Oct 5 5:30pm · Does anyone with AFIB NOT take blood thinners? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Soph, none of us WANT a stroke.

4 months ago, while still on Xarelto, I had a piece of firewood I was cutting simply kick back into my leg just below my knee. It immediately began to turn blue and puff out. I went back home from the woods as I was not sure if the 2" bump after a minute would continue to bleed internally and if I would need to call 911… (it stopped at 2" bump but took over a month to go away).

Last week I was smashing 4 bags of dried portland cement with a hammer and missed; smashed my thumb. In a couple minutes it was an inch out and blue. Luckily I had decided to STOP xarelto the week before! I am sure if I was still on xarelto I would have had to go to the emergency room instead of having the blister stop at 1" bubble.

I started this thread back when I had a bout of Afib in February. I since learned from xcarelto that their product is at FULL STRENGTH in blood stream in a couple hours or taking the first pill! It takes a few days to peter out and stop thinning blood when stopped. I do not know why it took a week and what appears to be a thousand phone calls to get those answers! Anyway, I quit my blood thinner a couple weeks ago for 2 reasons: 1) I hit the 'donut hole' on insurance and cost would be again $ 400/month if I got a refill, and 2) I had no known Afib spell since February.

I could always tell when my Afib started. I confirmed it with one of the zillion FREE smart phone apps that plot your heartrate. These apps work on ALL smart phones – just download one and try it. It uses the built in phone camera: turns on that brite lite, you put your finger over it/lens and it illuminates your finger red and counts pulses. Most free apps also PLOT each pulse, so you can watch the pulse, the backstep, and see easily if Afib is happening or if the pulses are all consistent and none missing. When I had Afib, these programs could not even figure out the 140+ pulse/min rate and clearly showed the missing pulses in between. Anyone with Afib should not leave home without one of these free programs on their phone. I check my pulse on it 3-4 times a day…

Sat, Mar 30 12:47pm · Is anyone out there on Eliquis? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Wow catmom777; no more wine? no more coffee? I suspect if you search enough you should find just as many studies calling that BS!

Of course we are all individuals with individual metabolisms. So there are likely people who cafein or alcohol will effect in a negative way and maybe cause more AFIB. Just like some people I know who drank 2 CASES of beer EVERYDAY for 40 years and NEVER had any liver problems! Different stroke for different folks

Personally I went thru this same phase you are at now, after my valve replacement and being put on blood thinners. I researched it – why bother if I cannot have my beloved beer? Well, MY research showed that alcohol is NOT a big bad thing. I asked my cardiologist and on two different visits his various super nurses: ALL said no problem to alcohol. I said what about 3-4 beers a day? Answer: no problem. Based on my experience now since Nov. 2018 open heart surgery, they are correct.

Thu, Mar 28 10:40am · Is anyone out there on Eliquis? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Last time I went to ER with this my BP mach and hospital finger pulse rate units could not read my fast afib. They found another pulse measure device they taped to my finger so they could see the afib and beats: constant 140-143bpm. They said anything over about 100 for long time should be trip to ER. Anyway, they tried 3 different chemicals in my IV over 1 hour, no change. Then they tried this last one, Cartia, and IMMEDIATELY it dropped to solid 80 – still Afibing around but at least it slowed. Took all of 1 second after they pushed it into IV. They sent me home with a prescription of it in pill form; next week my cardiologist when he did f-up visit said stop taking that stuff it is not needed. But I kept the bottle just in case… cartia xp cap 240/24hr. expensive @ $35 for 30.

What is a "RMSA?"