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Wed, May 1 6:18pm · Gabapentin for pain and anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

@sonya89149. I actually take 400 mg each evening to help me go to sleep and stay asleep. It's effectiveness for that is proportional to how empty my stomach is. If I haven't eaten I have 3 hours before it hits me. The time I take it is based on what time I want to go to sleep. I just take it 3 hours prior to that and I can go to sleep at the time I planned for.

Fri, Apr 26 2:03am · Gratitude Discussion Group in Just Want to Talk

In October of last year I had to schedule my colonoscopy with a new doctor because the great doctor I had retired due to medical problems. He had always had me use Dulcolax, both bottles the night before. The new guy prescribed Suprep. I had a bad reaction and ended up in the hospital for 6 days. My pcp put in my records that I'm allergic to Suprep and that when I rescheduled that my prep would be done in the hospital. I'm so grateful for him.

Thu, Apr 25 5:04pm · ARE YOUR MEDS HELPING OR HINDERING YOUR DEPRESSION? in Depression & Anxiety

I appreciate TMZ's coverage of Britney Spears' struggles. They have called attention to the fact that some meds work to start with but may, after a period of time, no longer be effective. They've also talked about that finding the right medication or combination can take time. They have been talking about mental health but I've noticed that people with RA have the same issue.
For some it's new meds that provide relief. For me it was going back to an old med that very few prescribe any more (MAOI). Finding a doctor who even mentioned this med took several years. Please do not give up finding an ethical doctor who will do what's best for you. They are out there.

Wed, Apr 24 5:18pm · Gabapentin for pain and anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

@jadillow I've been taking 400 mg gabapentin for years. The doctor gave it to me to help me go to sleep and stay asleep. It's effectiveness is directly related to whether I just ate dinner or my stomach is empty. If my stomach is empty I have almost exactly 3 hours before it makes me dizzy and I have to lie down. It doesn't make me constipated which could be because I also have IBSD. It does help with the RA pain as well as the couple times a year I have a shingles outbreak. Try it with an open mind and see how you do. It might be easier to start with taking it before bed. Allow yourself 7-8 hours of sleep before you have to get up. Good luck. I hope it helps you!

Wed, Apr 17 1:55pm · Episodes going on and I don't know what to do. in Brain & Nervous System

@sakota I think you've waited long enough. Call your neurologist and tell your symptoms and get schedule asap. Better safe than sorry.

Wed, Apr 17 8:00am · Episodes going on and I don't know what to do. in Brain & Nervous System

@sakota I would call my primary care physician today and try to get in this week. Tell them about all your symptoms so they know you need to get in asap. Don't downplay your symptoms. Just tell them what's happening. Let us know how you're doing.

Fri, Apr 12 2:08pm · ~ Need Input on Falling Asleep Whenever I Sit Down ~ in Sleep Health

@amberpep I agree you should contact your pcp asap. When this happened to my dad whenever he would sit down and relax it ended up being he had to get a pacemaker because his heart was beating so slowly he couldn't stay awake. Make an appointment and tell them why.