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Aug 26, 2018 · A1c continues to improve and endo appointments only twice a year :) in Diabetes/Endocrine System

retired teacher…WOW. Your numbers are fab especially with all the stress you have been under. Exercise can be walking, climbing stairs and with all your running around you can create your own at home. I touch toes, lift legs, have one of those exercise balls and whatever else catches my fancy during the day. All of it is good, I am concentrating a bit on balance and keeping back straight. I noticed when I was involved in groups and walking miles a day, and staying away from carbs, my numbers still climbed…slowly but climbed. My theory is if it is a gene issue, you can help control how fast but meditation helps as much and giving yourself a lot of love, for all you do.

Aug 26, 2018 · Type two diabetes - morning blood sugar levels in Diabetes/Endocrine System

You didn't say what your A1 is but I did do the blood sugar testing a lot at first. Found the same thing, kind of like bp, the numbers show up different all the time. But never into dangerous levels and fingers got so painful after a while. Now I depend on my A1C reading every three months and can usually tell when b.s. is down and I need something to eat or when I overdo it and get really sleepy. However I am still in the 7 range. I am on Metformin, extended tablet, I took the 500 at first and had horrible stomach problems. Changed to extended and take before bed because bloating is still a problem. Will have another talk with my doctor after next A1C test. Take good care of yourself.

Aug 25, 2018 · First day on Metformin in Diabetes/Endocrine System

so far, putting up with it. Also noting a lot more heartburn. Will talk to doctor after next readings.

Aug 20, 2018 · First day on Metformin in Diabetes/Endocrine System

Thanks, bonnie, that brought a smile and knowlege. I am so tired of finding ways to avoid sugar….

Aug 20, 2018 · First day on Metformin in Diabetes/Endocrine System

Thank you for sharing so much information. I first took the 500 straight.Had all kinds of stomach issues and dr. changed it to extended tabs. Better but it does seem to cause bloating so watching closely.And someone on-line is showing all kinds of "gross" issues about it. I trust Mayo and since you do, too, feel what i learn here is best.