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Aug 21, 2018 · extreme outer ear pain in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

My doctor will be sending me to an ent and I will update here anything new. I have been struggling with this for so long and want to help anyone else who may been going through this. I know I have googled this so many times and found little.

Aug 19, 2018 · extreme outer ear pain in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

I am experiencing the same thing as you but mine is only on my left side. It started many years ago, when it first started I would be sleeping on my left side and roll over and get this extreme throbbing on my ear it was not inside it felt like the cartilage. I thought maybe I was just sleeping on my left side for too long the same way your arm or leg might fall asleep. It started to get more and more frequent and shorter periods of time. I would occasionally bring it up to the doctor and they I would say it's nothing. Eventually it got to the point I can't sleep on my left side at all even though that's the side I want to sleep on. So I started to go to the doctor specifically for it. They would always look inside my ear and say nothing is wrong, I even went to two specialist and they did the exact same thing. I went to a few different doctors hoping one would help me but most made me feel crazy. I did buy a pillow that helps a lot. It is a buckwheat Hull pillow and I can dig a hole with the hulls around my ear. But the pain is still there. I have started to feel dizzy and I've heard that ear issues can cause dizziness so I brought it up to a doctor. They didn't think it was related to my ear. They sent me for blood work, to therapists and finally for a CT scan for my brain. But in the CT scan my brain was fine and they mentioned that in my left ear the airway is completely blocked whereas on my right side it is not. It is in a place that they can't just look at. So now I'm being sent to another specialist to find out what the blockage is. I will update this when I get more information. I hope this helps someone because I have been looking into this for a very long time hoping someone has the same issues as I do.