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Aug 19, 2018 · Every day I cough up what looks like a scab with ugly mucous and blood in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

I have been getting these sores for several years. For those that don't get them, they will not understand it. You cannot see where they attach, but they present as a painful and sometimes scratchy feelling in the nasopharynx. The "scab" becomes loose and I am able to cough it out. It generally looks exactly like a scab and bloody because it just detached from somewhere. It can be the size of a pencil eraser or a quarter. I have come to realize its onset is a result of some type of irritation like allergies or a common cold, and for some reason believe this mucosal area is always vulnerable to developing the sore and scab. I just had minor hand surgery and it flaired up from the use of an LMA.(I coughed up a scab the size of a quarter after two days of a sore, scratchy throat).It is like an ulcer. I have found the best treatment is to start using a NeliMed nasal irrigation with premade salt packets and distilled water. I do this twice a day for 7-10 days after the initial onset of sore throat symptoms. If the ulceration develops, it is usually a very small scab with treatment and there is significant temporary relief of the sore throat until the area is ultimately healed. I do wonder if laser treatment would work for something like this although any surgical treatment would be a last resort for me. I do worry though how this might affect me in my geriatric years. Would I be more vulnerable to pneumonia or other respiratory illness if the underlying condition is unknown to health care providers or that no treatment is done? I suppose antibiotics would work. I also wonder if there is any medication that can treat it like those that can treat ulcers of the stomach lining. On a side note, I also get the tonsil stones on a more regular basis, but those are not the same as what I have described here. I have had no ENT surgery to speak of. Would be nice to have more research available on this.