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Tue, Mar 5 6:44am · Undiagnosed for years and desperate in Digestive Health

I have no answers. However, I have enormous sympathy. This sounds beyond miserable. I hope your husband finds some solutions soon. Everyone must be exhausted. Good luck.

Sun, Jan 27 10:29am · Unexplained diarrhea,malabsorption,dizziness,feeling faint, confusion in Digestive Health

I cannot imagine being in your shoes. I hope the new tests can give you some conclusive information to work with.

Fri, Jan 11 5:58am · Yoga or Tai Chi for IBS in Digestive Health

I have also heard that yoga us very good for IBS. Because I have been in two bad accidents involving 3 broken vertebrae, a head injury, my pelvis broken in 2 places and a broken tailbone, I am hesitant to try a class. I have been trying to find a teacher to give private instruction. That way the class will absolutely be at my pace. Also, a very small class might work for me. Maybe one of these options will fit for you?

Sat, Jan 5 1:35pm · Xifaxan in Digestive Health

The pricing structure of pharmaceuticals is certainly a mystery to me. I have no idea about patents expiring, etc. I agree, it is an absolute shame that many who need it can't get it. I wish I had gotten it years ago.

Sat, Jan 5 1:31pm · Xifaxan in Digestive Health

I took the first round with good results. When I followed up with my gastroenterologist, she told me I might need a second round. She went further to say that many of her patients require 2-3 rounds. There was a refill on my prescription and she advised that I go ahead and get it refilled. The insurance company did not fill it early. I am simply being prepared.

Sat, Jan 5 9:28am · Xifaxan in Digestive Health

Also, I got it refilled at that price before anyone changed their mind. I haven't taken the second round or needed to yet. I guess it's my own insurance policy against needing it. I.e., if I have it, I won't need it.

Sat, Jan 5 9:25am · Xifaxan in Digestive Health

Insurance brought it down to about $700. My pharmacy found an additional coupon that got the Xifaxin down to $50. Plus it really helped me a lot.

Sat, Jan 5 7:24am · Xifaxan in Digestive Health

Good RX is an app for your phone that my doctor told me about. It is free and finds the lowest price for drugs in your area. It brought Xifaxin down from $2300 (twenty three hundred dollars) along with my insurance and another coupon to $50 (fifty dollars). Yes, you read that correctly.