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Oct 16, 2018 · Chronic Abdominal Bloating and Pain in Digestive Health

When I was in college I got extremely sick and almost died but my stomach was huge and everyone thought I was pregnant. Turns out I hadn’t gone to the bathroom in over 3 months. Doctors cleaned me out and stomach went down but never believed me. I have been on every laxative known to man and all work for about 2 days then stop. Even miralax. In fact my stools are always soft never hard and miralax only causes leakage and never gets rid of anything. I don’t have any peristalsis but dr feels like I should stay on laxative. I can’t work bc I have leakage accidents and am always vomiting due to having so much back up. I am at 3 months again and can’t eat. Food is at back of my throat. I’ve thrown up a lot and food just tries to keep coming out that way instead of other way. I’ve gained 40 pounds in my stomach! I am huge!! Everyone keeps congratulating me on pregnancy. My aunt was diagnosed with puesdo-obstruction and dr said her intestines were arranged wrong causes severe obstruction. I believe I have the same but dr won’t do anything bc I don’t have insurance. I’m tired of this.