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Oct 29, 2018 · Afib - Wolf Mini Maze procedure in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I took tikosyn successfully for 5.5 years, but I went into atrial flutter in April of this year. (This was just after I was switched to the generic form of dofetilide, which seems suspicious to me, but I am assured that I had just reached the end of effectiveness after a good long time.) I have been in atrial flutter since then. Cardioversion failed so I was taken off dofetilide and refered for traditional ablation, but the TEE just before the ablation showed too much "sludge" in my left atrial appendage. I have talked to a surgeon who wants to do open heart ablation, closure of the LAA and maybe replacement of my mitral valve. I have been researching less invasive ways to accomplish these things, so I am also interested in the Wolf mini maze. I need to talk to my surgeon, who is working on less invasive techniques, and then find the best place for a second opinion. If anyone has similar experience, I would love to hear it!