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Aug 30, 2018 · A whirlwind in Breast Cancer

Hi Dottie, I just joined this group though I've been a "breast cancer warrior" since 1991. I saw your message and don't often reply on line – but I feel for you because this journey can be very heart-wrenching, especially in the beginning when you are not expecting it and need to reinforce your spirit and optimism.

My experience began when I was in my early fourties. I was given estrogen replacement by a dr unaware of the grief it would cause down the road. The tumor was tiny (2 cm) and he told me to stop the estrogen as soon as we had the cancer diagnosis. These days they warn against estrogen replacement in most cases but at the time it was one of the pitfalls many innocent people fall into with the best of intentions.

I had extensive chemo for 9 months, 6 weeks of radiation therapy, and 5 years of Tamoxiphen. At that point I was told I was cured and get on with my life. I went back a couple years later, asking if they were sure I didn't need to take any further steps and was assured I was safe.

In 2014 I went into the hospital with some abdominal pains and after scans was told I had developed terminal breast cancer. I've been actively battling it ever since.

There are many courageous people who face this challenge to live a good life as long as destiny allows and you will find their messages on many forumns. My favorite is Inspire.com but they all offer hope and knowledge and amazing friendship. We are learning that there is FAR more that is UNKNOWN than is known about this journey but I can promise you that the love and faith and support you get every day is well worth the effort.

We are all praying we will find the answers that will strengthen us, maybe with God's help, the medications that will heal us. Amazing new discoveries and options are coming out every day. In the meantime, we nourish each others hearts and souls with what we learn, and share the sweetness and joy of every second we can wring out of every day of our lives through the devoted efforts of our doctors and scientists and everyone in the quest for healing that we can embrace.

Best advice I can offer – trust God. Cherish life and true love and friendship. Stay strong because even when you don't think you can get through tough times, you can and good times often follow. And reach out and embrace others on the journey because we all need each other.

I pray you will be victorious, will have the guidance to defeat the illness and the spirit to make the most of every day.

May God keep his loving arms around you and keep a smile in your heart.