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Fri, Aug 10 9:27pm · Palpitations triggered by cocaine in Heart Rhythm Conditions

You said they usually resolve within a few weeks but a month is passed from that bad episode and I still have them. I will do more exams with the cardiologist, but I have the feeling they will never find what the damage is, so I will be considered a paranoid and have to live with these palpitations for the rest of my life.

Fri, Aug 10 9:29am · Palpitations triggered by cocaine in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I've seen 3 cardiologists that performed the 3 EKGs… They said that if the EKGs are normal, my heart is fine. But, if it's fine, why from that episode I suffer of palpitations? They all said it's just anxiety but I'm sure that the problem is something else.

Fri, Aug 10 2:26am · Palpitations triggered by cocaine in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Hi to all, I explain my problem. I’m a 24 year old male and I had a very occasional use of cocaine for the past two years (I used it every 4-6 months). But the last time I used it (a month ago) I had chest pain and a sensation of tingling/electric shock in the arms. From that episode I already performed 3 EKGs that resulted normal but I started suffering of heart palpitations: now I can feel my pulse in parts of my body where I didn’t feel it before. For example if I join my thumb and my index, I can feel the pulse between the two fingers, or I can feel it in the fingers if I cross my hands, or I can feel it between my feet if I touch them with each other. Obviously I don’t want to touch that stuff again! I just wanna know if I will have these sensations for the rest of my life or if they will go away sooner or later. Does anybody had a similar experience? Thanks in advance for your replies and sorry for my bad english.