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3 days ago · Is anyone recovering from brain surgery related to hemangioblastoma? in Brain Tumor

I had a meningeoma removed 08/28/18. I go to my next check-up on March 4th. I am anxious for this appointment because I am having hand tremors in both hands since surgery and some other symptoms I want to discuss with my neurosurgeon. I'm wondering if the hand tremors will eventually go away or if it's something I just have to accept as normal. This is completely life changing but I'm thankful to be here.

Sun, Feb 10 3:26pm · Optic Nerve Meningioma patients in Brain Tumor

I've lost most vision in my left eye now. I am going this coming Tuesday for my 6 month brain MRI. My appointment with my neurosurgeon isn't until March 4th. I am ready to get my results and see my neurosurgeon to make sure everything is okay.

Thu, Feb 7 8:29pm · Left Frontal Meningioma surgery recovery in Brain Tumor

@julie1976 I started losing vision in my left eye. The eye Dr thought it was glaucoma but my vision rapidly got worse. Finally I had a MRI ordered and found the tumor in July 2018. They don't know what caused it or how long I had it. The tumor is wrapped around my carotid artery and optic nerve so the neurosurgeon could only get 85% of it. I have lost most vision in left eye and will eventually lose all of it in that eye. I will go for MRIs regularly to make sure everything is okay.

Thu, Feb 7 7:55am · Left Frontal Meningioma surgery recovery in Brain Tumor

@cindyt I had my surgery Aug 2018. I am also having pain at my incision site that just started. I am having my brain MRI next week to make sure the tumor that was left isn't growing. I go back for my checkup March 4th to review MRI results. I'm also having hand tremors. What is your Dr. saying about incision site pain?

Sun, Feb 3 6:45pm · Rather worrying memory/processing symptoms at 23 years of age in Brain & Nervous System

@bjh369 It's been 5 months since my brain tumor surgery. I have these same problems that you describe. I don't know if it will get better or is this just the "new different".

Thu, Jan 24 7:11am · Life after Brain surgery in Brain Tumor

Thank you for that. I have lost most of my vision in my left eye due to the meningeoma and my neurosurgeon said I would eventually lose all of the vision in that eye. So I understand the new different. I take one day at a time and just thankful to be alive.

Thu, Jan 24 6:22am · Life after Brain surgery in Brain Tumor

I am so sorry you are going through this. I had a craniotomy on Aug 28, 2018. What does your incision site feel like when you touch it? Mine feels very sunk in. I was wondering if it could be collapsing. I go back to my neurosurgeon in March for my 6 months recheck. I still have 15% of the meningeoma left because they couldn't risk removing all of it. All of this is still new to me and just trying to figure out what is "normal" after having this surgery
Thank you,

Sat, Jan 5 12:54pm · praying for help in Chronic Pain

@cognac that's what he used on me. They also inject contrast dye to guide the injection with x-rays