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Thu, Apr 2 9:19am · Incontinence, Bladder Cancer and 95 Year Old Dad - HELP in Cancer

I have a disabled son and we had to do a bowel cleanse on him. We went to Home Depot and purchased a roll of that plastic sheeting that they put down in homes that are for sale. It sticks to your carpet or floor but does no harm. Ours was the width of a hallway. At least it may be more easy to clean up. Otherwise, will he use a portapotty like they have at the hospital which could be located by his bed?

Wed, Mar 18 12:21pm · Osteostrong in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I am already doing a 1 hour balance class every week, 1 1 hour strength and conditioning class with weights, etc each week and 1 40 minute physical therapy resistance training once a week. I have been on the last 2 mentioned for about 3 years and I just started the balance class a few months ago. So I wasn't going to replace any of these but if OsteoStrong is really high intensity resistance, I wouldn't want to do that. My physical therapist won't let me run on a treadmill!

Wed, Mar 18 10:26am · Osteostrong in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Has anyone had any experience with this company?

Mon, Mar 2 2:06pm · Gastroparesis Diet – Questions, Suggestions, Tips in Digestive Health

What kind of papaya enzyme pills do you take? I have a mentally disabled son who is 51 and can't really tell me if he has issues until they are really bad. I have thought about CBD oil and other possibilities but I like the natural idea.

Tue, Feb 18 12:50pm · Prolia treatment for osteoporosis in Bones, Joints & Muscles

If you aren't walking on a treadmill and you are walking outside on a hard surface, you might want to consider a treadmill. My physical therapist I go to for resistance training told me that. He won't even let me run on the treadmill.

Sat, Feb 15 8:35am · Side Effects of Prolia in Bones, Joints & Muscles

the K2 is 100 MCG not mg. Big difference and I doubt you can buy K2 in mg doses anyway.

Sat, Feb 15 8:34am · Side Effects of Prolia in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Yes. I had an appointment with Integrative Medicine and Health at Mayo. I was on it before I went and they went through all my prescriptions and over the counter vitamins and minerals. K2 was part of it and was approved.

Thu, Feb 13 9:28am · Side Effects of Prolia in Bones, Joints & Muscles

To add to my post of 2 days ago. I went to Mayo and was evaluated. The vitamins I take to hopefully help my bones is: Vit D3 about 4000mg a day, K2 about 100mg a day and Magnesium. your bones need all of these.