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Thu, Oct 24 10:18am · Pacemaker recipients. in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I have a pacemaker for six years from total heart and then bradycardia one thing that took me almost four years to figure out is the triggers that cause aarythms. Most important for me was alcohol in any form and any amount caused that not right away but late after I had gone to bed. Also caffine – drink only because now, also stress getting too hot or really angry

Sun, Oct 20 12:07pm · AF occurence in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I found that if I ate a trigger food like glass wine or coffee during the day even if. Had been hidden in another food

Fri, Oct 11 5:49am · Pacemaker recipients. in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Have posted here before. Had total heart block , level 3 In 2013 sinus quit working. Dr told me that I would have been dead had I passed out. I have bradycardia.,
Have major changes in lifestyle. Found several things that cause aarytems Now avoid them I now have a latitude ( little box that lab worker transmits data from at different times without disturbing me) in my den hooked to internet all the time. One word of caution exercise can cause blood pressure to go down too far u need to avoid this, mine could go below 100/40 now with lifestyle changes my aarythems ate less than 1 pct. I feel good

Thu, Oct 10 1:45pm · Pacemaker recipients. in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I have 6 years with pacemaker and bracacardia Changed my lifestyle about two years ago. Once I found all the triggers for arrhythmia , that has almost stopped. Dr said it was less than one percent now. I highly recommend looking for your triggers. Especially alcohol in any form , Caffine , overworking , getting too upset, and anxious about things. If I drink any alcohol or take it unknowing in food. I have some good stories about this.

Sun, Oct 6 10:32am · Does anyone with AFIB NOT take blood thinners? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Back pain try cbd. I had back pain and leg pain cbd seems to control both although it is expensive the alternative ( pain ) is worse. One oz in the am and 1/2 oz in evening pain is bearable
Also found that triggers cause most of my arrhythmia episodes caffine and alcohol (any kind and minimal amounts
On xeralto daily for 9 yrs . Only bleeding episodes were from 2 Falls no external blood and over soon with only ugly looks

Tue, Oct 1 12:49pm · DESPERATELY FRIGHTENED, PVCs, AFib or panic attack in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Try cbd it should make u feel calmer. Also look at the triggers for your episodes l found that caffine in coffee, the evening glass of wine was one of my triggers even though the cardiologist was telling me it should be ok . I found that any kind of alcohol even small amounts would set me off

Sun, Sep 22 2:29pm · Av node ablation in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Have pacemaker for 6 years. No problems. I
Suggest reading up on triggers and keep away from them

Sat, Sep 21 11:18am · Blood thinners for A-fib in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I have been on xarelto for blood thinner for many years – must take with evening meal _ it requires food to not enter blood with fôod. When I had blood in my urine
I had cancer in my bladder twice cancer free for 13 years
Before xeralto I was on plavix and baby aspirin for blood thinner