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1 day ago · Tykosyn use in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I had arythms day almost every night until I discovered triggers. Learning to stop using triggers has made arythms less than one percent of the time

Mon, Aug 12 8:04pm · Heart Rhythm Episodes in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Have u looked the triggers that cause the problem. I was having arythems almost every night. I started research and founda alcolhol in any form and any amount was one of my triggers and caffeine was another , so no alcohol and decaf coffee,
Then checked out my meds one at a time all were ok. Getting too hot ,or tired both were triggers, so I limit my yard work each time. Better to take two days than to have arythms. Last was temper, getting too upset or angry, on my last pacemaker checkup tech told me that I had lowered my afib to less than 1percent. I also feel much better

Mon, May 27 11:00am · Does anyone with AFIB NOT take blood thinners? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

What blood thinners are u on. I have been on xeralto for 6 years. One must not take aspirin or another thinner. Only problems I have had were of my own making. I tripped and fell , opening a bump , no cut but had blood in my face for a week.
One thing with afib is to find the triggers for it. Mine are alcohol , caffine, working too long in the heat , getting upset or mad
Alcohol comes in many. Drinks- wine beer, mixed drinks,mouth wash(if u swollow a little , food like chicken marseille , I had an electric throw that sometimes did it. My pacemaker
Checkup people tell me I now get afib less than one percent of time of course 1 should have their cell phone in the area of it even if not in use, still has signal

Thu, May 9 10:29pm · Pacemaker and medications; CardioMEMS HF device in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I have a pacemaker set at 60 beats per minute. Lately my pulse may be from 60 to 65 beats when I take blood pressure readings, pacemaker seem to let this happen smoothly. Is this ok or what is going om

Mon, Apr 29 7:49pm · PAC or pav in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Only with pacemaker, cardiologist next week

Sun, Apr 28 5:22pm · PAC or pav in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I have been getting heart rates from 60 to 65. My pacemaker is set at 60. Lately my rate has varied a lot. The pacemaker people tell me that it is regrow tj of my sinus which had quit totally when I had had the total heart block. My question how can I tell exactly what is going on

Mon, Apr 15 4:52pm · Heart problems, unknown cause in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I am on a lot of pills for several problems . I take atenolol for gout, I have diabetics I take simvastatin for, I had total heart block , level three , I also have high blood pressure . I take metapropanol, a clonidine patch, potassium pills, vitamins glucosamine fit joints, cbd for back pains, and citrulline to help my circulation.
I might add that my arythms almost always happened between one and three in the morning. Tea has more cafine than coffee. Many sodas also affect afib. Look at your food for problems
And weight is a big problems. We can never cure afib, but can control it most of the time. Read up the causes on Mayo Clinic and Cleveland clinic and other internet sights

Sun, Apr 14 4:21pm · Heart problems, unknown cause in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Last time I went to cardiologist he said my afib was now less than one percent of the time. I am a stubborn old man (89). LAst summer I had been having skipped heart almost every night between one and three in the night. After a life style evaluation I was determined to try to stop the attacks. I went through my meds one at a time , no result then stopped my alcohol, all kinds, even mouth wash with alcohol, stopped coffee, and started decaf. Stopped some aged cheeses. No sodas, any kind, no tea because it has more caffeine than coffee. Don’t smoke and haven’t for 38 years . I even found that chicken marsella (wine used for cooking the chicken) would start an attack. Net result of all this is afib has been contained
Also add two more things. IM now very careful about getting too tired from working, and try to get too upset . I still ride my bike every day , play bridge once. Week , do sudoko every day and travel where I want to go no matter how far,