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Thu, Jun 4 1:33pm · Was this an Afib attack or PVCs? Anxiety triggered? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Have had similar heart arrhythmia. Since I gave up caffeine coffee for decaf and no alcohol plus being careful not to overexercise. pacemaker girl tells me that I very seldom have them- less than .07 percent of the time

Tue, May 19 7:58am · Atrial Fibrillation (AFib): How can I manage it? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I had similar effects from what we suspected was an attack by the virus. Wife had problems about a week.earlier after playing with an affected person earlier in February before virus was known to be here

Tue, May 12 12:27pm · Atrial Fibrillation (AFib): How can I manage it? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I have had afib with aarythm for 7 yrs. three years ago I came across an interestingl article. That talked about afib usually has a trigger. Alcohol in any form and any amount. Caffine including tea and some soft drinks also stress, and getting too hot. I began to systematically element each from my diet. Now my doctor tells me that I have afib less than 0.7 percent of the time. To show how fickle afib is, one evening I had.chicken marcell cooked with wine sauce that night I had arrhythmia for over an hour.

Wed, May 6 6:20pm · Weaning off Metoprolol in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I take Gnc pro 1700 citrulline -2 pills each day for the same affect. Citrulline turns nitrous oxide in the body. Same effect as super beets , only more reliable. Very big help for circulation

Wed, Apr 29 4:53pm · Diabetes: reducing risk in Aging & Health: Take Charge

I have been prediabetic for many years. When I was younger my weight was 225 . I have established what I eat. No white bread, as little sugar as I can manage, stay on diet. Today my weight is 150 , and my a1c is 6.3 . Watching my father struggle with diabetes was my incentive to do better.

Sun, Mar 22 9:04am · Heart Rhythm Episodes - AFib; Tachycardia, High Blood Pressure in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Sorry this broke up last try. Seven years ago I had total heart block. That started afib that started in middle of the nite. Three years ago I heard about triggers ( my drs did not tell me about this) I read about them on this site. I started checking out each one as I heard about it. Now my dr tells me that I have this less than seven tenths of one percent of the time. Also warns me that afib cannot be cured only minimized. I now have a completely different life. No wine, no caffine ( this is no coffee, most soda drinks) don’t get too hot, or too upset , etc

Fri, Mar 13 7:53pm · Heart Disease: Let’s Talk About the Emotional Side in Heart & Blood Health

I can understand someone’s scarred feelings. When I had my total heart block level three during the night after they put in a temporary pacemaker ,lying in the dark and alone, I was very scared that I wouldn’t make it. Now that all seems like an old feeling.

Thu, Feb 13 7:05am · Pacemaker recipients: Looking for support from others in Heart Rhythm Conditions

PS. Caffine in coffee or tea. Decaf coffee now.