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Sun, Mar 22 9:04am · Heart Rhythm Episodes - AFib; Tachycardia, High Blood Pressure in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Sorry this broke up last try. Seven years ago I had total heart block. That started afib that started in middle of the nite. Three years ago I heard about triggers ( my drs did not tell me about this) I read about them on this site. I started checking out each one as I heard about it. Now my dr tells me that I have this less than seven tenths of one percent of the time. Also warns me that afib cannot be cured only minimized. I now have a completely different life. No wine, no caffine ( this is no coffee, most soda drinks) don’t get too hot, or too upset , etc

Fri, Mar 13 7:53pm · Heart Disease: Let’s Talk About the Emotional Side in Heart & Blood Health

I can understand someone’s scarred feelings. When I had my total heart block level three during the night after they put in a temporary pacemaker ,lying in the dark and alone, I was very scared that I wouldn’t make it. Now that all seems like an old feeling.

Thu, Feb 13 7:05am · Pacemaker recipients: Looking for support from others in Heart Rhythm Conditions

PS. Caffine in coffee or tea. Decaf coffee now.

Thu, Feb 13 7:02am · Pacemaker recipients: Looking for support from others in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Have had pacemaker for almost 7 yrs. went along for first 4 years having arrythms many nights , skipped beats many nights, was affecting my balance, then. Two years ago startred researching, found out that there are things that triggered mine , like alcohol , any kind and very small amounts ( no more glass of wine before dinner) . Getting too hot working yard, getting too upset over things . Started to chsnging my lifestyle to try to avoid these things, now my pacemaker dr says that I have arrythms less than one percent of time. They also gave me a latitudes ( small machine that is connected to internet all the time, is on network but not active, the dr checks in on my pacemaker automatically from time to time without my even knowing) AFib never goes away, but it less active.

Wed, Feb 5 7:04pm · Heart Rhythm Conditions – Welcome to the group in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I have had pacemaker for. 6 yrs. first 4 were filled with arrhythmia and afib. Then I started to look for cause. Drs never told me about triggers in fact dr told me that ok to have a glass of wine in evEnding and coffee in morning. When I started investigation I found that any amount of alcohol would set me off later at night stopped wine and coffee ,only decaf now. Found several other things also like working too long in heat. Now avoid my triggers and my afib and aarythm happen less than one. Percent of the tlme according to my pacemaker dr. And they look at my latitudes machine At least once a week and sometimes every night ( latitudes in s as n internet connection machine that reads my pacemaker whenever they want to, and I don’t even know it’s going on.

Dec 20, 2019 · Fibromyalgia – Issues with sleeping in Chronic Pain

Try cbd . I take 1 cc under tounge . If u do this a couple hours before bed , at least for me I sleep like a baby any time day or night

Nov 27, 2019 · CBD Daily Spray and blood thinners in Chronic Pain

I have been using cbd liquid for at least two years . My pharmacist endorsed it and my bed know I use it. I also on xarelto and have been since 2013 when I had a total heart block. .no negative effects. I only use an oil made ny a company named
Anada that is sold K in pharmacy’s. For me it does exactly what u are looking for. Helps back and right leg.i take 1 mg in The morning and 0.5 mg in the evening. Before I started my leg really hurt if I drove 30 min. Now I can drive all day with no problem
P.s. I had a fall last spring from my bike , as usual my blood covered a large area on left side but no effects from cbd.

Oct 24, 2019 · Pacemaker recipients: Looking for support from others in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I have a pacemaker for six years from total heart and then bradycardia one thing that took me almost four years to figure out is the triggers that cause aarythms. Most important for me was alcohol in any form and any amount caused that not right away but late after I had gone to bed. Also caffine – drink only because now, also stress getting too hot or really angry