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2 days ago · Mayo Appointments: Brain Tumor 48-hour Access Program in Brain Tumor

I’m so sorry to hear about your experience with the Neurology department. Please be assured that Mayo Clinic would want you to feel comfortable and confident about your care and your time at Mayo. I’d sincerely encourage you to call the Office of Patient Experience, and speak to someone about your concerns:

Contact information for the Office of Patient Experience at all Mayo Clinic locations:


Staff are available to discuss comments or concerns you may have regarding your medical care. Your experience certainly sounds like something Mayo Clinic would want to act upon. Let me know if I can help.

20 hours ago · PMR or Steroid Myopathy in Autoimmune Diseases

Hi @beachbum80 and welcome to Connect. You may have noticed that I moved your post to this existed discussion about steroid induced myopathy so that you could see what others have said about this topic. Simply click VIEW & REPLY in your email notification to get to your post.

I wanted to tag fellow Connect members, @rachelp and @davidgold as they have experience with Steroid Myopathy and I also wanted to introduce you to @johnbishop as he may be able to provide support for you.

Back to you @beachbum80 that's great that you are trying your best to stay active. Have you asked your general practitioner for advice on what to do?

20 hours ago · Atrial Well Technique in Heart & Blood Health

Hi @dcacbtcfmc and welcome to Connect! Thank you for sharing your story.

I wanted to share this article on the history of open heart surgery at Mayo Clinic as it may contain some answers for you: https://www.mayoclinicproceedings.org/article/S0025-6196(11)63095-4/pdf

I also wanted to share the Congenital Heart Disease page as it contains more information on Mayo's Congenital Heart Disease Clinic: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/page/congenital-heart-disease/

Back to you @dcacbtcfmc how have you been doing over the years since your procedure? Have you had to have any other procedures since then?

1 day ago · Removal of plate and screws from tibia fracture in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Hi @suemofl and welcome to Connect! You may have noticed I moved your discussion to this existing discussion on tibial fractures so that you can connect with others who have similar experiences. Simply click VIEW & REPLY on your email notification to find your post.

That must be so awful that you have pain everyday three months after you had the hardware removed.

I wanted to tag fellow Connect members @tc125, @bernese53, and @mareanne as well as @pthielen5923 as they have experience with tibial fractures and may be able to offer you support.

Back to you @suemofl does your doctor say the fracture has healed completely?

1 day ago · Kidney cyst in Kidney & Bladder

Hi @carriagelady you may have noticed I moved your post to this existing discussion you started on this topic in the Kidney & Bladder group. I did this so that all the information you collect on this topic is in one place.

I noticed in your post you mentioned Meniere's Disease so I wanted to share this discussion on Meniere's Disease as I thought it might be helpful.

Meniere's Disease: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/menieres-disease-2/

1 day ago · PogZ in Just Want to Talk

Hi @lyndacarroll88 and welcome to Connect.

I wanted to introduce you to fellow Connect members @rachelfromnl @lisapraska and @jennsprung as they have mentioned POGZ in the past and may be able to offer you support.

I also wanted to share these discussions as they may be helpful:

White -Sutton Syndrome – https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/white-sutton-syndrome/

Anyone with keutel syndrome – https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/anyone-with-keutel-syndrome/

Back to you @lyndacarroll88 has your son shown any symptoms since this diagnosis?

1 day ago · Birth Control in Women's Health

Hi @karina77 you may have noticed I moved your post to this discussion on birth control in hopes that others may see your post and share their knowledge and experience.

I wanted to tag @tracidg90 @lioness and @contentandwell in hopes they may have some input on your situation and may be able to help you know what he means by taking hormones.

In the meantime here is an article explaining the causes of a hormone imbalance and the effects of such, including horrible periods: https://www.healthline.com/health/hormonal-imbalance-menstrual-cycle#symptoms

Back to you @karina77 do you feel comfortable explaining what makes your periods horrible?

2 days ago · Heartburn in Digestive Health

Hi @gjuister and welcome to Connect. That must be awful having these medications cause so much pain.

@maryschaffler @josht @tracy0129 and @fracturedd have experience with Nexium and may be able to share how the medication affected them.

Back to you @gjuister, how long has this pain been going on? Is the medication effective in treating your heartburn?