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Aug 15, 2018 · Anyone here dealing with peripheral neuropathy? in Neuropathy

Sounds like we have been thru alot of the same symptons and misdiagnosed illnesses. I too have requested a Mayo visit. Pls stay in touch I thought I was the only one and life would never be the same as I get older it gets worse.

Aug 15, 2018 · Anyone here dealing with peripheral neuropathy? in Neuropathy

Yes I've had physical therapy seen chiropractor s.

Aug 1, 2018 · Another diagnosis change: autoimmune dementia in Brain & Nervous System

So Happy to hear the positive news. Gives me hope. When I was 33 I was finally pregnant with my second baby but the doctors said everything was wrong and I would loose this pregnancy as well. So I dropped to my knees and prayed that God help me to accept "his will"..not that I carry the baby but that it be his will. It was all I could do and so day after day went by and 7 wks early I delivered my daughter who is now 24. Now this is not to say I didn't see my doctor or beg for the meds to carry her but that if it was his will he'd make my brilliant doctors just a little more intelligent and open mindied and things would work out the way he planned. I can't imagine life without her now…so I guess I will take away from you sharing that I need to be praying more now as well..I guess it is difficult for me to ask for help for I am saving a really good coupon. Thank you and congrats.

Aug 1, 2018 · Anyone here dealing with peripheral neuropathy? in Neuropathy

I certainly understand . My brother drank every night to sleep. Can I definately say it was the legs but he finally took an overdose of his meds drank and died at night. He had gotten to the point of staying up all night and sleeping all day. I don't want to get there but I am getting desperate. My legs at night are not the legs and feet I have in the daytime. You would never guess how tired and in pain I am, but that too is breaking down and showing.My balance is terrible , I have periods of vertigo, headache and nausea..I'm no doctor but it could be all the fatigue I suppose..afraid to get older still suffering and truly unable to help myself.

Jul 31, 2018 · Anyone here dealing with peripheral neuropathy? in Neuropathy

I'm sure everyone would like me to be here goes 25+ yrs or progressively more painful leg cramps toes to buttocks. A great night 5, bad night 30 + and up all night walking, crying ,falling, breaking bones, Have had doctors think it was AlS, Isaacs, fibromyalgia, NMO etc. I have taken antiseizures, anti anxieties, muscle relaxers, lyrica, nueronton, tonic water, pickle juice, drank gallons, taken magnesium, calcium, potassium, ate bananas.(in different combos) Slept with soap shavings under sheets , wore sneakers to sleep so toes wouldn't droop and drank vinegar, as well as spinal steroidal injections and the list goes on. One important other fact is father had them starting in early 30s died of brain cancer in 50s, only sibling a brother also had them but passed at 45 so don't believe theirs got this advanced. I am 57 and female. Are there any others out there like me.?