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Jul 25, 2018 · cPAP silicone allergy in Sleep Health

I also have a silicone allergic reaction to my cpap attachments. I’ve had it for 16 mos. i had to change from face mask to the dreamwork pillows which touch my skin minimally under my nose. It helps for me to put carmax where the pillows touch, before and after use. My cpap supplier, apria, supplies me with cloth slips that have light velcro to cover like a wrap, from nose to ear to minimize skin contact. My face no longer has the “singed” look from the cpap products. I still get reactions, but rarely and lightly -usually when i forget my carmax. ** not sure if this could happen to you, but Be aware that some gel nail products have silicon and will cause damage to the nails. It happened to me simply with using gel nail paints.